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From: Provincial USC
Date: December 27, 2012 @ 06:15

R.I.P. Fr. Francis Theriault, SVD

It is with great sadness that we inform you that Father Francis Theriault, SVD (Techny) died peacefully this morning, December 27 at 2:50 a.m.

Please remember Father Theriault in your prayers.

Funeral arrangements will be forthcoming.

Thomas J. Ascheman, SVD
USC Provincial

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From Provincial USC
Date December 20, 2012 @ 07:06

R.I.P. Fr. Edward Peter Silvester, SVD
27.VII.1927 - 20.XII.2012

It is with great sadness that we inform you of the death of Father Peter Silvester, SVD (Techny) who passed away early this morning at the age of 85. Two novices, Viet Quoc Hoang and Charles Moat were with him when he passed away peacefully.

Please remember Father Peter in your prayers.

Funeral arrangements will be forthcoming.

Thomas J. Ascheman, SVD
USC Provincial

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From Anselmo Ribeiro
Date December 11, 2012 @16:34

Nota de falecimento

Pe. Galdino Falquetto, SVD

Faleceu ontem, dia 11 de dezembro de 2012, às 15:30h, em Juiz de Fora, o Pe. Galdino Falquetto, SVD.

Ele estava internado na Santa Casa de Misericórdia e foi vítima de uma infecção generalizada.

A Missa e exéquias será na Comunidade do Verbo Divino às 14h e o sepultamento às 16h, em Juiz de Fora-MG.

Rezemos pelo seu descanso eterno!

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P. Joseph van Paridon, SVD

Photo SVD - Nemi, Italy, 09.V.1970

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Faleceu o Padre

Stanislaw Turbanski

Faleceu hoje, dia 30 de novembro de 2012, com 97 anos de idade o nosso Confrade Pe. Stanislaw Turbanski. A Missa do corpo presente e enterro vais ser amanhã dia 1 de dezembro de 2012 às 10:00h em Ponta Grossa na CASA DOS MISSIONARIOS DO VERBO DIVINO; Rua Julia da Costa, 505.

Source: Congregação do Verbo Divino - Provincia Brasil Sul


P. Alexander Ganggu, SVD

Photo SVD - Nemi 07.III.2008


Bishop Bowers dies at 102

We received the sad news of the death of Most Rev. Joseph Oliver Bowers, SVD which occurred in the early hours of Tuesday 6th November at Agomanya where he had been living since he retired in Ghana. His health started deteriorating from Thursday 1st Nov. He was visited by the Ghana Catholic Bishop Conference as part of their meeting which is currently taking place in Koforidua.

Most Rev.
Joseph Oliver Bowers, SVD

The funeral would take place on Friday 9th November together with that of Bro. Adjei who passed away on the 19th Oct. The Mass would take place at the Holy Spirit Cathedral at 9.00am.

Funeral Arrangements:

Thursday 8th Nov. AGORMANYA: The body of Bishop Bowers would be in the Mother House of the Handmaids of the Divine Redeemer (HDR) the women Religious Order he founded for the whole day. Later on, the Body would be transferred to the Parish of Agormanya for a vigil till the early hours of Friday 9th.
At the Cathedral in Accra: Vigil Mass at 7.00pm and all disperse afterwards.

Friday 9th: The Bodies of Bishop and Brother Samuel Adjei would be received at 5.00am. At 6am, there would be the Office of the dead followed by Mass at 9.00am. The Bishop would be buried at the Cathedral whilst Brother Samuel would be taken to Nsawam, Adoagyiri.

Bishop Bowers and Brother Adjei laid to rest

In front of the altar laid the two SVD missionaries, Bishop Joseph Oliver Bowers 102 years facing Brother Samuel Adjei, 51 in the Cathedral of Holy Spirit, Accra on Friday 9th Nov.

At the funeral was a huge number of the clergy and religious; all the members of the Ghana Catholic Bishops Conference including the Bishops emeriti of the country were present. Although the Cathedral was filled to capacity, lay participation was rather low. Many lay people did not know of the death and the funeral arrangements.

