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The Children of Mother Earth
Dancing for the Environment

Dear Fr. Sicuro, I am Fr. Benigno Beltran, JPIC Coordinator for the Central Province in the Philippines. We would like to share with you an article from the Santa Monica Mirror about the children from our parish who went for an environmental concert tour in several cities in California. They want to remind people to take care of God's creation, but they communicate their message through the performing arts, through rituals and dances and songs. God's peace and blessings.

Fr. Benigno P. Beltran, SVD

The primary mission of this dance group it to share ideas and insights on saving Mother Earth with other youths whom they feel should be responsible for helping take care of this world and saving it from looming ecological disasters.

The heart and soul behind Children of Mother Earth, Fr. Beltran’s eco-friendly vision is further manifested in building Manila’s first nature-friendly church which will have solar panels to convert sunlight into electricity, a water catchment system to collect rainfall for watering the garden, waterless composting toilets and natural air ventilation systems. The church will be built on the ashes of Smoky Mountain, the once gigantic pile of waste and “will stand as a monument to our determination to uplift the plight of the poor through technology and be a symbol of hope for the youth and other poverty-stricken communities.” When completed, the church will become the first environment-friendly, electronic church in the world and will provide education, including computer training, which is already in process, as well as work opportunities for the former scavengers and slum dwellers.

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