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P. Bernardus Beru SVD

Photo SVD - Nemi 29.IX.2007


P. PaschalRIP
P. Paschal LoBianco SVD

Photo Credit: Divine Word Missionaries USC - Facebook

See also: Father Paschal LoBianco, 1921-2016


F. AL Félix svdRIP
F. Alcides Leopoldo Félix SVD

Photo SVD: Nemi 10.X.2010
See Also: Faleceu o verbita irmão Alcides Leopoldo Félix


P. MichaelRIP
P. Peter Michael SVD

Photo Credit:  Fr. Felmar Fiel, SVD - 06.XII.2014

Fr. Peter Michael, SVD was born in Schiefbahn, Aachen in Germany on October 1, 1912. His parents, Heinrich Heintges and Elizabeth Orth, had 5 children, two of whom became SVD missionaries, one to China and another (Peter) first to the U.S. and eventually to the Philippines.

He started his formation in the SVD Minor Seminary at St. Joseph, Geilenkirchen at the age of 14, staying there for six years before he underwent two years of novitiate, first at St. Augustine in Germany and then at Marienburg in Switzerland where he started to do philosophy. He made his first vows in 1936 and continued philosophy at St. Gabriel’s in Austria. On October 1, 1937 he arrived by boat in the USA, where he pursued his theological studies. He pronounced his perpetual vows in 1939 and was ordained priest in 1940. He taught Greek, German and Religion at Epworth in 1941-42 and in Techny in 1942-44. In 1944 he was assigned prefect of the Juniorate while continuing to teach Latin, Greek and American History. He became an American citizen in 1947. Ten years later, in 1957, his request for transfer to the Philippines bore fruit.

He initially stayed at St. Paul’s College in Tacloban before he got permanently assigned at the Christ the King Mission Seminary (CKMS) in Quezon City in 1958. He practically stayed at this assignment for the rest of his missionary life, except for a 10-year period when he helped the Northern Mission, as a professor at the Mary Help of Christians Archdiocesan Seminary in Binmaley, Pangasinan (1971-76) and as the Chaplain of the Adoration Convent while a resident of the Divine Word Retreat House in Baguio City (1977-81). He resumed his work at CKMS in 1981, as the chaplain at the Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital (1981-1990), the Associate Director of the Arnold Janssen Secretariat (1990-97), and always as a confessor and teacher of Latin and Religion to the SVD seminarians.

Fr. Peter Michael was greatly instrumental in spreading the devotion to St. Arnold Janssen in the country, having produced a number of popular books and other materials, including several spiritual works of his own. A person of spiritual depth and humility, the well-loved priest who was an indefatigable professor, confessor, hospital chaplain, and spiritual writer, retired at the Villa Cristo Rey in 2007, where he stayed until the Lord took him at 12:30 a.m. of December 15, 2016, practically the oldest confrere globally at 104 years old. Her love for Our Lady, whom he had always wanted to meet, must have made his transition to the next life a personally joyful occasion for him which became his mission for the rest of his missionary years. He died at 12:30 a.m. of December 15, 2016, the oldest confrere at 104 years old. At CKMS he did several missions: spiritual director of the brothers, chaplain of the pink sisters, teacher of Latin and Religion, also, Assistant Parish Priest, Sacred Heart Parish in Kamuning, QC (1969-70).


P. ManningRIP
P. Michael Manning SVD

Photo Credit: Wordnet Productions

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Obituary of Fr. Mike Manning, SVD


P. Michael Brian Gilmore SVD

Photo SVD - Nemi, Italy, 27.X.1970


P. Augustinus WathuRIP
P. Augustinus Wathu SVD

Photo SVD - Ruteng, 1986


P. Charles Schneider SVDRIP
P. Charles Schneider SVD

Photo Credit: Divine Word Missionaries USC - Facebook

See Also: Father Charles Schneider, 1919-2016


F. Aloisius <Wenceslaus> Muran Sili SVD

Photo Credit: Larantuka Lebao


P. Lawrence Hambach SVD

Photo Credit: Katolik News - Berita Katolik Idonesia

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▪ Pater Lawrence Hambach Meninggal Dunia
▪ RIP, Pater Lawrence Joseph Hambach SVD wafat


