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P. Jan van Roosmalen SVD

Photo Credit: Rond nr. 182 April 2011
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P. German Mehler SVD

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Pater German Mehler SVD


P. Gerard Mulholland, SVD

Date: Tue, Nov 25 @ 16:22

Dear Confreres & Friends,

It is with great sadness that I inform you of the passing of Fr. Gerard Mulholland. After being diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease some months ago, Gerard finally succumbed to the disease at 9.45am this morning, with Mary, his sister, Arturo Barrios and myself at his bedside.

I ask you to please remember Gerard & his family in your prayers. May he rest in peace.

In the Word-

Henry Adler SVD
Provincial AUS

Date: November 27, 2012 @ 16:15

Dear Confreres and Friends,

There will be a Memorial Mass on Friday, 28th November, 2014 for Fr Gerard Mulholland SVD. The Mass will be celebrated in A.J.Chapel, 199 Epping Road, Marsfield at 10.00am for close friends, staff and confreres who would like to be present.

Mass of Christian Burial for Reverend Father Gerard Patrick Mulholland SVD will be offered in St Mark’s Parish Church, 96 Lilac Street, Inala on Tuesday, 2nd December, 2014 commencing at 11.00am.

Light refreshments will be served at Inala after Mass.
The funeral cortege will then leave the church
for Nudgee Cemetery 493 St Vincents Road, Nudgee.

Let us keep Gerard and his family in our prayers at this sad time.

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Mons. Leonard J. Olivier, SVD

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Reverend Leonard J. Olivier, SVD Retired Auxiliary Bishop of Washington, DC

Requiescat in Pace, Bishop Olivier


Fr. Joseph Minh Công Nguyễn, SVD
03.IX.1958 – 14.XI.2014

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Come Unto Me And I Will Give You Rest
Hãy đến với Ta và Ta sẽ cho nghỉ ngơi bồi dưỡng

With great sadness I want to inform you that Fr. Joseph Minh passed away this afternoon at 3:40 pm, Friday, November 14, 2014 at Divine Word Residence, Techny/Chicago. His brothers have been with him during his final moments.

May Fr. Joseph Minh rest in peace. And please continue to keep his family in our prayers.

God bless,


Chúng con cậy vì danh Chúa nhân từ, xin cho linh hồn Giuse Nguyễn Công Minh, SVD sớm được hưởng nhan thánh Chúa.

Xin thông báo:

Dòng Ngôi Lời sẽ cung cấp chỗ nghỉ ngơi từ thứ Sáu, 21/11 tới thứ Bảy, 22/11 cho quí thân bằng quyến thuộc và bạn hữu từ xa đến tham dự Thánh Lễ An Táng cho cha Giuse Nguyễn Công Minh, SVD.

Quí cha đồng tế xin mang theo áo An-ba (Alb).

Mọi chi tiết xin liên lạc cha Đinh Đức Quang, SVD.

Xin tiếp tục cầu nguyện cho linh hồn linh mục Giuse Nguyễn Công Minh, SVD.

Quang, SVD


Fr. Cecilio Jayme, SVD

Dear Fr. Heinz;

Since Fr. Rocha is in Manila, he asked me to inform you that Fr. Cecilio Jayme, SVD has passed away at Perpetual Succor Hospital in Cebu City at 6:30am today - October 30, 2014. He was in the hospital in past weeks and was diagnosed with Bilatary Cancer. Last week he was discharged and stayed for a while at St. Michael Community in Talamban but two days ago he was rushed back to the hospital and doctors found out that his two kidneys are no longer functioning. Wake will be held at the USC Main Chapel while date for the funeral is still to be confirmed.

In the Divine Word,

Isagani Ehido, SVD

Fr. Cecilio Jayme was born in 1935 at Jimalalud, Negros Oriental. After finishing his elementary grades at his home town, he enrolled at St. Paul College in Dumaguete City where he graduated his high school in March 1958.

He entered the SVD novitiate at Christ the King Mission Seminary in Quezon City in June 1958 and made his first vows in 1960. After his philosophy course, he was sent to St. Augustine Seminary, at Bay St. Louis, Missouri for his theology. In 1965, he made his perpetual vows and was ordained priest in 1967.

When he came back to the Philippines, he was assigned to the SVD minor seminary in Cebu City as prefect of seminarians. In 1972, when Fr. lsidoro Kemerer returned to Argentina, he assumed his position as Director of the USC Boy's High School.

Sometime in 1974, he took up part-time study in business accounting with the idea to succeed Fr. Joseph Jaschik in the SVD's house procure. However, in 1976 when Fr. Robert Schmitz was suddenly called by Superior General Henry Heekeren to be the General Treasurer in Rome, Fr. Jayme was in a sense fast-tracked to take his place in 1977 as Vice President for Finance.

At that time, the USC administration was placed in difficulty due to personnel shortage because of the final implementation of the "Filipinization Law" as well as by the retirement of older foreign missionaries and lack of trained and experienced Filipino SVDs to take administrative positions.

It was no surprise that Fr. Jayme had found it difficult to fit immediately into the shoes of Fr. Schmitz taking an expanded financial responsibility. The on-going effort of Fr. Schmitz in building up academic chairs for certain academic programs was disrupted. Likewise, the close correspondence with European fund sources was practically stopped as Fr. Jayme did not know the German language by which most of the transactions with Europe were conducted. Fr. Joseph Baumgartner who took up all the correspondence with Rahmann's European benefactors gave some help, but not enough as he was also loaded with other responsibilities. While in Rome, Fr. Schmitz, for a while, gave him some necessary orientation on what to do with certain still pending projects.

Meanwhile, he had to be already involved in the preparation for the construction of the science building and dormitories in the Talamban campus which were in their first and final stages of planning respectively. In January 1979, the construction of the dormitories was started and was finished during the summer vacation. In 1980 under Father President Gregorio Pizarro, the construction of the science building was undertaken as well as the initial planning of the church and retreat house. Fr. Winand Klassen was then fully managing the on-going construction and the planning of the other structures. There was an over-spending in the construction of the science building because of the change made to locate the building on the slope side which needed a stronger foundation rather than on top of a leveled site. Fr. Jayme was faced with a cash crisis. He was forced to borrow money from restricted funds to meet due cash payments as the promised aid from Europe came slowly.