The funeral had to be done quickly to fulfil the late Bishop’s desire that he should be buried as soon as possible when he dies. Also, to allow all the bishops to participate at the funeral since they were all in the south (Koforidua) to attend their annual plenary session. In addition, Brother Adjei, SVD whose burial was scheduled for the Friday the 9th Nov. made it somehow ‘attractive’ to put the funeral together.

The Mass was presided over by Most Rev. Charles Palmer Buckle, Metropolitan Archbishop of Accra and the sermon was delivered by Most Rev. Gabriel Kumordji, Bishop of the Apostolic Vicariate of Afram Plains. In the sermon he reflected on how Bishop Bowers joined the SVD to become a missionary, studied at Bay St. Louis, was missioned to Ghana and worked tirelessly in the Eastern Region of Ghana and eventually died in the Eastern region.

Brother Adjei on the other hand was a fruit of the works of Bishop Bowers in the Eastern Region, Nkawkaw to be precise where Bro. Adjei was born; doing missionary work for some time in Chile he was transferred to Bay St. Louis where Bishop studied. Brother Adjei died there as a missionary.

The president of the Republic of Ghana His Excellency John Mahama was present at the Mass to pay homage to the dead. The Archbishop also prayed for those who had lost their lives in the recent disaster that occurred in the city when a six-storey shopping mall collapsed on the workers and some shoppers killing some of them. When given the opportunity to give a message, the president advised the congregation to check their eating habits to avoid contracting diseases that would make them die young. He also commented on the disaster that the Archbishop prayed for.

Bishop Bowers was buried in the Cathedral whilst Brother Samuel Adjei was buried at the SVD Cemetery at Nsawam.

Source: SVD Ghana Province

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From Provincial USC
Date Fri November 02, 2012 @ 12:33

Funeral arrangements for

08.II.1923 – 01.XI.2012

Professed 1943 - Ordained 1950

All services will be held at Divine Word Residence in Techny

Sunday, November 4, 2012
  • 5:15 p.m. Office of the Dead
  • 5:30 p.m. Supper at Divine Word Residence
  • 7:00 p.m. Wake Service
  • 7:45 p.m. Refreshments after the Wake Service

Monday, November 5, 2012

  • 10:30 a.m. Mass of the Resurrection
  • After Mass Burial in St. Mary’s Cemetery, Techny
  • 12 Noon Lunch at Divine Word Residence

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From Provincial USC
Date Oct. 19, 2012 @ 07:03

R.I.P Br. Samuel Adjei, SVD

It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of Brother Samuel Adjei, SVD this morning at Techny. He was visited and was with family, friends and Confreres during his rapid health decline due to cancer. Monday, October 15 he had celebrated his 51st birthday.

Please remember Brother Samuel and his family in your prayers.

Funeral arrangements will be forthcoming.

Thomas J. Ascheman, SVD
USC Provincial


From Provincial USC
Date Oct. 19, 2012 @ 14:50

Funeral Arrangements Brother Samuel Adjei

Rest in Peace
Brother Samuel Adjei, SVD
1961 - 2012

Monday, October 22, 2012

  • 5:15 P.M. Office of the Dead
  • 7:00 P.M. Wake Service
    • Presider and Homilist: Fr. Jim Pawlicki, SVD

Light repast following the wake service

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

  • 10:30 A.M. Funeral Liturgy
    • Presider: Fr. Tom Ascheman, SVD
    • Homilist: Fr. Tony Anala, SVD

Lunch to follow at the Residence.
All Services will be held in the Divine Word Residence Chapel.
Burial will take place in Ghana at a later date.

Brother Samuel Adjei to be buried on the 9th Nov.

We are sad to announce the death of one of our confreres, Brother Samuel Alfred Kwasi Adjei, SVD which occurred in Techny, near Chicago in the United States of America. Hei died on Friday the 19th of October as a result of cancer.