P. Hilarius Gudi SVD

Photo SVD - Indonesia, Ruteng, 1992


P. Eloy Bartolomé SVD

Photo Credit: Sociedad del Verbo Divino España - 2011


P. Ľudovít Jankeje SVD

Photo Credit: Spoločnosť Božieho Slova

See Also: Zomrel páter Ľudovít Jankeje SVD


RIP - F. Jan Vernooij SVD †06.X.2016RIP
F. Jan Vernooij SVD

Photo Credit: SVD ROND Januari - svd-neb


P. Patrisius Meko SVD

Photo SVD - Undated


F. James Mullen SVD

Photo Credit: Divine Word Missionaries USC - Facebook

See Also: Brother James Mullen, 1936-2016


P. Gerard Claassens SVD

Photo Credit: De Nieuwsbode Bunnik

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In memoriam Gerard Claassens S.V.D.
Pastor Gerard Claassens overleden


P. David Antona SVD

See Also: Hasta luego querido David

Photo Credit: General Visitations ESP - Fr. Arlindo Dias SVD


P. Paulus Ngganggung SVD

Photo SVD - Undated


P. August Langenkamp SVD

Photo Credit: Divine Word Missionaries USC - Facebook

See Also: Father August Langenkamp, 1929-2016


P. Donald Ehr SVD

Photo Credit: Divine Word Missionaries USC - Facebook

See Also: Father Donald Ehr, 1928-2016


P. Gregorius Jehanus SVD

Photo SVD - Nemi 29.IX.2005
See Also: RIP Pater Gregorius Jehanus: Misionaris yang Serba Bisa


E. Raphael Cheenath SVD

Ep. 1974 - Aep. 1985 - Em. 2011
Photo SVD - Rome 15.X.2010

See Also: Archbishop Raphael Cheenath passes away


P. Agustinus Anunut Salain SVD

Photo SVD - Rome 12.IX.2006

From: Rettore Collegio del Verbo Divino  - Roma, ITALIA
Date: July 30, 2016 @ 4:34PM

Cari confratelli e sorelle,

Ho appena ricevuto dal Provinciale della Germania la triste notizia della morte del nostro confratello P. Agustinus Anunut Salain, SVD, membro della comunità del Collegio Verbo Divino, avvenuta in un ospedale a Bonn, Germania.

Siamo profondamente rattristati da questa inaspettata notizia. Preghiamo per il suo riposo nell'abbraccio del Padre.

Nico Espinosa, SVD

Brief Biodata of the Late Fr. Agustinus Anunut, SVD

The Late Fr. Agustinus Anunut, SVD is born on September 27, 1975 in Kefamenanu-lnbate Village.

The great desire to become a priest has always been as his plan at first. So he decided to go to minor seminary of Lalian Atambua since then. After that he proceeded to go and choosing to become an SVD by entering the Novitiate program in KUWU-Ruteng back then.

In the 1997 He pronounced his first vows in the Society of the Divine Word in Ledalero-Maumere.

After going for Philosophical studies in Ledalero then taking up his pastoral regency in UNIKA-Kupang, then in 2004 he made his perpetual vows in Ledalero-Maumere Flores.

On year later in 2005 he is ordained as SVD Priest and has his first mission assignment in Italy Province. Within 2 years back then, he decided to go back to his home province/country Indonesia-Timor then serving his own flock. Last before he is sent for further study, he was assigned as Socius novice master in St. Joseph Novitiate Community-Nenuk, Timor-Indonesia.

Since last year 2015, he was sent for further study in Roma, taking up Pastoral Apostolate in Family Life. When things has started, without knowing that this would be the end of his life. We got the unexpected news about his health conditions while taking up his language course in summer in Germany. He got sick and early morning (Indonesia time) of July 31, 2016, came news that would be the final story life of the Late Fr. Agustinus Anunut, SVD has died at the age of 41 years old. The story of the human being is ending with death. Fr. Agustinus Anunut, SVD is a very nice person, very accommodating and welcoming person.

Thank you for the gift of brotherhood that we had shared together since then. May you rest at Peace in the Kingdom of God.

From your brothers; IDT Confrefre's.