In May 1982 a new USC administrative team under Fr. Florante Camacho took over. Fr. Arthur Villanueva was appointed to replace Fr. Jayme as VP for Finance. Fr. Jayme opted to go to the SVD US Western Province. There he served in the mission parishes under the Diocese of Galveston, Texas, whose bishop at that time was an SVD member.

In the post-EDSA years, when Fr. Jayme returned to the Philippines, he was assigned to the Southern Philippine Province. In 1990 he was at the Divine Word University in Tacloban City. In 1994 when the Divine Word University had to close its operation due to the final break between the University administration and the Faculty and Employees' Union, he was the Rector of the SVD community there. After the decision to close the University was made final in 1995, he was transferred to the SVD Formation Centre in Cebu City.

He became Rector of the SVD community at the centre. By this time he had already symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis, although he could still move around and play a little bit his favourite game of basketball. Then, he was chaplain and confessor the Holy Spirit Sisters of Perpetual Adoration in Banilad, Mandaue City till about 2000. His RA became serious to the point that he had to be operated in both knees. Recuperating from this operation for a long time with his mobility restricted he remained at the centre. He finally decided to retire in 2004 to his home in Jimalalud, Negros Oriental although he is listed as member of the SVD community of the St. Michael SVD Residence in the USC Talamban campus.


Fra. Joaquim José <Josephus> Queiroz SVD

Photo SVD: Nemi, Italy, 11.V.1973

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P. Paul Remmel SVD

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Pater Paul Remmel SVD (1919 – 2014)


P. William Caffrey SVD

Fr. William Caffrey was born on March 2, 1929 in New York City. He attended Cathedral High School, NY and Divine Word Seminary, Bordentown, New Jersey. He did his novitiate in Conesus, NY and his college studies at Divine Word College, Epworth, Iowa and theological studies at Techny, Illinois.

Photo SVD
October 10, 2003

He was ordained on Easter Sunday, March 29, 1959 at Divine Word Chapel in Techny, Illinois. After ordination he was sent to study for a master's degree in Sociology at Catholic University, Washington, DC. After his graduate studies at Catholic University, he was appointed associate pastor at Sacred Heart Parish in Greenville, Mississippi.

From Mississippi, his superiors appointed him Prefect of Students at Divine Word Seminary, Riverside, California. He taught at the SVD seminary and Notre Dame High School, Riverside. He was Prefect of students from 1962-68 and Rector of the SVD seminary from 1968-73.

From Riverside he was appointed pastor at St. John the Evangelist, Los Angeles 1973-1982. During this time, he became Chaplain of the L.A.P.D. while being involved in the Neo-Catechumenate Communities on the West Coast. In 1982, Father Bill was appointed Mission Director for the SVD Western Province. In 1987 he was appointed principal of Paraclete High School, Lancaster, CA.

After 12 years at Paraclete High School in Lancaster, he chose to move on to another experience in his life. He returned to Riverside. He was appointed Rector of the Divine Word Community and Retreat Center in Riverside. Along with a very busy job as Rector, Fr. Bill did hospital ministry at St. Jude Fullerton and helped in supply ministries in parishes around the area.

On March 29, 2009, Fr. Bill celebrated his golden jubilee of priesthood ordination. He wrote: "The anniversary celebration of any priest is a celebration of the priesthood of the people of God. Very often, we priests receive the praise and glory that comes with this celebration but this is a celebration of the priesthood of each of you. I am a priest today because of the many thousands of young and old that has touched my life over these 50 years. You have formed me into the priest that Christ has called me to be."

On his golden jubilee card that he distributed out to all his friends, he quoted the words of his own mother Mary Caffrey on the day of his priesthood ordination.

" I offer you, my son Bill, through Jesus and Mary, to the Eternal Triune God, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost."

September 13, 2014 – fifty five years of priestly service came to a peaceful close for Father William Caffrey. All those years was brilliantly spent preaching the joy of the gospel be it in Illinois, Mississippi, California and points beyond. His love for Jesus touched the hearts of everyone he met. He knew who Christ was in his life and he wanted all men and women, young and old – to experience this love of the Heart of Jesus.

A good priest, a man of deep prayer and profound spirituality, a faithful servant. He was well loved.

All throughout his life, Father Bill radiated joy for everyone… a true priest after the heart of God down to the very end. We will miss him.

Among his files, he kept several copies of the prayer of Archbishop Oscar Romero – the prayer that shaped Father Bill's life and ministry. He quoted it in many of his homilies to the community at Riverside.

"It helps, now and then, to step back, and take the long view. The kingdom is not only beyond our efforts, it is even beyond our vision. We accomplish in our lifetime only a tiny fraction of the magnificent enterprise that is the Lord's work. Nothing we do is complete, which is another way of saying that the kingdom always lies beyond us. No statement says it all that should be said. No prayer fully expresses our faith. No confession brings perfection, no pastoral visit brings wholeness. No program accomplishes the church's mission. No set of goals and objectives includes everything.

That is what we are all about. We plant sees that one day will grow. We water seeds already planted, knowing that they hold future promise. We lay foundations that will need further development. We provide yeast that produces effects far beyond our capabilities.

We cannot do everything and there is a sense of liberation in realizing that. This enables us to do something and to do it very well. It may be incomplete, but it is the difference between the master builder and the worker.

We are workers, not master builders, ministers, not messiahs. We are prophets of a future that is not our own…"

Bill, our brother in the Lord – until we meet again. Enjoy now the place God has prepared for you. He loves you forever. Have a peaceful rest.

In lieu of flowers, please send a contribution to the Divine Word Retirement Center, 11316 Cypress Avenue, Riverside, California 92505. Thank you for your kindness to the Divine Word Missionaries.

Father Pons Ramos, SVD Divine Word Center, Riverside, CA Triumph of the Cross, Sept. 14, 2014

+ + +

There are two Viewings and Wake Services planned by the SVD community for Father Caffrey:

  • Monday, September 22nd 5-8 p.m. St. John the Evangelist, 6028 Victoria Ave., Los Angeles, CA and
  • Tuesday, September 23rd 4-8 p.m. Divine Word Residence, 11316 Cypress Ave., Riverside, CA.

