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P. Johann Kaufmann, SVD

Photo SVD - 1994
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P. Pedro Sevald, SVD

Photo SVD - Nemi, Italy, 22.X.1969

Ver tambien: Pedro Sevald SVD


P. Karl Tappe, SVD

Photo SVD - Undated

See Also: P. Karl Tappe SVD (1931-2013)


Bro. John <Josephus> Hornek, SVD

Photo Courtesy: Divine Word College

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Fr. Roy Joseph Karamullil, SVD

Photo Courtesy: Matters India

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Bro. Walenty <Yosefus> Lawicki, SVD

Photo SVD Rome 19.III.2010

See Also: Br. Józef Ławicki (1935 - 2013)


Bro. Mathias <Aurelius> Solo, SVD

Photo Indonesia, Ende, 1991


Fr. Ruperto Horn, SVD

Photo SVD - Rome, Italy - 1966


Fr. Thomas Yasuda Teiji, SVD

Undated photo


Fr. Jan Zasowski, SVD

Photo SVD - Rome 16.IX.2003


Fr. John Donaghey, SVD

It is with great sadness that we inform you that Fr. John Donaghey (Techny) passed away peacefully at Divine Word Residence at 10:25 p.m., Saturday, October 26, 2013.

Services for Fr. John are as follows:

Friday, November 1, 2013 - Services at Divine Word Residence, Techny

  • 3:00 p.m. - Visitation
  • 5:15 p.m. - Office of the Dead
  • 7:00 p.m. - Wake Service

Saturday, November 2, 2013 - Service at Techny Towers

  • 10:30 a.m. - Mass of Resurrection

Luncheon will be served at Techny Towers after Burial.

May he rest in peace and receive his reward in heaven with our almighty God.

Thomas J. Ascheman, SVD
USC Provincial

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Fr. Macario Apuya, SVD

Photo Courtesy Of PHN
See Also: RIP Fr. Macario Apuya, SVD



Az Isteni Ige Társasága Magyar Rendtartománya, a Nagybecskereki Egyházmegye Püspöke, papsága és a gyászoló rokonság fájdalommal, de a feltámadás reményében tudatják, hogy

P. Suhajda Lajos SVD

életének 80. évében, szerzetespapságának 54. évében 2013. október 15-én szentségekkel megerősítve elhunyt.

Temetése 2013. október 18-án (pénteken) 13,30 órakor a nagybecskereki székesegyházban bemutatott szentmise után a nagybecskereki római katolikus temetőben lesz.

Elhunyt paptestvérünk 1933. január 31-én született Gomboson. Az Isteni Ige Társaságában 1958-ban tett örökfogadalmat. 1959. június 21-én szentelték pappá Kalocsán. Egyházmegyés papként működött a Kalocsa-Bácsi Főegyházmegye területén 1959-1970 között. 1970-ben hazaköltözött Jugoszláviába, ahol apatini vikáriusként, majd a Paulinum Püspökségi Klasszikus Gimnázium rektoraként szolgált. 1971-ben Újvidéken megalapította a verbita rend első jugoszláviai rendházát ahol 2011-ig, nyugdíjba vonulásáig működött. 2011-től nyugdíjas lelkipásztorként a Nagybecskereki plébánián segített a lelkipásztori munkában.

„Jól van derék és hű szolga! A kicsiben hű voltál, sokat bízok rád, menj be Urad örömébe."
( Mt 25,21)

Forrás: Nagybecskereki Egyházmegyei Sajtóiroda


Fr. Karol Benovic, SVD

Photo SVD - Rome, Italy, 07.III.1969
See Also: Zomrel páter Karol Benovic SVD


Fr. Michal Janoszka, SVD

Photo SVD - Poland 22.V.2008
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Fr. Marcel Dungdung, SVD
(Educationist for Life)
1940 - †22.IX.2013

“Your commands are always with me and make me wiser than my enemies.
I have more insight than all my teachers, for I meditate on your statutes.”
Ps 119:98-99

Fr. Marcel Dungdung, son of Aloys and Phulmani Dungdung was born on 7 January 1940 in Purnapani village of Jhunmur parish under the Ranchi diocese of that time. In his own account of life written in 1959, he has this to say, “My father, brother and sisters are dead; only my mother is alive. My uncles and cousins helped my mother with the farm work. At the age of six in 1946, I was admitted to Jhunmur parish M.E. School. My house was three miles away from the School. In 1955, I passed the primary school examination. In the same year, I joined the New Orissa High School, Gaibira. In my whole life time, I have been an average student. From my early youth, I was thinking about being a missionary, but I decided to join the seminary after matriculation in 1959. On the advice of the SVD Fathers in the School, I asked the opinion of my mother, uncles and cousins. When they agreed with my proposal, I informed my parish priest and sent an application to Palda, where I was admitted on the 1 July 1959.”