From: Rettore Collegio del Verbo Divino  - Roma, ITALIA
Date: August 02, 2016 @ 8:16AM

Avviso - Funerale di P. Agustinus Anunut Salain, svd

Cari confratelli,

P. Martin Üffing, Superiore Provinciale della Provincia di GER, ci informa che il funerale del nostro confratello defunto, P. AGUSTINUS ANUNUT SALAIN, si terrà giovedì, 4 agosto 2016 alle 14.30 a St. Augustin. La nostra comunità sarà rappresentata dagli studenti del Collegio Verbo Divino che si trovano adesso nella suddetta comunità ed anche da me come rettore del CVD.

Vi informo inoltre che la comunità del Collegio Verbo Divino celebrerà la messa per il defunto Agustinus lo stesso giorno, cioè giovedì, 4 agosto 2016 alle ore 18.00. La messa sarà organizzata dai nostri confratelli indonesiani e presieduta dal Vescovo Emmanuel Kofi Fianu, svd. La messa si terrà alla sera di giovedì per facilitare la presenza di alcuni indonesiani religiosi, religiose e laici indonesiani.

Quindi l’orario per giovedì, 4 agosto 2016 sarà:

  • Alla mattina: lodi private
  • 18.00: Messa per il defunto Agustinus.

Buona giornata a tutti voi!

Nico Espinosa, SVD

See Also: Pater Agustinus Anunut Salain SVD (1975–2016)


P. Patrick Fincutter SVD

See Also: Father Patrick Fincutter, 1928-2016a


P. Milan Šeliga SVD

Photo Credit: Slovakia Magnificat
See Also: Zomrel otec Milan Šeliga


F. Ivo dos Santos Fiuza SVD

Photo Credit: JUPIC SVD BRC


P. Tarcisius Djuang Udjan SVD

Photo SVD - Rome 14.X.2003


F. Maurice <James> Djadoo SVD

Photo SVD - Nemi 18.XI.2006

See Also: Br. James, Rest In Peace


P. Dieter Eduard Skweres SVD

Photo Credit: Togo Bénin Web Log

See Also:
RIP. P. Dieter Edouard Skweres
† P. Dieter Eduard Skweres, SVD
Témoignage du P. Hugo Teves sur la vie du P. Dieter Skweres

† P. Dieter Eduard Skweres, SVD :: Avis diocésain


P. Benedykt Barkowski SVD

Photo Credit: Dom Misyjny Księży Werbistów w Górnej Grupie

See Also: Śp. o. Benedykt Barkowski SVD


P. Bartley Schmitz SVD

Photo SVD - Nemi, Italy, 09.V.1970


F. Wilhelm Quaing SVD

Photo SVD - Nemi, Italy, 16.II.2011

See Also: Steyler Missionare - Bruder Wilhelm Quaing SVD (1932 – 2016)


P. Bonaventura Kasugai Naokichi SVD

Photo SVD - Nemi, Italy, 22.X.1969


P. Anthony Clark SVD

Photo Credit: Catholic Diocese of Memphis in Tennessee

See Also:
Our Pastor Fr. Anthony Clark S.V.D
Father Anthony Clark, 1944-2016


P. Rogelio Alasan SVD

Photo Credit: Google+


P. Paul Stegemann SVD

Photo SVD - Undated

See Also: Steyler Missionare - P. Paul Stegemann SVD (1925 -2016)


P. José Alfredo Chávez SVD

Photo Credit: El Verbita - Boletín de la Región CAM - Marzo 2009


P. Marek Antoni Wójcik SVD

See Also: Śp. o. Marek Wójcik SVD


P. Peter Hills SVD

Photo Credit: Erzdiözese Wien

See Also: ▪ RIP Pastor Peter Hills SVD di RS Sint Carolus Jakarta
Steyler Missionare - Pater Peter Hills SVD


E. Hilarius Moa Nurak SVD

Photo SVD - Rome 23.II.2010

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RIP Msgr. Hilarius Moa Nurak SVD

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P. Józef Bestwina SVD

Photo Credit: Dom Misyjny Księży Werbistów w Górnej Grupie
See Also: Zmarł o. Józef Bestwina SVD


P. Petrus Nong SVD

Photo Credit: Blog Maksi Masan - Mengenang Pater Pit Nong, SVD


P. Jan Weijs SVD

Photo SVD - Rome, Italy, 06.XII.1969

See Also: In Memoriam pater Jan Weijs SVD


P. Ludwig Lehmeier SVD

Photo SVD - Nemi, 1988
See Also: Pater Ludwig Lehmeier SVD (1927 – 2016)