The funeral liturgy for Fr. Bill Caffrey will be at St. Thomas the Apostle Church, 3774 Jackson Street, Riverside on Wednesday, September 24, 2014. He will be laid to rest at Crestlawn Cemetery-Riverside, close to our Divine Word Center.

Source:: In Memory of Fr William J. Caffrey SVD @ DignityMemorial.com
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Fr. Victor Stephen Stevko SVD

P. Viktor Števko SVD

Dear Confreres & Friends,

Just before 5.00pm (Sydney time) Fr Victor Stevko passed away peacefully at Yallambi Nursing Home.

Br John Alting SVD was with Victor when he passed away, and other SVDs have accompanied Victor in the last few days of his earthly journey.

We keep Victor and his family in our prayers. We pray that God will support and comfort them.

We are planning Victor’s funeral for 10.30am Wednesday, 10th September, 2014 in the A.J. Chapel in Marsfield.

I will keep you all informed as more details come to hand.

In the Word

Dear Confreres,

The full death notice and funeral arrangements will be published in the Sydney Morning Herald on Tuesday morning, 9th Sept but here are the details of our farewell for Victor Stevko SVD:

A Vigil Mass for Fr Victor Stephen Stevko SVD
will be celebrated at
The Slovak Catholic Church
of Sts Cyril and Methodius
30 Vaughan Street, Lidcombe
on Tuesday, 9th September, 2014
commencing at 7.00pm

Mass of Christian Burial for Reverend Father Victor
Stephen Stevko SVD will be offered in Arnold Janssen Chapel,
199 Epping Road on Wednesday, 10th September, 2014
commencing at 10.30am

The funeral will leave the
chapel at the conclusion of the Mass for Macquarie
Park Cemetery, corner Delhi and Plassey Roads,
North Ryde.

Henry Adler SVD
AUS Provincial

Divine Word Missionaries
Locked Bag 3, Epping NSW 1710
Ph: 02 9868 2666 Fax: 02 9869 1132

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P. Bernardus Bala Ile SVD

Photo - Indonesia - Ruteng 1999
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Fr. John Niessen SVD

Father John Niessen was born in Beesel, Holland (Netherlands) on June 26, 1924. He was the second of five children of William and Maria Niessen. Two brothers, William and Louie and two sisters, Mary and Ann live in Holland. Mary is a nun (Sister Imaria Niessen, SSpS) of the Holy Spirit Missionary Order.

Father John professed vows in 1945 and was ordained on August 19, 1951 at St. Francis Xavier in Teteringen, Holland. After ordination he spent a year in Siegburg, West Germany (near Bonn) doing some more theological studies. Returning to Holland, for the next 11 years Father John was assigned to Deurne as a teacher and in the meantime pursued his advanced studies for a degree in Sociology. Between 1963-65 he joined the SVD staff of the Mission Center in Soesterberg "Contact between the continents" In 1965, the Center sent John Niessen for study, orientation and work in social research in Columbia. After a stint in Columbia, John Niessen attended school in pastoral theology in Quito, Ecuador sponsored by the Latin American Bishops Conference.

Photo Credit:
Diocese of
San Bernadino

After his experience in Latin America, he asked for a transfer and assignment in Mexico. After a brief stint in Mexico, he came to California and helped out in St. Raphael Parish in Goleta, Our Lady of Guadalupe in Santa Barbara and Sacred Heart Parish in Pomona.

In 1978, the Superior General assigned John to the USA Western Province. John worked tirelessly in St. Anthony Parish, San Bernardino and at St. Joan of Arc Parish in Blythe, California. In retirement, he was an avid reader, kept up with current events and the many happenings in the Church. A faithful subscriber to the Tablet of London, America Magazine, Commonweal and many other prestigious publications. He reads them with "gusto" and a very good conversationalist till the very end of his life. He did a lot of supply work in many parishes in the Diocese of San Bernardino. In all his parish assignments, he was well loved. People talked about his gentleness and his deep spirituality – a holy man. John was a man of deep prayer - who recognized in his own life that all is God's grace.

On Wednesday, August 20, 2014 at 4: p.m. to 8:00 p.m. there will be a Viewing and Rosary at the Divine Word Residence, Riverside. Bishop Gerald Barnes of the Diocese of San Bernardino will be the main celebrant for the Funeral Mass on Thursday, 1:00 p.m. August 21, 2014 at Queen of Angels Church, Riverside. Father Provincial Soney Sebastian will conduct the burial service at Crestlawn Memorial Park, La Sierra Ave., Riverside after the Funeral Mass. The SVD community invites everyone for a reception at Divine Word Residence immediately following the burial service.

Rest well John. May many angels take you to your rest. We, your SVD confreres will miss your loving presence among us. Enjoy now the face of our God, whom you served so lovingly and so well.

Source: The Press Enterprise Obituaries :: Fr. John Niessen
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Br. Herbert <Vinzenz> Reiter SVD

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Photo SVD - Nemi, Italy, 06.VII.1969


Fr. Pirmin SVD <Joseph Richard> HAAG
28.IX.1938 21.VII.2014

Le Fr. Pirmin est né le 28/9/38 à Bebelsheim en Allemagne. Si, à partir de la maison familiale il regardait par la fenêtre, il pouvait voir la France. En 1952, après avoir terminé l'école primaire de 8 ans, il apprit le métier de tourneur.

Le 1/2/58, il entra comme postulant à St. Wendel, pour devenir missionnaire. Pour tester sa vocation, ses supérieurs l'envoyèrent d'abord dans la cuisine. Après son noviciat (8/9/58 - 8/9/60), il émit les premiers vœux et six ans plus tard, les vœux perpétuels. Etant sarrois et appartenant ainsi après la Deuxième Guerre Mondiale à la France, il avait appris le français depuis l'école primaire. Ainsi, il était prédestiné pour la Mission au Congo, où il arriva le 22/10/66 avec son ami de promotion, Fr. Georges Eifler.

Mais avant, il avait fait la maîtrise dans son métier et avait perfectionné son français à Lyon. Là il travaillait en même temps dans un garage, où il apprit encore la mécanique et les termes techniques pour ce métier.