He went through the regular training program of three years of Juniorate, two years of Novitiate ending with the First Profession in 1964, and onward to Poona (now Pune) for philosophy of two years. During the regency, he did his graduation in Sambalpur in the year 1968. And that is where, the streak of an educationist in him manifested itself. And hence, later on he did his Bachelor of Education in 1976 and Post Graduation in 1984 both in Sambalpur University. Getting back from regency, he pursued Theological studies for four years from 1968 to 1972. During the last year of Theology, he was ordained a priest on 30.X.1971 by Rt. Rev. Herman Westermann, SVD of happy memory.

His first assignment in the field of education was as an Assistant Teacher in Gaibira from 1972 to 1975. Along with the teaching assignment, he was given the added responsibility of being an Assistant Director, and then Director of the Apostolic School, Gaibira till 1980. In the same year, he was transferred to St. Paul’s School, Hamirpur. While being there, he was the Rector of the house, in addition to teaching he was entrusted with the administrative work in the School. He took keen interest in the extra-curricular port-folios even on the diocesan level as requested by the Bishop of the Diocese. In 1989, he was transferred back to Gaibira to teach in the newly opened Plus Two (+2) College section still attached to the High School. This situation continued for quite a number of years and then he began to feel ill with heart complaints. He underwent a heart operation on 11 November 1998. When he got slightly better, he came back to his job with the added responsibility of constructing a new building for the college. Soon-after, he was appointed the Secretary of the Divine Word College, Babudih (Janssen Nagar) and In-charge of the SVD community there.

All this heavy burden of responsibilities took toll on his already weak health. Therefore, he requested for a lighter job which was given to him in St. Lawrence School, Tentoloi, to look after the K.G. section of the School in 2007. He was the community In-charge too. He did a good job there, upto the year 2013 when he was asked to be on the staff of Vidya Jyoti, Lungai. While there, he developed some uneasiness and was shifted to the Catholic Mission Hospital, Nuagaon. First he showed some signs of improvement and all was arranged to shift him to Apollo Hospital, Bhubaneswar. A massive cardiac arrest claimed his life at 07.10 a.m. on September 22, 2013.

When one comes to think about Fr. Marcel, the most striking characteristic trait was his simplicity of life style. The bare necessities of life were sufficient for him. This was self evident in his style of dressing and in his needs.

Docility was his hallmark and in spite of being a teacher, always eager to train and teach the young mind which he took as a priestly vocation all his life, nevertheless was ever ready to learn and improve as circumstances arose.

He was an epitome of being cool and calm, however difficult and problematic the situation be at School or off School. He took his own time, deliberated over the matter and then gave his verdict. At times, to the chagrin of others who wanted an on the spot solution.

His mother being a widow, made the supreme sacrifice of letting go her only begotten son, Fr. Marcel, for God’s work in the Society of the Divine Word. He too harkened to the voice of God’s call and left his widower mother and the earthly goods for the betterment of God’s Kingdom by working in and through the Society of the Divine Word. When dealing with students, especially with boy students, one knows only too well that they are the live wires, always on the go, restless, and at the tender age of going into puberty are really a difficult lot to handle. Patience, level headedness, and calmness were the tools he used to handle them with, and it paid off in the long run. Later on in life, those very students as grownups and adults appreciated his handling of them.

He prepared diligently for each class. He never went unprepared. In spite of his heavy schedule as a teacher, he had a large heart and never refused any new port-folios that ware assigned to him, be it from his Superior or Bishop of the diocese. The word, ‘No’ did not exist in his dictionary.

He was a deeply religious minded person and faithfully performed in his own unassuming way his religious duties. He was ever ready to render his service for supply work when the occasion arose, especially during the Christmas, Lenten and Easter seasons.

Even when the spirit was willing and the flesh weak, Fr. Marcel continued to take two periods each day, teaching the students in Vidya Jyoti, minor seminary, located in Lungai. It took its toll on his life and thus he breathed his last in his ever favorite long time wish and desire – Education! Now, he has finished the course, and run the race.

