Prayer for the 17th SVD General Chapter

All provident Father, source of Life and Love,
you sent your Son to reconcile humanity with yourself
and to unite in peace all people divided by walls
of indifference and hatred, arrogance and intolerance.
Through the guiding light of the Holy Spirit,
you have called us from among peoples
of diverse nations and languages
to share in your universal mission of gathering
humankind into your Trinitarian communion.

Nourish us and our mission partners
in our commitment to proclaim
the challenge and solace of the Divine Word to all
–especially to the poor and marginalized,
to the migrants in search of refuge,
and to the young in search of meaning.

Mary, our Mother, intercede for us,
that we may remain faithful and creative disciples of your Son.

Saints Arnold and Joseph,
Together with our Blessed martyrs
and with Blessed Maria Helena and Josefa,
intercede for our Society so that our 17th General Chapter
may bear fruit in better sharing of intercultural life among us
and intercultural bridge-building among peoples of our time.