See Also:

Il fut affecté à Kalonda et ensuite à Kenge, où il dirigeait un petit garage. Mais son premier travail était de construire avec le P. Ekkelboom, l'initiateur du fameux "chemin de Ekkelboom" entre Kenge et Kalonda, un pont sur la Konzi. Plus tard, les constructeurs de la "Route Nationale 1" ont suivi le chemin que le P. Ekkelboom avait tracé.

Sur son séjour à Kenge, le Fr. Pirmin disait: "Après mon baptême à la Konzi, les supérieurs m'ont confié le garage de Kenge. Ce n'était pas facile. Les militaires de Kenge venaient avec tous leurs problèmes techniques possibles ou aussi impossibles." Ainsi, le Fr. Pirmin était content, si les confrères l'appelaient à partir de leurs missions pour réparer leurs diverses pannes. Ces voyages de secours dans tout le diocèse de Kenge devenaient l'occupation préférée du frère: réparer des véhicules, des moteurs, des groupes électrogènes, des pompes, des bacs, diverses machines, etc. Il aidait ainsi aussi les Sœurs, les hôpitaux et d'autres.

Deux "éléments" étaient d'une grande utilité pour lui, pour se débrouiller et pour trouver une solution à tous les problèmes techniques selon l'"article 15". C'était son poste de soudure qui l'accompagnait toujours et son habilité de tourneur, pour fabriquer des pièces de rechange.

En 1970, le Fr. Pirmin fut de nouveau affecté à Kalonda, où ensemble avec le Fr. Baptiste, s'occupait du garage, mais préparait surtout le matériel pour ses tournées en "brousse".

En 1972, pendant la période de l'authenticité, Mobutu avait interdit les signes/symboles religieux en public. A cette époque, le Fr. Pirmin construisit un clocher métallique à côté de l'église Nto-Luzingu à Bandundu. En haut de la construction, il fixa une grand croix très solide et dit au curé P. Gessler: "Je pense que personne n'auras l'audace d'enlever cette croix." Quand le clocher avec cette croix fut inauguré un Vendredi Saint, la population applaudissait longuement.

En 1978, une nouvelle époque commença dans la vie du Fr. Pirmin. Le diocèse de Kenge avait cédé (vendu) le petit Séminaire de Kalonda à la CEPKIN, pour devenir grand Séminaire de philosophie pour les 5 diocèses de la province de Bandundu (Idiofa, Inongo, Kenge, Kikwit, Popokabaka). La SVD aussi céda sa partie et devait s'installer ailleurs. Le Fr. Pirmin avait parcouru la région pour trouver un emplacement convenable. Son idée: trouver une possibilité d'installer une turbine, pour produire notre propre courant. Près du village Ngondi, il trouva un endroit qui n'était pas tout à fait idéal, mais qui donna quand même la possibilité de produire une grande partie du courant dont on aura besoin. N'étant pas du tout spécialiste en électricité, le Fr. Pirmin s'y mettait pour étudier ce projet, il le réalisa et l'acheva le 29/11/84. Depuis lors, la turbine tourne et ne fournit pas seulement le courant de nuit, comme le frère avait promis en proposant son projet au conseil provincial, mais souvent aussi pour faire marcher toutes les machines qui fonctionnent à Ngondi. Cette installation était amortie après 10 ans et fêtera cette année son 30-ème anniversaire. Les pannes qui ne manquaient pas ont toujours pu être réparée, la dernière juste avant sa mort.

Le Fr. Pirmin avait construit, avec le Fr. Baptiste d'abord le grand garage, dans lequel il a travaillé pendant presque 35 ans. Déjà, le 8/9/81, la communauté de Ngondi était entrée dans la modeste habitation qu'ils avaient construite. Le Fr. Pirmin a choisi pour lui la plus petite chambre. Même quand d'autres chambres plus vastes et plus confortables étaient disponibles, il refusait de quitter "sa" chambre, où il est resté jusqu'à sa mort et dans la quelle il est décédé.

Déjà en 1981, le Fr. Baptiste avait été muté pour Katende, où il avait accepté de diriger les travaux de la construction du nouveau petit séminaire. Le Fr. Pirmin était resté le seul responsable du garage. Il devait nécessairement limiter ses "sorties en brousse", mais restait toujours disponible pour aider en cas de besoin.

Cela fut surtout le cas pour la nouvelle Mission que la SVD avait acceptée en 1982 dans le diocèse de Kole. Pendant des années, le Fr. Pirmin s'y rendait chaque année, d'abord pour aider les confrères à s'installer convenablement à Dekese, mais aussi après pour dépanner les confrères, et aussi les Sœurs. Le voyage seul durait chaque fois au moins 6 jours avec tous les imprévus sur la route et surtout devant les bacs avec leurs caprices. Le Fr. Pirmin a laissé à Dekese plusieurs beaux souvenirs, surtout les 2 églises à Bolonga et Itunga tout près de Dekese qu'il a construites avec d'anciens tuyaux qui traînaient sur place.

A Ngondi même, le Fr. Pirmin aidait beaucoup de gens. Tous les chauffeurs qui faisaient la route Kinshasa - Kikwit, connaissaient Ngondi, où ils étaient sûrs de trouver une solution pour leurs pannes et leurs problèmes techniques. Il aidait les abbés et les autres congrégations religieuses. Il aidait la population, ne fût-ce que pour fabriquer des brouettes, souder leurs marmites, réparer les fers à repasser, leurs houes, même pour fabriquer des berceaux. Il donnait une attention spéciale aux nombreux stagiaires qui venaient chez lui, pour leur assurer une bonne formation.

Récemment le Fr. Pirmin a contribué à la construction du complexe scolaire St Joseph entre Ngondi et Masamuna. Il a construit tout un carrousel pour les enfants de la maternelle et fabriqué beaucoup de jouets.

Le jour de son enterrement, les témoignages étaient multiples et émouvants. Tous lui attestaient qu'il était un religieux modèle qui pratiquait la devise de St. Benoît "ora et labora". Sa vie était une vie de prière et de travail. Il ne se gênait pas de se salir les mains en travaillant toute la journée au garage. Son esprit de obéissance était exemplaire, tout comme il accomplissait minutieusement les exigences des vœux de chasteté et de pauvreté. Malgré sa rigueur, il était gentil, accueillant et toujours disposé à aider. Il savait prodiguer de bons conseils. Pendant leurs témoignages plusieurs confrères ont qualifié le Fr. Pirmin comme exemple. Espérons qu'il attire beaucoup de confrères à le suivre sur son chemin de simplicité qui ne revendique rien, de prière et de travail!

