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Commitment to our SVD spiritual heritage, Nr. 25 of the 18 GC Statement

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The second part of the Chapter Statement entitled "Rooted in the Word -discernment" ends with some concrete proposals. We sometimes complain about documents saying that they do not inspire us much, that they contribute little, that we are tired of reading them. Perhaps these concrete proposals will help us to implement in our lives what the chapter statement tells us: to allow ourselves to be inspired by this statement.

What is the purpose of it? To be even more rooted in what we are: “socios”, companions of the Divine Word. We are members of the Society of the Divine Word - Societas Verbi Divini. The general chapter said: "Our name is our mission." As a group we are society of the Word. But individually, are we really companions of the Word? Do we follow him? Do we listen to him?

These concrete proposals of the Chapter statement tell us that we can listen to the Word in different areas. Of course, through the Word of God - the Bible. But not only. The voice of the Word also resonates among the people of God, the Church; the Word resounds in creation and realities of the world. We have to listen constantly to the Word in order to be his companions.

For example. The celebration of Easter in my parish of Saint Olga in Moscow was very difficult. We celebrated the feast without the participation of the faithful. We also asked God for his prophetic spirit, in order we may discern the meaning of this situation for us. And one of the simple answers came from reality. People told us that they greatly appreciate every sign through which we show that we care for them. They wanted to listen to us even through the internet. Perhaps this is a small testimony of what it is to listen to the Word in different areas.

These concrete proposals also invite us to deepen our charism, to reinforce, to rediscover the spiritual heritage that we have. And a good way to rediscover this heritage is to go back to the sources together with Saint Arnold. We go to the Bible, to the Word of God, but we go there together with Arnold. For example, when we ask: Wat does mean Arnold´s his devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus for us today? Saint Gregory, one of the patrons of our congregation, would answer: "In the words of God seek the Heart of God."

If we respond to the Word in this way, we are going to develop a new quality in the Church, we are going to offer our own word to the spiritual heritage of our world of today. No one is going to do it in our place. It is our responsibility. Let ourselves be inspired by this task.

Fr. Dariusz Pielak, SVD


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