“God grant him eternal rest.”


Fr. Cirilo Ebisa, SVD

Photo Courtesy Of PHN
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Rest In Peace
Brother Robert Zalikowski, SVD
15.IX.1939 – 08.IX.2013

Come Unto Me And I Will Give You Rest

Our confrere, Brother Robert Zalikowski SVD, passed away peacefully at Divine Word Residence at 9:00 am, Sunday, September 8, 2013, on the feast of Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the 138th anniversary of the founding of the Society of the Divine Word.

He had suffered a major heart attack one week earlier. His sister came to visit him in his final days and the novices maintained a vigil at his bedside until he passed into eternity.

Funeral Arrangements

All services will take place at Divine Word Residence

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

3 to 7 p.m. Viewing
5:15 p.m. Office of the Dead
7 p.m. Wake Service

Thursday, September 12, 2013

10:30 a.m. Mass of the Resurrection
Burial Immediately after the Mass in the cemetery at Techny
Noon Luncheon

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Bro. Guus Cremers, SVD

Photo Indonesia - Ruteng 1987

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Rev. Fr. Martin Wels, SVD, laid to rest

At the dawn of Sunday, 18 August 2013 our beloved and great missionary in the Ghana Province Fr. Martin Wels was called to Glory in our retirement house St. Wendel - Germany. In the presence of some of our confreres he peacefully handed his life over to his creator. He was 91 years old.


His mortal remains was then laid in state in the “Totenkapelle” (mortuary chapel) till Thursday where one could visit and show ones last respect to him and also pray for the repose of his soul. The burial Mass took place on Thursday, 08/22/2013, at 2:30 pm in the church of the Mission House in St. Wendel. The mass was presided over by Fr. Conrad Fabian, SVD, the mission secretary for the German Province and was concelebrated by Frs. John Prempeh, SVD, Matthias Helms, SVD, Stephen Duodu (Chaplain to Africans in Saarbrücken) and other confreres. In attendance were also his relatives, benefactors and benefactresses, confreres from St. Augustin – Br. Franz Schneider among others, our confreres in St. Wendel – among them were Fr. Mushoff and Br. Paul Plawky- friends and well wishers. In attendance was also a Ghanaian friend of Fr. Wels who had come from Munich. Originally coming from Accra the gentlemen is now a business consultant for companies in the south of Germany. In a noble manner he represented Fr. Wels´ friends from Accra.

Source: GHA Province



R.I.P. P. Pius Kila, SVD †10.VIII.2013R.I.P.
P. Pius Kila, SVD

Photo Credit: Soverdi Surabaya


Fr. Charles Boykins, SVD

Photo SVD 1994
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Fr. Jan Kozlowski, SVD

Photo: Poland 24.V.2008

See Also: O. Jan Kozłowski


Fr. José Marcelo Keiner, SVD

Photo SVD - Nemi, Italy, 11.V.1973


Fr. Liberato Fernandez, SVD

Photo SVD - Nemi, Italy, 27.X.1970


Fr. Stanislaw Wyparlo, SVD

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O. Stanisław Wyparło SVD Indonezja
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From Provincial USC
Date Wednaesday, April 03, 2013 @ 09:59

Fr. Charles Scanlon, SVD

We just received word that Fr. Charles Scanlon of the Techny community passed away. Please keep him and his family in your prayers.

Further information and Funeral arrangements will be forthcoming.

Thank you.

Thomas J. Ascheman, SVD
USC Provincial

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P. Werner Berghaus, SVD

Photo SVD - undated

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P. Werner Berghaus SVD (1935-2013)


P. Yosef Kuda Makin, SVD

Photo SVD - Nemi 04.X.2008


P. Carmine Giacomuzzi, SVD

Carissimi confratelli,

questa sera alle 18.15 P. Carmine Giacomuzzi è ritornato alla casa del Padre. Erano presenti i familiari, alcuni confratelli e le Suore. Dopo lunga malattia sopportata con tanta rassegnazione e abbandono alla volontà di Dio, "questo servo buono e fedele alla missione" ci ha lasciato. Lo accompagniamo con le nostre preghiere e con il nostro riconoscente ricordo.

P. Gianfranco Maronese svd

Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2013 12:22:48 +0100
From: Padre Franco


vorrei annunciare che la celebrazione del funerale di P. Carmine Giacomuzzi si celebrerà martedì 12 febbraio 2013 alle ore 14.30 nella chiesa parrocchiale di Varone.