Il était un exemple vivant qui montre que sans avoir fait de grandes études, on peut réaliser de belles choses. Avec sa formation de l'école primaire de 8 ans, 3 ans d'apprentissage de son métier de tourneur et moins d'une année de préparation de sa maîtrise, il a fait des merveilles, même hors de son domaine. Il a appris la mécanique-auto à Lyon pendant son année d'apprentissage de langue. Il a installé et entretenu la turbine, sans avoir appris l'électricité à l'école. Il a appris tout cela par son propre intérêt et ses propres efforts.

Il est le type du frère SVD traditionnel. Pour se sentir utile et pour être content, voire fier de sa vocation de frère, il n'avait pas besoin d'autres études supplémentaires. Avec son ami, le Fr. Georges, il disait souvent: "Il vaut mieux être un frère à part entière qu'un demi-prêtre."

Le Fr. Pirmin est mort à l'âge de 75 ans le 21/7/14, après une courte maladie de 4 jours. Il est mort là où il a passé une grande partie de sa vie: à Ngondi dans sa petite chambre. Il a été enterré au cimetière de Ngondi qu'il visitait chaque jour et où il avait, peut-être discrètement, déjà choisi sa place. Il est mort au moment, où ses 3 sœurs l'attendaient pour son congé bien mérité; une lourde épreuve pour sa famille. Que le Seigneur le récompense abondamment pour tout le bien qu'il a fait, surtout au Congo, et lui accorde la vie éternelle!

Hugo Tewes

Familie Haag * Hauptstr. 38 * D-66399 Mandelbachtal-Bebelsheim



Fr. John Regalado SVD


Br. Josef <Simon> Sayer SVD

Photo Steyler Missionare

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P. František Sirovič SVD

Photo Missionári Verbisti na Slovensku
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P. Zacharias Belita SVD

Photo Indonesia Ruteng - Undated


P. Gyula Markó SVD

Photo: Isteni Ige Társasága
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P. Mathew Pullukatt SVD

“As a shepherd tends his flock when he finds himself among his scattered sheep, so will I tend my sheep.”
Ezekiel 34:12

A shock wave and a pall of gloom spread over the whole of the INE Province, and subsequently over all the religious communities, on hearing the news of the sudden demise of Fr. Mathew Pullukatt SVD in Bangalore. He was on his way home to Kerala for vacation after a short sojourn in Bangalore to meet his relatives. On reaching Bangalore, he began to feel a certain amount of discomfort that persisted for quite some time. On the ill fated day, he collapsed in the bathroom and was immediately rushed to the hospital. But, the end came on the way itself. It was medically certified that it was a massive cardio respiratory arrest that claimed his life at 11.00 a.m. on Sunday, 22 June 2014.

Fr. Mathew Pullukatt was born on September 01, 1939 to Mr. Kuriakose and Mrs. Elizabeth in Erumely village of Kottayam District, Kerala. He was baptized on September 07, 1939 in Erumely parish of Archdiocese of Changanacherry. He hails from a large family of six brothers and three sisters of whom three are priests and one is religious sister, which goes to indicate their piety and devotion in the Christian living. His entire education from 1944 to 1957 was in St. Thomas High School, Erumely. He passed matric in 1957. About his vocation, he has this to say, “During the school days, I could read some catholic books, especially about the missionaries in North India. I decided to become a missionary… I studied how to serve mass, taught by our parish Priest. My brothers who were studying for priesthood made a deep impression on me… In the mean time, Fr. Prefect came to our Bishop’s palace to welcome new candidates to the Society. I visited him and he welcomed me to the Society.”

He joined Palda in 1957 and during the three years of Juniorate passed his Inter Arts. Then followed the two years of Novitiate in Khurda from 1960 to 1962, at the end of which he made his First Profession on May 31, 1962. After the Novitiate, he proceeded to Pune for Philosophy for two years. During the Regency, he did his graduation in Bargarh and Sambalpur. Back to Pune again in 1966, for Theological studies. During these four years, he made his Final Profession on May 30, 1968 and was ordained a priest on October 24, 1969.

His life goal to become a missionary in North India was materialized when he arrived in Sambalpur mission on May 30, 1970. After a few assignments as an assistant Parish Priest in Madhupur, Bargarh, Hamirpur and Gomardih, he was found to be mature enough to take up the job of a Parish Priest in a number of parishes like Bagdehi, Telendih, Sundargarh, Rajgangpur, Gaibira and then a few short term temporary assignments. The last assignment was to the Retreat Centre at Katapali, Jharsuguda from where he was on a journey for home holidays to Kerala.

Fr. Mathew Pullukatt, from his earliest days as a young priest was pastorally oriented, and all his efforts were centered around the spiritual and the day to day well being of the people entrusted to his care. All of his priestly life, he spent as a pastor, tending to his flock with love, concern and diligence. Wherever he went, he was well accepted and appreciated. For the sheep recognized their shepherd.

Fr. Mathew’s realm of work was not only restricted to the sheep of faithful believers but he also reached out to the other sheep who did not belong to his fold (the non-Christian brethren). To prove this point – if there was a government school in the vicinity of the parish where he was working, he made it a point to associate frequently with the headmaster and the staff of the school, and whenever possible and time permitting, he taught the children the rudiments of the English language at the primary level. This was his way of breaking the ice and eradicating any misconception quite prevalent in the area. This was his novel way of dialogue in action – evangelization.

Working ceaselessly, tending to his flock, and with the passage of time, old age caught up with him. In spite of certain physical disabilities which crop up with old age Fr. Mathew like an Eveready Battery, was most willing to oblige with the supply work irrespective of distances and difficulties in commuting to reach the appointed place, more important – for him was to attend the Lord’s sheep after the manner of his Good Shepherd.

