Prayer for the 18th General Chapter

Oh, Holy Triune God,
Father, Son and Spirit,
we thank you for the gift of the Society of the Divine Word
and our religious missionary vocation.
We praise you for the Sacred Heart of your Son Jesus
the font of mercy and grace.

As we, the Divine Word Missionaries,
prepare ourselves for the Eighteenth General Chapter,
enkindle in our hearts the flame of your love.
Help us renew our commitment
to always be rooted in your Word
as the source and foundation of our life, vocation, and mission.

May your boundless love impel us
to become transforming missionary disciples
proclaiming your Reign of peace and reconciliation
in each place, among every people and for all cultures.
In everything we do,
together with our mission partners,
may we do it with genuine love just as you have loved us.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Word, intercede for us,
that we may follow in your steps,
and deepen our commitment to your Son.
Through the intercession of Saints Arnold and Joseph,
blessed Maria Helena and Josepha,
and all our martyrs,
we pray that the Heart of Jesus
may live in our hearts and in the hearts of all people!


Prayer Of the Missionary Disciples

Oh, Holy Triune God,
you have called us to live rooted in the Word,
and committed to your mission.

We are followers of the Divine Word,
source of holiness and renewal;
our name is our mission.

The love of Christ impels us and immerses us in loving service;
through encounter and dialogue, we revitalize our vocation,
accompany us in sharing this gift with confidence and passion.

Lord, your voice challenges us; the clamor of the earth wounds our hearts,
the life of the people embraces us and sets our hearts on fire.
We are yours, transforming missionary disciples;
root us in your Word and send us out to the world as artisans of communion.

Life-giving Spirit, by your creative power
you form us in the Heart of Jesus,
help us make your option ours,
putting the last first.

Mary, Virgin of silence and Mother of the Divine Word,
form us in active listening, in discerning, and in caring for life.
Inspire us so that in community, with our mission partners,
we may be authentic witnesses of the Gospel of joy.

Saints Arnold and Joseph, blessed Maria Helena and Josepha,
and all our martyrs, open our hearts to all peoples,
so that in embracing their cultures, with their joys and tears,
we may be attentive and open to the signs of the Kingdom.