Arrangements were underway to bring the body home, Ghana for burial but the recent Hurricane in New York made the body to be flown back to Chicago. The body has now arrived and the funeral will be held at the Holy Spirit Cathedral together with the late Bishop Bowers on Friday 9th November. He would be laid in state from 6.00 am followed by Mass at 9.00am and then to the SVD Cemetery at Adoagyiri, Nsawam. Brother Adjei worked at the Catholic Press for some time and following his perpetual vows in 1991 he was assigned to work at the SVD Formation House (Freinademetz House) in Tamale before he went to Chile in South America to do missionary work. He later transferred to the United States Southern Province of the Divine Word Missionaries where he was later diagnosed with the disease. He was 51.

Source: SVD Ghana Province

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Date: Thu Oct 11, 2012 @ 12:32


Faleceu hoje na Polônia, na Casa Missionária São José, em Gòrna Grupa, por volta das 14:00h (Hora de Brasília),

o Pe. João Dobrowolski

João estava com 61 anos e sofria com o Mal de Alzheimer.

Rezemos por seu descanso eterno!

Pe. Anselmo Ricardo Ribeiro, SVD


Bro. Charles <Gerard> Pashia, SVD

Photo SVD - Nemi, Italy, 21.IX.1971

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Photo SVD-Nemi, Italy, 1967

Matías Kloster SVD – QEPD
19.IX.2012 (1919-2012)

En el día de ayer, en el Hogar San Javier de Rafael Calzada, falleció el P. Matías Kloster SVD.

La misa se celebrará hoy a las 15:00 hs. en Rafael Calzada y posteriormente se pasará a su cremación. El depósito de las cenizas se realizará en el cinerario de la Basílica del Espíritu Santo, de acuerdo a su voluntad, con fecha aún no confirmada.

Source: Actividades – Noticias de la Provincia Argentina Sur (ARS)


P. Antoon Möhlmann, SVD

Photo SVD - Rome, Italy, 06.XII.1969

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From Lefoko
Date September 02, 2012 @06:31

R.I.P. Fr. Simon Nyirenda - Zambia

Dear Fr. General,

With great sadness I would like to inform you that Fr. Simon Nyirenda, svd, died today (2nd September 2012) in hospital in Lusaka, Zambia. He was not feeling well in recent months and some days ago was hospitalised. We are very surprised however that he passed away in prime of his life. He was working in the Lumko Institute in South Africa.

At the moment I don’t have any other information. Father provincial is on a visitation trip in the Kalahari and will return tomorrow. I managed to contact him and inform him about the death of Simon.

Please, confirm that you have received this message – recently we have serious problems with the internet.

I will try to post more information on our website when it will become available: http://frsimonnyirenda.homestead.com/

Thank you.

In Love of the Word,

Fr. Mareko Marciniak, svd


P. Bernardo Boening, SVD

Photo SVD - Nemi, Italy, 28.I.1970

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O. Zeszczuk Mieczysław, SVD

Photo Courtesy of Dom Misyjny Księży Werbistów w Górnej Grupie

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Linh Mục Clêmentê Lưu Minh Hoàng, SVD

Xem thêm: Cáo Phó của Tỉnh Dòng và Chương Trình Tang Lễ

Nhatrang, Vietnam, 31.III.2008.
Visit of Fr. Superior General A. Pernia
Inauguration of the VIE SVD Province.
from left: Fr. Antonio Pernia SVD
and Fr. Luu Minh Hoang SVD
Photo by SVD

From: Tri, svd Fr. Vu

Nha Trang, ngày 15 tháng 8 năm 2012

Thưa Quí Anh Em Ngôi Lời,

Cha Clêmentê Lưu Minh Hoàng, cựu bề trên Tỉnh Dòng Ngôi Lời Việt Nam, sau những ngày tháng nằm bệnh, đã được Chúa gọi về tối hôm qua tại bệnh viện Nha Trang.

Xin anh em hợp ý cầu nguyện cho Linh Hồn Clêmentê chóng được hưởng nhan thánh Chúa.