P. Domenico Cremasco SVD

Photo SVD - Nemi, Italy, 22.X.1969

See Also: Funeral Mass and Burial Service for Fr. Domenico Cremasco SVD, 4 April 2016


P. Antoon Verschuur SVD

Photo SVD - Undated

See Also: In Memoriam Pater Antoon Verschuur SVD


P. Joseph Dias SVD

From Provincial INE
Date 2016-03-26 @ 18:48

Dear Confreres

We are very sorry to inform about the sudden demise of Fr. Joseph Dias, SVD, from INE Province. Fr. Joseph Dias developed sudden convulsions in the afternoon. He was rushed to Burla Hospital, Sambalpur, Odisha. He got admitted in the ICU. He suffered cardiac arrest. Doctors tried to revive him. But he succumbed to it on 26.III.2016 at 3.00 pm.

The funeral service will be on 31.III.2016 (Thursday) at 2.00 pm at Provincial House, Shanti Bhavan, Jharsuguda, Odisha

Heartfelt Condolences to all. May he rest in Peace.

Fr. Luvis Ronald Pereira, SVD
Provincial, INE

Photo SVD - India 1992
See Also: Fr. Joseph Dias, SVD (1958-2016)


P. Louis Glassée SVD

Photo SVD - Nemi, Italy, 17.V.1968

See Also: Pater Louis Glassée SVD


F. Maurice Taylor SVD

See Also: RIP Br Maurice Taylor SVD, teacher, administrator, man of prayer

From: Provincial Admin AUS
Date: 2016-03-13 @ 16:45

Dear Friends,

It is with great sadness that I inform you of the passing of Brother Maurice Taylor SVD. Maurice’s health had been deteriorating over the past months. He has been very frail for some time now.

Maurice was admitted to the Royal North Shore Hospital on Saturday morning, 12th March with extremely low blood pressure and low body temperature.

His condition that night was considered to be stable but he was going to stay in the hospital for a few days for observation.

Br Maurice passed away quietly and at peace on Sunday morning, 13th March 2016. On Saturday afternoon Maurice talked about being at peace. This is a great comfort to those of us who love him dearly.

I ask you to please remember Maurice and his grieving family, friends and confreres in your prayers. May he rest in peace.

Br Maurice will be farewelled from A.J. Chapel, 199 Epping Rd, Marsfield at 11.00am on Friday, 18th March, 2016. Following the Requiem Mass the cortege will move to Macquarie Park Cemetery.

Yours in Divine Word

Henry Adler
AUS Provincial

Divine Word Missionaries
199 Epping Road Marsfield NSW 2122
Locked Bag 3
Epping NSW 1710

From: John Prior
Date: 2016-03-13 @ 21:16
Thanks for the note on Maurice's death. I had seen the short note on the svdcuria site before lectures this morning, but it was good to receive more detail.
All my memories of Maurice are positive. He was a fine, interesting, and thoughtful confrere.
From: Philip Gibbs
Date: 2016-03-13 @ 17:19
A wonderful man. May he rest in peace. Philip Gibbs
From: Joseph Tan
Date: 2016-03-14 @ 00:54
May god bless him, rest in peace.
the time is fly, and we will meet one day, i believe.
pray to each other.
Your little brother Joseph Leitao Tan
From: Douglas Young
Date: 2016-03-14 @ 01:15
Sorry to hear it. the passing of a real Aussie gentleman. RIP Doug


P. Julio Barbieto SVD

Photo SVD - PHN
See Also: Fr. Julio Barbieto, SVD 1922-2016


F. Paulus <Gottlieb> Schmid SVD

Photo SVD - Rome 18.IV.1998

See Also: Bruder Gottlieb Schmid SVD (1923–2016)


P. Bernard Fisher SVD

Photo SVD - Nemi, Italy, 21.IX.1971

See Also: Father Bernard Fisher, 1918-2016


F. Joseph <Bernardus> Dorade SVD

Photo SVD - Nemi, Italy, 02.X.1973


P. Johannes Lorse SVD

Photo Credit: Aachener Zeitung
See Also: Pater Johannes Lorse SVD, 1932–2016


P. Antoon van Bijnen SVD

Photo Credit: Gezelschap van het Goddelijk Woord - NEB