Allego pure un breve curriculum vitae del nostro confratello defunto.

P. Gianfranco Maronese svd

CURRICULUM di P. Carmine Giacomuzzi

P. Carmine Giacomuzzi è nato il 19 gennaio 1945 a Ziano di Fiemme, provincia di Trento, nel Nord Italia, da una famiglia ricca di grande umanità e fede cristiana. La sua fanciullezza l’ha trascorsa nell’ambiente sereno, laborioso e ricco di valori delle vallate trentine. Nel 1954 viene accolto a Varone nel seminario minore dove compie i primi studi. Emette i primi voti a Padova e i voti perpetui a Roma, dove svolge anche i suoi studi di teologia. Il 25 marzo 1973 viene ordinato sacerdote a Varone. Non trascorre nemmeno un anno, e lo troviamo già in Nuova Guinea, suo sogno e destinazione, come missionario. Il suo carattere bonario, capace di un incontro immediato con la gente, la sua attenzione e comprensione della situazione culturale e sociale, lo rende subito capace di un inserimento nella pastorale, amico di tutti, ricercato come punto di riferimento. Per questa missione, sempre fondata su una semplice ma essenziale spiritualità, ha dedicato gli anni della sua vita, dandosi totalmente, servendo i suoi “kanaki” dapprima a Giri, poi a Bogia e quindi a Megiar, sempre in Nuova Guinea, come parroco e poi come superiore del distretto. Prima venivano sempre le necessità dei suoi parrocchiani, poi le sue personali. Per questo anche la salute cominciò a soffrirne e dovette fare ritorno in Europa, dove si sottopose a cure intensive e necessarie, ma sempre con una grande nostalgia della sua gente.

Dagli anni 2004 in poi, consigliato di non ritornare nella sua missione in Papua Nuova Guinea, fu nominato Rettore e economo nella casa di Varone, dove prestò il suo generoso servizio a favore dei confratelli, ma specialmente si distinse per l’attenzione, disponibilità e la cura dei confratelli anziani e ammalati. Ma allo stesso tempo fu collaboratore pastorale nella parrocchia vicina di Cologna e Gavazzo, dove con zelo e bonomia, esercitò un ministero sacerdotale con semplicità e generosità, sempre illuminato dal suo sorriso che esprimeva ottimismo e sempre attento in modo speciale agli ammalati e alle persone sole. Ha lasciato un ricordo indelebile in queste comunità. Ma gradatamente i vari acciacchi, anche se mai messi in evidenza, si aggravarono e gli impedirono a poco a poco l’attività piena e lo costrinsero a letto, a percorrere un cammino di sofferenze e di immobilità. In questi anni mantenne sempre vivo uno spirito religioso e intensità di preghiera. Assistito dalle Suore, dai confratelli e dai familiari, visse gli ultimi mesi vedendo spegnersi le sue forze e preparandosi all’incontro con il Padre, che è avvenuto nella serata del 9 febbraio 2013. Ringraziamo Dio di averci donato un confratello veramente di spirito verbita, ricco di grande spiritualità e innamorato della missione. Dio lo ricompenserà certamente della sua generosa umanità nel servire specialmente i più deboli e ammalati.

P. G. M.


P. Jan Tra, SVD

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P. Peter O'Reilly, SVD

Photo SVD - Nemi, Italy, 27.X.1970

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Br. Hans <Thomas> Gorgs, SVD

Photo SVD

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Br. Thomas (Hans) Gorgs SVD (1921-2013)


P. Mariano Alcoriza, SVD

Photo: Villa Cristo Rey Community


The death has occurred of


of Donamon, Roscommon and originally from Dublin. At Portiuncula Hospital, Ballinasloe. Predeceased by his parents Thomas and Nora. He will be very sadly missed by his cousins especially Mrs Kay Bray and Mrs Annette Costello (Galway), the members of his community at Donamon Castle and all of the members of the Irish/British province, relatives and friends.

May he rest in peace.

  • Reposing at Donamon Castle on Wednesday from 5 o’c.
  • Mass of the Resurrection on Thursday at 12 o’c in the Divine Word Church, Donamon.
  • Burial afterwards in the Community Cemetery.

Date published: Tuesday, January 15, 2013
Date of death: Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Source: RIP.ie - End of Life Matters