Đa tạ,

Joseph Trí, SVD

From: Khien Luu, SVD

Hợp ý cầu nguyện cho Cha Cựu Bề Trên Clément. Xin chia buồn cùng Tỉnh Dòng. Ngài là một trong những vị đã khởi xướng và chấp thuận việc xáp nhập Dòng Thánh Giuse Nha Trang vào Dòng Truyền Giáo Ngôi Lời. Xin thành kính tri ân Cha về những gì Cha đã cống hiến cho Giáo Hội và cho Hội Dòng. Xin Chúa chóng đưa Cha Clément vào Thiên Đàng, nơi đó Cha sẽ tiếp tục cầu nguyện và nâng đỡ Tỉnh Dòng Ngôi Lời Việt Nam.

Khiên Lưu


Fr. Jerome Ziliak, SVD

Photo SVD Nemi, Italy, 02.X.1973

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From Hyderabad Province
Date June 16, 2012 @ 07:15

Fr. Joseph Puthumana SVD (INH) passed away

Photo SVD
India 1991

Dear Confreres,

Fr. Joseph Pthumana SVD (INH) passed away this evening at 06. 30pm (June 16, 2012.) at St. Teresa's Hospital, Hyderabad. The Funeral will be on Monday ( June 18, 2012) at 03. 00 pm in St. John's Church, R. C. Puram. Kindly pray for the repose of his soul.

-- Thanking you,

Yours in the Divine Word

Fr. A. Jesu, SVD
Provincial Superior - INH

From Hyderabad Province
Date June 17, 2012 @ 03:34

Obituary of Fr. Joseph Puthumana SVD (INH)

Dear Rev. Fr. Superior General

Greetings from Arnold Bhavan, Hyderabad!

Please find in the attachment the obituary of Fr. Joseph Puthumana SVD (INH).
We are deeply grieved at the sudden demise of Fr. Puthumana.
We wish you all our prayers for the General Chapter.

Thanking you
in the Divine Word

Fr. Casmir D' Souza SVD
Vice-Provincial Superior - INH

See: Obituary of Fr. Joseph Puthumana SVD


Photo SVD Rome 05.XI.2005

Fr. Augustino Egawa Ken, SVD

Il R.P. Augustinus Ken EGAWA, S.V.D., è deceduto il 5 giugno 2012 all'età di 62 anni in seguito a grave malattia. Era nato l'8 febbraio 1950 a Nagasaki (Giappone) ed era stato alunno del PIB negli anni 1980-84 (CD). Aveva poi conseguito il dottorato in Teologia Biblica alla Pontificia Università Gregoriana (Mod.: R.D. Massimo Grilli). Era professore di S. Scrittura nella Facoltà di Teologia dell'Università Nanzan di Nagoya, dove ha esercitato il suo insegnamento fino a pochi giorni prima della sua morte.

Source: VINEA ELECTA - Bollettino informativo dell’Associazione ex-alunni/e del Pontificio Istituto Biblico - Num. 12 - Anno 2012


Bro. Hugo Höing, SVD

Photo SVD Indonesia, Ende, 1992

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Fr. Orlando Guzman, SVD

Photo SVD Nemi, Italy, 27.X.1970


Fr. Johannes Perason, SVD

Photo SVD Nemi 1988


Fr. Victor Bunanig, SVD

Photo SVD Nemi 07.III.2008


Fr. Fransiskus Xaverius Djuki Primus, SVD


Fr. John Kersten, SVD

Photo SVD Rome, Italy, 04.VI.1968

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date: 2012.III.05@04:42
from: Pe. Anselmo Ricardo Ribeiro, SVD Superior Provincial
re: Nota de Falecimento

Pe. Cornélio Kila, SVD

Faleceu hoje, dia 05/03/2012, às 06:00h da manhã, na Casa Central, em Belo Horizonte, o Pe. Cornélio Kila, SVD. Pe. Cornélio sofreu um AVC - Acidente Vascular Cerebral, enquanto dormia.

Rezemos por seu descanso eterno.

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Fr. Edward Herberger, SVD

Photo Courtesy Divine Word Missionaries
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Fr. Christoph Crames, SVD

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Fr. Charles Russell, SVD

Photo SVD Rome, Italy, 04.XI.1966