In his last assignment, he was appointed to assist in the development of the Retreat Centre, Katapali, a completely new place. With his flair for communication, and interacting with the people he frequently visited their homes. He befriended the poor living nearby. He helped their school going children by supplying them with stationery. Furthermore, in collaboration with the doctors and the staff of St. Mary’s Hospital, Jharsuguda, he conducted medical camps which were appreciated by the poor. The non-Christian brethren observing his motives to be pure and genuine, all their fear and apprehension gone, they received him with open arms. He was welcomed to their homes.

As the saying goes – No two persons, even from the same common stock, are the same. This is applicable to Fr. Mathew and his elder brother Fr. George. Fr. Mathew deeply loved his elder brother and had shown tremendous love, interest and concern for his health and welfare. Fr. Mathew made it a point to visit his physically incapacitated brother at frequent intervals.

Suddenly and swiftly came the call,
His sudden death surprised us all.

Well-done good and faithful servant,
Come, share your master’s joy.

In the Lord’s own house shall I dwell,
All the days of my life.



P. Augustine Rodrigues SVD

Photo SVD - Nemi 14.VI.2008

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P. Joachim Mika SVD

Photo: Dom Misyjny Księży Werbistów w Górnej Grupie


P. Miguel Roig Novell SVD

Nace en Palma de Mallorca, (Islas Baleares) España, el 30 de diciembre de 1940, hijo mayor de Antonio y Antonia; tuvo dos hermanas y un hermano. Fue bautizado con tres días, el 2 de enero de 1941 y confirmado con tres meses, el 7 de marzo de 1941. En octubre de 1960 se gradúa como Profesor Mercantil y el día 24 llega a Estella para un año de postulantado en nuestra Congregación, que había conocido a través del Hno. Alberto, José Ángel Bonín, de la misma isla. Después de los dos años de noviciado, emitió los primeros votos el 8 de septiembre de 1963. Con su primer destino misional para la Provincia de España, recibió la ordenación el 28 de septiembre del 1969. Dedica un año a la formación pedagógica en Madrid, colaborando con los Hermanos de La Salle, que hasta hoy guardan como muy gratos sus recuerdos. Los siguientes años los pasa en Estella dedicados íntegramente a la formación humana, cristiana y religiosa del grupo de seminaristas, para quienes Miguel fue, en palabras de uno de aquellos discípulos: “un auténtico padre, con corazón de madre”

Photo SVD 1994

Después de participar en el curso de renovación en Nemi, en 1979 recibe el traslado a Colombia por dos años, pero pocos meses después se irá a Ecuador, para trabajar, en la pastoral indígena, seguramente sus mejores años. Además del recuerdo emocionado de quienes siguen recordándolo, no como P. Miguel, sino como “Miguelito” contó con el aprecio de los laicos y sacerdotes que integraban la “Coordinadora”, grupo de personas preocupadas por mejorar las condiciones de vida de los indígenas de aquella zona.

En 1987 se le encargó la formación de los seminaristas en Bogotá, con quienes estuvo hasta su elección como Superior Provincial a finales del 1989. Durante los seis años de su provincialato, con la construcción del Centro Bíblico de Quito, se dio el gran impulso a la pastoral bíblica, que hasta hoy día se sigue realizando en Ecuador.

Al concluir su servicio como Superior Provincial siguió colaborando en las dos administraciones siguientes, en las cuales realizó labores tanto de secretario a medio tiempo, como las de un superior delegatus, gestionando la documentación para los nuevos misioneros. También fue un miembro muy querido y apreciado de la Comisión Ecuménica de la Conferencia Episcopal Ecuatoriana; al mismo tiempo colaboraba con el Centro Bíblico Misionero como traductor de artículos.

En Mayo de 2008 regresa a España con algunos síntomas de la enfermedad de Alzheimer, que se van agravando progresivamente. Complicada su situación también con efectos de Parkinson, pasó 4 años en la pequeña comunidad de Zamora hasta que sus cuidados exigieron el ingreso en un centro especializado en la atención de personas mayores donde, después de 6 meses padeciendo serías dificultades, esta mañana ha entregado su alma al Creador de la Vida.


P. Luke Valiaparambil SVD

Fr. Luke Valiaparambil, SVD (1954-2014)

Fr. Luke was born on 9th January 1954 to Anthony and Mariam at Chengalam, Changanacherry, having two brothers and five sisters. He passed matric in 1970 and was recruited to the Society of the Divine Word by Fr. Joseph Madathany,SVD who had to say this about Luke, “ Recruited after SSLC; Coming from a rather middle class family from Chengalam, very simple and hard working. Above average in studies.” After spending two years in St. John’s Mission Seminary, Chenganacherry he went to Palda for another two years of Juniorate. He made one year of Novitiate in 1974-75 and another year of Novitiate in Poona after which he made his first Profession on 12th June, 1976. After his Philosophical and Theological studies, with a year of Regency interspersed, he was ordained a Priest on 10th May 1984.

His first appointment in the diocese of Rourkela was to Kesramal Parish as an assistant Parish Priest. The following year he was transferred to Sambalpur diocese as an assistant Parish Priest in Majhapara. After three years he was transferred to Jharsuguda Parish, first as an assistant and then as the Parish Priest. Having observed his prowess in administration and his ability for hard work, after a space of three years as a Parish Priest, he was appointed to the administrative job as the Rector of Shanti Bhavan Community, Jharsuguda in 1993. As the next administration of the Province was full of admiration for his services to the Provincial House, he was reappointed to the job for a second term as Rector. Even though the job as a Rector demanded all his time and energy, he was seen as capable of taking up still another job as the Spiritual Director of Asha Niketan, Jharusuguda- the Novitiate of the Handmaids of Mary.

In his appointment letter dated 26th July, 1996 the Provincial Superior has this to Say, “…you may offer your kind services to Asha Niketan as per your availability and limitations, due to your prior commitments at Shanti Bhavan. I thank you sincerely for accepting this additional responsibility and for your willingness to participate in the formation of the Novices of the Handmaids of Mary.” Fr. Luke was destined to rise up still higher because of his knack of making a success of whatever he undertook. Divine Word Seminary, Pune was looking for a capable person for the post of a procurator. The eyes of the education board of the Society fell on Fr. Luke.

Therefore he was moved to Pune in 1999 and did a marvelous job for six years there. On the expiry of two terms he returned to the Province in 2005 and was appointed the treasurer of Vidya Jyoti Mission Seminary, Lungai. At the end of the term he was appointed the Parish Priest, Catholic Church Puri. While being here he had the good fortune to celebrate his Sacerdotal Silver Jubilee in 2009.

