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From Secretaryinc INC Province
Date Jul 30, 2015 @ 22:43

Episcopal Consecration

Dear Confreres,

Greetings from Fr. Xavier T SVD! It is a matter of great joy that we are blessed with another Indian SVD Bishop to shepherd the people of God in the Roman Catholic diocese of Jhabua. The Episcopal consecration of Bishop-elect Basil Bhuriya SVD will take place on 10th October, 2015 at St. Arnold’s School premises, Meghnagar. Formal invitation will follow later. Let us pray for the Bishop-elect and the Diocese of Jhabua. Thank you.

In the Word,

Fr. Xavier T SVD

New SVD Bishop in India

On July 18, 2015 the Holy Father has appointed Fr. Basil Bhuriya, SVD, as Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Jhabua (area 21.366, population 5,535,306; Catholics 38,947; diocesan priests 45, religious 22), India. The newly-elect Bishop was born on 8th March 1956 in Bada Gosliya, India. On 17th June 1979 he entered the Novitiate of the Society of the Divine Word. After completing his studies at the Jhana Deepa Vidhypeeth (Pontifical Institute of Philosophy and Religion) in Pune, he was ordained a priest for the same religious Congregation on 2nd May 1986.

After his ordination, the newly-elect Bishop has served in a number of pastoral and administrative roles:

  • 1998-2008 - Consultor of the Indore and Jhabua District Council;
  • 2008-2011 - District Superior of the Jhabua District;
  • 2011-2014 - Consultor of the SVD India-Central Province; - Mission Secretary
  • 2014-2015 - Admonitor of the SVD India-Central Province;
  • 2008-2015 - Parish Priest of Thandla Catholic Church of the Diocese of Jhabua

We offer all our prayers for Rev. Bhuriya in his new responsibility. Congratulations.

New SVD Bishop of Jhabua, INDIA

Dear Confrères,

Greetings from INC

The present Parish Priest of Thandla, Fr. Basil Bhuriya, SVD has been appointed as the Bishop of the Diocese of Jhabua.

The Rev. Basil Bhuriya SVD, was born on March 08, 1956 in Bara Gosliya, Jhabua.

He made his first profession in 1980 and perpetual vows in 1985. He was ordained a priest on May 02, 1986 in Panchkui.

In 2009 he was appointed as the Parish Priest of Thandla and was elected as a Provincial Councillor since 2011. Now as he is appointed as a Bishop, we as a Divine Word family wish him all the best. Indeed he will be a gift to the Universal Church.

May God bless him in his new responsibility as a Bishop.

Yours in the Divine Word,

Fr. Libnus Kullu
Provincial Secretary, INC

Nomina  del Vescovo di Jhabua (India)

Il Papa ha nominato Vescovo della diocesi di Jhabua (India) il Rev.do P. Basil Bhuriya, S.V.D., Parroco e Membro del Consiglio Provinciale dei PP. Verbiti.

Rev.do P. Basil Bhuriya, S.V.D.

Il Rev.do P. Basil Bhuriya, S.V.D., è nato l’8 marzo 1956, a Panchjui, nella diocesi di Jhabua. Ha studiato Filosofia e Teologia presso il Pontifical Athenaeum di Pune. In seguito, ha conseguito un B.A. presso l’Università di Indore. Ha emesso la professione solenne nella Società del Verbo Divino, il 12 giugno 1985. È stato ordinato sacerdote il 5 maggio 1986, per la stessa Società.

Dopo l’ordinazione sacerdotale ha ricoperto i seguenti incarichi:

  • 1987-1988: Vicario parrocchiale a Muvalia, Gujarat, diocesi di Baroda;
  • 1988-1992: Vice Rettore del St. Thomas Seminary di Indore;
  • 1992-1997: Rettore del St. Thomas Seminary di Indore;
  • 1997-2002: Parroco a Dhar, diocesi di Indore;
  • 2002-2005: Direttore dell’Hostel di Thandla, diocesi di Jhabua;
  • 2005-2009: Parroco a Rajgarh, diocesi di Jhabua;
  • dal 2009: Parroco di Immaculate Heart of Mary Church di Thandla, diocesi di Jhabua;
  • dal 2011: Membro del Consiglio Provinciale dei PP. Verbiti del Central Indian Province.

[01257-IT.01] Sala stampa della Santa Sede
Bollettino quotidiano del 18.07.2015 [B0582]

Vatican Information Service - Press releases
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Vatican City, 20 July 2015 (VIS) - On Saturday 18 July, the Holy Father:
- appointed Fr. Basil Bhuriya, S.V.D., as bishop of Jhabua (area 21,366, population 5,812,071, Catholics 38,726, priests 68, religious 236), India. The bishop-elect was born in Panchjui, India in 1956, gave his solemn vows in 1985, and was ordained a priest in 1986. He holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Indore, India, and has served in an number of roles, including parish vicar in a number of parishes in the dioceses of Baroda, Indore and Jhabua and rector of the St. Thomas Seminary in Indore. He is currently parish priest and member of the Provincial Council of the Verbite Fathers in the Central Indian Province.

Ciudad del Vaticano, 20 de julio de 2015 (Vis) - El sábado, 18 de julio el Santo Padre:
- Nombró al padre Basil Bhuriya SVD, como obispo de la diócesis de Jhabua (superficie 21.366, población 5.812.071, católicos 38.726, sacerdotes 68, religiosos 237) en India. El obispo electo nació en 1956 en Panchjui (India), pronunció los votos solemnes en 1985 y fue ordenado sacerdote en 1986. En su ministerio pastoral ha sido entre otros vicario parroquial, vicerrector y rector del Seminario de Santo Tomás en Indore, párroco, miembro del Consejo Provincial de los Padres Verbitas de la Provincia Central de India, cargos que desempeñaba actualmente.

Cité du Vatican, 20 juillet 2015 (VIS). - Samedi dernier, 18 juillet, il avait nommé:
Le P. Basil Bhuriya, SVD, Evêque de Jhabua (superficie 21.366, population 5.812.071, catholiques 38.726, prêtres 68, religieux 237), en Inde. L'Evêque élu, né en 1956 à Panchjui (Inde), a prononcé ses voeux religieux en 1985 et a été ordonné prêtre en 1986. Il était jusqu'ici curé de paroisse et Membre du Conseil provincial de son ordre.