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New SVD General Administration Takes Charge


On September 29, 2012, feast of the Archangels, during a solemn Eucharist celebrated by the New Superior General Fr. Heinz KULÜKE, the Outgoing Superior General Fr. Antonio M. PERNIA, the Outgoing Vice-General Fr. Konrad KELER - and beside them at the altar the incoming and outgoing councillors, the new SVD General Administration (2012-2018) was installed in Rome. This gracious ceremony was done in the prayerful presence of many confreres in Collegio, SVD communities in Rome, some confreres on visit to Rome, confreres and participants attending the Nemi Renewal and Dei Verbum programmes. Present for the ceremony were also SSpS sisters with the Congregational Leader Sr. Maria Theresia Hörnemann, representatives of other religious congregations in Rome, SVD collaborators, friends and well-wishers of the Society in and around Rome.

The inaugural Mass began at 11.30 a.m. with a short introduction and welcome. During the homily Fr. Pernia entrusted the entire Society into the hands of the new administration asking God’s guidance and blessings. In his homily, Fr. Pernia shared with the new superior general and his council three thoughts suggested by the three saints of the day: 1. “Have no fear; the Lord is with you”- a thought that comes from St. Gabriel who, in the gospel of Luke, uttered the same words to Mary (Lk 1:26-38), 2: “The power is God’s” - a thought that comes from St. Michael who, in the book of Revelation, as in the First Reading today, defeated the dragon and his angels with the power of God (Rev 12:7), and 3: “A guiding star rather than a shooting star” - a thought that comes from St. Raphael who, in the Book of Tobit, appears as a companion of the young Tobiah’s journey (Tob 3:17). (The entire homily will come in the October issue of Arnoldus Nota).

At the end of the Mass Fr. Heinz KULÜKE, the new Superior General, thanked the entire Society and its well-wishers. Fr. Kulüke said “Trusting in God, support of the confreres, other members of the Arnoldus family and our lay partners around the globe, we, the new council has accepted our task. As the new leadership team, we start our term with this question in mind: What does the Lord want the Society to do? What does the Lord want us as a leadership team to do? We will continue to listen to the Lord and communicate what we hear. As the new leadership team we would invite the whole congregation to do the same and to share with us what the Lord tells you”. (His message in full will appear in the October issue of Arnoldus Nota).

Fr. Kulüke thanked Fr. Pernia and the outgoing council members for their immense service to the Society, and Fr. Pernia in turn wished God’s blessing and guidance on the new General Administration.

-Thomas Kallanchira, SVD