In the meantime he began to feel uneasy with his health with various types of symptoms for which he took medical advice regularly. Even then his condition began to deteriorate. Taken to the Holy Spirit Hospital, Mumbai it was diagnosed that he was suffering from cancer. He had to undergo surgery and other necessary treatment. As the condition was not improving, he took recourse to unconventional treatment in Kerala. There too it did not prove to be of much help.

His whole life-task can be summed up in the words of the Provincial Superior in the year 1998, “ I just can’t find adequate words to express to you the Province’s and my own sincere appreciation for the remarkable work that you have put in to attend to the needs of the confreres coming to Shanti Bhavan during the course of the year, especially during the final celebration of the Jubilee, you took upon yourself the strain and pressure of attending to every little chore of the physical arrangements accommodating every little request of the confreres. All confreres have appreciated your selfless service and total dedication to the job. And on their behalf I want to express to you the Province’s deep appreciation of your wonderful person. Kindly accept my sincere thanks for your invaluable contribution given so generously and joyfully. MAY GOD BLESS YOU.”

After a prolonged suffering in patience, always with a smile and trusting in God, he breathed his last at 03.20 a.m. on 30th May, 2014 in the Mercy Hospital at Chengalam, Kerala. Fr. Luke was laid to rest at St. John’s Mission Seminary, Chenganacherry on 31st May, 2014.



P. Paul Kwaku Agbeyome SVD

Photo: Michael Heinz SVD - Togo, Lome, 2005


Br. Konrad <Gebhardus> Lässer SVD

Photo SVD - Rome, Italy, 23.V.1973

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O. Józef Pieczykolan SVD

Photo: Zgromadzenie Słowa Bożego
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Hno. Cléber Alexandre Oliveira SVD

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"Yo soy la resurrección y la vida.
El que cree en mí, aunque muera, vivirá."
Juan 11,25


Celebrarán el viernes 9 de mayo a horas 19.00
en la Parroquia Inmaculada Concepción de Laja (Diócesis de El Alto)

Hno. Cléber Alexandre Oliveira, SVD
08.V.2014 - La Paz, Bolivia (BOL)

Será velado en la Iglesia parroquial.
Agradecemos la asistencia y oración.

Al día siguiente, se celebrará, el sábado 10 de mayo, a horas 10.00
en la Parroquia Inmaculada Concepción de Laja (Diócesis de El Alto)


Agradecemos profundamente por acompañarnos,
como así también invitamos a orar por sus familiares.


Br. Günter Golkowski SVD

Photo SVD - Nemi, Italy, 06.VII.1969

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P. Gabriel Dasi SVD

Photo SVD - Undated


Fra. Gerald <Cyril> Schroeder SVD

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It is with great sadness that we inform you that Brother Cyril Schroeder, SVD (Techny) passed away peacefully at the Techny Residence at 7:45 pm, Tuesday, April 15, 2014 at the age of 101.

Pie in Domino defunctus est

+ 15.IV.2014 [Techny] (USC)
Cyril Schroeder, SVD
13 31 33 39 **

Requiescat in Pace

Funeral Arrangements

Monday, April 21, 2014 - Divine Word Residence Chapel

3:00 p.m. Visitation
5:15 p.m. Office of the Dead
7:00 p.m. Wake Service

Tuesday, April 22, 2014 - Divine Word Residence Chapel

10:30 a.m. Mass of the Resurrection

Burial after Mass at Saint Mary’s Cemetery

Lunch will be served after the burial at Divine Word Residence


Br. Dominikus Minggu SVD

Photo Indonesia, Ende, 1992


Bro. Dennis Newton SVD
07.XII.1951 – 05.IV.2014

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Come Unto Me And I Will Give You Rest

Bro. Dennis Newton SVD passed away on Saturday, April 5, at about 4:30 p.m. surrounded by family, friends, and fellow Divine Word Missionaries. He fell ill on Thursday afternoon with a blood clot in his lungs, that in turn affected his heart functioning. He never regained consciousness and died peacefully on Saturday. Bro. Dennis was sixty-two years old. He professed first vows as a brother in 1977 and was national mission director since 2002. Previously, Bro. Dennis served as vice-provincial, national vocation director, and in other administrative positions.

Funeral arrangements are:

Wake Service for Brother Dennis Newton SVD

Friday, April 11, 2014 7:00 p.m. Techny Towers 2001 Waukegan Road Northbrook, IL 60062

Funeral Mass for Brother Dennis Newton SVD

Saturday, April 12, 2014 11:00 a.m. Techny Towers 2001 Waukegan Road Northbrook, IL 60062

In lieu of flowers you can send your gift to Divine Word Missionaries who will forward it on to his favorite charities. [Send your gift now >>]

Source: Divine Word Missionaries


Fr. John Shevlin SVD

Photo SVD - Nemi, Italy, 03.XII.1968

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Fr. Franz Xaver Haberstroh SVD

Photo Credit: Offizielle Homepage der Piusbruderschaft
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Fr. Harry Janissen SVD

Photo SVD - Rome, Italy, 04.XI.1965

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Fr. Juan Fischer SVD

Photo SVD - Rome, Italy, 20.VII.1967

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Fr. John McSherry SVD

Photo SVD - Nemi, Italy, 03.XII.1968

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Bro. Cristophorus <Tarcisius> de Ruyter SVD

Photo Credit: Orthopedic Training Centre - Ghana

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Fr. Federico Mayer SVD

Photo SVD - Nemi, Italy, 28.I.1970

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Subject: The Demise of Fr. Shaju Maliakkal, SVD
From: Felix Oliveira
Date: Friday, January 10, 2014 @ 07:37

Fr. Shaju Maliakkal SVD

“Well done good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little, I will set you over much; enter into the joy of your master.” (Mt. 25:21)

Fr. Shaju Devassy Maliakkal was born on 25 August 1969 at Bhandup, Mumbai to Mr. M.A. Devassy and Mrs. Mary Devassy who hail from Irinjalakuda, Trichur District in Kerala. He was the only son of the two siblings in the family. He completed his school and college studies in Mumbai. After finishing his studies in computer mechanics, he started a computer aided Graphic Consultancy Office in Mumbai. After working for eight years he was back to Kerala where he underwent a process of discernment which was a turning point in his life. He heeded the call of the Lord and decided to commit his life for the mission of the Lord.

