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Spiritual Animation 

The Process of Discipleship and Transformation

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Pope Francis told Catholic bishops and priests that they should go and meet the people and know them and be like the Shepherd, who leads with the smell of his sheep. It means closeness, it means complicity, it means neighborhood.

We are called to be transformed by the word of God, like St. Paul tells us, to become the good aroma of Christ. To be the good aroma of Christ, we have to know that a perfume has to have some qualities.

First of all it has to smell good. Once we are transformed by the word of Christ, we are called to spread out this aroma of Christ to every person we meet and in any situation we are. We want to be in every situation, that good aroma of Christ that smells good. And the world needs that good smell of the Word of God.

Another quality of good perfume is attractiveness. We called to be in a world the ‘sacrament’ of God's closeness. We are called to attract people by his word, by the love of God. God wants to approach every human being by our hands and by our compassionate heart. We are called to be attractive.

Another quality of a good perfume is that it should remain, it should last. We are once transformed by the word of God, we are called to transform the reality around us, and destroying every wall, build every possible bridge and show by the way we live the way we behave ourselves, that we are mediators between God and his people.

We are called to be a good perfume of God in our world. So, let us be as Divine Word Missionaries a good perfume for our time, for our church, a good perfume of Christ to God.

Fr. Jose Maria Cardoso, SVD


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