Friday, July 6, 2012

Dos amigos, dos consejeros elegidos hoy

Arlindo Pereira Dias was born in the city of Cipotânea, state of Minas Gerais, Brazil. This small town of about 5,000 inhabitants, strongly Catholic, has offered about 40 priests and 20 religious to the Church. His father, Corsino Dias Lopes, who died in 1997, was by profession a farmer and builder. His mother Belmira Pereira Dias is housewife and is currently 79. Arlindo is the second of four children. José Aloisio Dias, the elder brother is married and has two children. He works in the Colegio Arnaldo, an SVD school. The third one, Adilson Dias, who suffered from down syndrome, called by them “the pearl of the family” died on January, 18, 2011 at the age of 45. The last son, Ronaldo, drowned in 1994 at the age of 23.

After completing primary school, at the age of 11 he joined the SVD at the Pre-Juvenato São Geraldo, in the town of Barbacena, (SVD BRN - Northern Brazil). He attended secondary school at the Colegio Arnaldo, in Belo Horizonte (1977/1979); philosophy at the “Jesuit Faculty” in Rio de Janeiro and at the “Catholic University” in Belo Horizonte (1980/1982) and novitiate in Miracatu, in 1983. On February 2, 1984 he professed his first vows. In 1984 he was sent to the Seminario Verbo Divino in Ponta Grossa for a year of regency. He studied theology at the Instituto Teologico S. Paulo (ITESP – 1985/1988). He professed perpetual vows on March 6, 1988. On December 3, 1988 he was ordained a priest.
After receiving his first assignment for the SVD BRC province, from 1989 to 1996 together with a group of religious and lay people he founded the NGO called Rede Rua (Street Network) dedicated to the homeless in S. Paulo. He was at the same time Mission Secretary of the province. From 1997 to 2001 he was prefect of the SVD theologate in S. Paulo. During this time he did a master degree in Social Communication at the Universidade Metodista de S. Paulo. From 2001 to 2006 he was Provincial of the BRC province and Chairman of the Executive Committee of PANAM Zone. He was elected to the General Council at the 2006 SVD General Chapter.

El P. Arlindo Dias nació en 1961 en Cipotanea, diócesis de Mariana – Brasil.

Ordenado sacerdote en 1988, inició su ministerio trabajando con gente de la calle y como Secretario de Misiones. Desde 1997 fue formador en Sao Paolo, mienstras estudiaba Comunicacion. En 1999 fue elegido Viceprovincial y en el 2002 Provincial de la provincia Brasil-Centro. En el 2002 fue elegido presidente del Comité Ejecutivo de la Zona Panam. Participó en el Capítulo General del 2006 donde fue elegido Consejero General.

Fr. José Antunes da Silva, presently the provincial superior of Portugal (POR), is elected to the General Council. He is the fifth councillor to be elected, thus completing the elections to the General Council.

Fr. Da Silva was born on December 5, 1957, at Maxial da Campo, Sarzedas in Portugal. His father is João Nunes da Silva. His mother, Esperança Antunes de Almeida, passed away in 2005. He has a brother.

After his primary and secondary schooling at Maxial da Campo and Tortosendo, he joined the SVD novitiate at Fátima in 1975 and made his first vows on September 26, 1976. He studied philosophy and theology at the Catholic University, Lisbon, He was ordained priest at Fátima on May 6, 1984.

Fr. Da Silva was a missionary in Ghana (Kintampo) from 1986-1989. He then did his master in ‘Religion and Culture’ in Washington D.C. from 1990-1992. For the next eleven years, he was involved in Campus Ministry at Guimarães, Portugal. During this time he was also teacher at the philosophy faculty at Braga. Fr. Da Silva was the Vice provincial (POR) from 1998-2001. Before he was elected as the provincial superior in 2007, he was spiritual director of diocesan seminarians at Braga, Director of “Contacto SVD” and provincial assistant of SVD Lay Missionaries.

El P. José Antunes da Silva nació en 1957 en Sarzedas, diócesis de Portalegre – Portugal.

Después de su ordenación en 1984 ha trabajado unos años en la pastoral parroquial en Kintampo – GHANA. De 1990 a 1992 realizó estudios superiores en Washington-USA, en ciencias religiosas. Por los siguientes 11 años consecutivos José trabajabó en la pastoral universitaria de Guimaraes. De 2003 a 2007 era el responsbale de la revista svd "Contacto" y trabajaba con los misioneros laicos en Portugal. Desde el 2007 el P. José Antunes es el provincial de Portugal.