He joined the Society of the Divine Word in 1999 at St. John’s Mission Seminary Changanacherry, Kerala. He entered the novitiate at Khurda in June 2000 and pronounced his first vows on 6th June 2001. Later, he completed his philosophical studies at SVD Vidhya Bhavan, Bhopal. His zeal for the Mission inspired him to opt for Christo Jyoti Mohavidyaloyo, Sason for his theological studies. He made his final vows on 1st January 2006 and was ordained deacon on 30th April, 2006. He was ordained a priest on 5th May 2007 at Bishop’s House, Thrissur.

He chose India East Province for his missionary life. As a young and energetic Priest he was first assigned to Ishopanthi Ashram Puri as the Assistant Director and Treasurer. His keen interest in ecumenism and inter-religious dialogue made him an easily approachable person. He could freely mix and interact with people of all categories be it rich or poor. He cared for every little one in the leprosy colony and Beatrix School in Puri in all the ways possible. He proved his ability as an efficient finance manager at Ishopanthi Ashram Puri which was recognized by the Society and he was entrusted with a greater responsibility as the treasurer of St. Paul’s School Rourkela in the year 2010. About his life in St. Paul’s School, Rourkela, Principal Fr. Joseph has this to Say, “Fr. Shaju was a friendly person. He could easily relate to people of all walks of life. It was easy for him to relate to an ordinary poor person and to the richest. Conversation with people was a joy to him. He showed no disparity of caste and creed when it came to relate and serve people. He was well accepted by everyone who came into contact with him. He always went out of his way to help others. He never said ‘no’ to anyone who asked for any help. He had organizational skills that were evident to everyone at school. He went about doing his work diligently and systematically. He was a community minded person who enjoyed team work. Apart from his school work, he used to regularly go for mass and recollections to neighboring places. He used to visit the sick and pray over them. His death is an irreparable loss to the School.”

Fr. Shaju had returned to Rourkela on 9th January 2014 at 5.30 am after a short home visit to meet his sister who had come from London. As he got ready to go to his office in the morning, he felt uneasy and sat on a chair in front of his room. Fr. Mathew Poovanpuzha called him to inquire about his arrival. Since he did not respond at all, he called Fr. Joseph Sarpirasadam from the school. Immediately, he was rushed to IGH and admitted to CCU. His Blood Pressure had shot up to 200+. A CT Scan showed that he had a severe bleeding from his brain stem – a vital part that controls the entire body. By then, he had already gone into coma. His respiratory system failed by noon. So, he was put on ventilator. Medication was given to arrest the bleeding in the brain. He showed no improvement. In spite of the best efforts of the doctors and the staff at IGH, at 3.00 pm on 10th January 2014 he had a cardiac arrest and breathed his last.

At the age of thirty, Shaju had everything that is considered necessary for a promising future -a good job, enough wealth and good many friends. But, there was a deep yearning within him which led him to realize that the Lord had some other plan for him. He promptly responded to this call of the Master and giving up many things which are precious in the eyes of the world, decided to become a missionary priest. His deep desire was to work in the mission especially in the interior parishes and serve the poorest of the poor. But, this desire of his probably remains unfulfilled as he returns to his Master. True, the life was short. But during his short tenure of six years as an SVD priest, he proved to be efficient and sincere in whatever work that was entrusted to him. He was an able finance manager, meticulous and systematic in his work and deeply spiritual as a missionary priest. As he returns to submit his final accounts to his Master, we the SVD family miss a loving and warm confrere and the bereaving family members a dear and loving son. But, we are sure that he now stands in front of His master to hear him say, “Well done good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little, I will set you over much; enter into the joy of your master.” (Mt. 25:21)

May God grant him eternal rest!

Fr. Shaju Maliakkal SVD (1969-2014)

Fr. Shaju Devassy Maliakkal SVD was born on 25th August 1969 in Bhandup, Mumbai. He is the only son of two children born to Mr. M. A. Devassay and Mary Devassy. He joined the Society of the Divine Word in 1999 and professed his first vows on 9th June 2001. He came to Odisha KJM for his Theological studies. After completion of his studies, he professed his Final Vows on 1st January 2006. He was ordained a deacon on 30th April 2006 and a priest for INE in the year 5th May 2007. His first assignment was to Ishopanti Ashram Puri as Assistant Director and Treasurer. He was then transferred to St. Paul’s School as Treasurer in June 2010 and continued till date.

Fr. Shaju had returned to Rourkela on 9th January at 5.30 am after a short home visit to meet his sister who had come from London. As he got ready to go to school in the morning, he felt uneasy and sat on a chair in front of his room. Fr. Mathew called him to inquire about his arrival. Since he did not respond at all, he called for Fr. Joseph from the school. Immediately he was rushed to IGH and admitted to CCU. His Blood Pressure had shot up to 200+. A CT Scan showed that he had a severe bleeding from his brain stem – a vital part that controls the entire body. By then, he had already gone into coma. His respiratory system failed by noon. So he was put on ventilator. Medication was given to arrest the bleeding in brain. He showed no improvement. At 3 pm on 10th January he had a heart arrest and passed away.

Fr. Shaju was a friendly person. He could easily relate to people of all walks of life. It was easy for him to relate to an ordinary poor person and to the richest. Conversation with people was a joy to him. He had no disparity of caste and creed when it came to relate and serve people. He was well accepted by everyone who came into contact with him. He always went out of his way to help others. He never said ‘no’ to anyone who asked for any help. He had organisational skills that were evident to everyone at school. He went about doing his work diligently. He was a community person who enjoyed team work. Apart from his school work, he used to regularly go for mass and recollections to neighbouring places. He used to visit the sick and pray over them. His death is an irreparable loss to the School.

May God grant him eternal rest! May he rest in peace!

Fr. Felix Oliveira, SVD
Shanti Bhavan
Mother Teresa Rd.
Cox Colony, P.B. No. 03
P.O./Dt. Jharsuguda
Odisha - 768 201 - India