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RIP - P. Patrick Pais, SVD †11.X.2018 – Indore (INC) 45 64 66 72 73RIP
P. Patrick Pais SVD

Photo SVD - Undated

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RIP - P. Wenceslaus S., SVD †10.X.2018 – Hyderabad (INH) 51 70 72 79 80RIP
P. Wenceslaus S. SVD

Photo SVD - Undated


RIP - P. Varghese Chalamana, SVD +08.X.2018 – Hyderabad (INH) 47 66 68 74 75RIP
P. Varghese Chalamana SVD

Photo SVD - Undated

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Fr. Soreng, Emile, SVD	†05.10.2018 Sambalpur (INE) 40 62 64 70 71 (Oct 05)RIP
P. Emile Soreng SVD

Photo SVD - Undated

Subject Death Notification of Fr. Soreng, Emile, SVD from INE
From Provincial INE
Date 2018-10-05 @ 00:28

Dear Confreres

We are sorry to inform you about the death of Fr. Soreng, Emile, SVD from India East Province (INE), Jharsuguda, India.

This is the Notification of the death of Fr. Soreng, Emile, SVD

Soreng, Emile, Rajabasa, Rourkela, 3ind 40 62 64 70 71
Died at JMJ Hospital, Sambalpur

Fr. Soreng, Emile, SVD died on 05.10.2018 (today), at 10:25 a.m. due to Multiple Organ Failure at JMJ Hospital, Sambalpur. He is the member of Janssen Bhavan Community, our retired home, at Jharsuguda.

The Funeral Service will be on 06.10.2018 at 2:30 pm at Provincial House, Shanti Bhavan, Jharsuguda.

Heartfelt Condolences to all. May he rest in Peace.

Fr. Luvis Ronald Pereira, SVD
Provincial Superior, INE

Shanti Bhavan
Mother Teresa Road
Cox Colony, P.B. No. 03
P.O./Dt. Jharsuguda
Odisha - 768 201 - India.
Website: www.svdindia.org

Fr. Emile Soreng, SVD
(Divine Word Missionary 1940-2018)

Fr. Emile Soreng was born on 23.09.1940 to Late Mr. Mathias Soreng and Mrs. Magdali Kullu at Rajabasa in Kusumdegi parish. He had four brothers and five sisters. One of his younger brothers, Francis, also became an SVD missionary. Among his five sisters two are religious. His parents were a source of inspiration for him to become a missionary.

He did his primary schooling at Khutmunda, from 1947-1953. Later, he completed his Middle School at Kusumdegi from 1953-1956. He then completed his High School studies at Hamirpur in 1960. He was an illustrious and intelligent student. Inspired by the life of the Servant of God, Fr. Marian Zelazek, who was his Head Master, he developed a great interest to become a religious.

He began his religious formation in the Society of the Divine Word at Catholic Ashram Palda, Indore, in 1960. Along with his juniorate course, he completed his Pre-Degree from St. Raphael’s and entered the Novitiate in 1962. He dedicated much of his time in prayer and reflection during his novitiate. He made his First Vows on May 31, 1964. He then went to JDV, Pune for his philosophy studies in 1964. Afterwards, he did his graduation at G.M. College, Sambalpur, from 1966-1968. In 1968, he went back to JDV Pune, for his Theological studies. He made his Final Vows at Divine Word Seminary, Pune on May 31, 1971 and was ordained a priest on October 30, in the same year. His First Assignment was to Sambalpur Mission (now INE Province) and he reached Jharsuguda in April 1972.

In the Sambalpur Mission he contributed to the growth of the mission in different capacities. He was the Assistant Prefect of the Apostolic School and Assistant Teacher at Gaibira High School from 1972-1974. He was the Secretary of the School and In-Charge of the Hostel at Jhunmur from 1974-1976. From 1976-1978, he was Rector at Jyoti Bhavan, Sambalpur. In 1978, the Sambalpur Region was made a Province (INE) and Fr. Emile was elected its first Provincial Superior. He was re-elected for a second triennium in 1981. During his time as Provincial, the SVD took up several new missions in the Province. He was an able and effective leader. In 1984, he was transferred to INS Province (now INM) and appointed Rector at the Divine Word Seminary, Pune, till 1987. He was a good formator and educationist. At his interest, he was transferred to the Nairobi community in Kenya where he served as Asst. Parish Priest and then as Parish Priest from 1989-1992.

After his return to the Province, he was appointed Parish Priest at Catholic Church, Singarmunda in 1993. The same year, at the request of OCBC, he was appointed Rector at Khristo Jyoti Mohavidyaloyo, Sason, a post he held for two terms till 1999. In the year 2000, he went for his Renewal Course at Nemi. In 2001, he was appointed to Dantri as Parish Priest as well as the Vicar General of the Diocese of Sambalpur. He was also appointed as the Spiritual Director of the Sisters in the diocese of Rourkela and Sambalpur from 1999-2002 While in Dantri he suffered a severe cerebral stroke which partially paralysed him. After his recovery he stayed at Jyoti Bhavan till 2006 for rest and recuperation. He was then appointed as Staff Member of the Apostolic School, Gaibira from 2006-2009. From 2009-2011, he was Assistant Parish Priest at Good Shepherd Church, Bondamunda. He was then appointed again to the Apostolic School, Gaibira as a Staff member in 2011.

Due to failing health he was brought to Janssen Bhavan, Jharsuguda in 2017, for better medical care. At Janssen Bhavan, he was well taken care of by Sr. Pushpa and her assistants. In the recent past he has been in and out of hospitals frequently for various ailments. Dr. Aniyamma and her team of Handmaids of Mary Sisters gave him the best care they could, whenever he was admitted at the St. Mary’s Hospital. As his condition worsened he was taken to the JMJ Hospital, Sambalpur on October 4. While plans were being made to shift him to a speciality hospital, he suffered multiple organ failure and breathed his last on October 5, 2018.

May he find eternal Joy in heaven!


RIP - P. Shunzô Johannes Aizawa, SVD †04.X.2018 – Nagoya (JPN) 35 54 56 62 62RIP
P. Shunzô Johannes Aizawa SVD

Photo SVD - Undated


RIP - F. Hugo Andrey, SVD †26.IX.2018 – Steinhausen (ECP) 39 58 60 66 ** RIP
F. Hugo Andrey SVD

Photo SVD - Undated

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RIP - P. Hieronim Napierala, SVD †25.IX.2018 – Toledo-PR (BRS) 50 68 70 74 75RIP
P. Hieronim Napierała SVD

Photo SVD - Undated

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RIP - P. Stanley Plutz, SVD †23.IX.2018 – Techny (USC) 26 44 46 52 53RIP
P. Stanley Plutz SVD

Photo SVD - Undated

See Also: Father Stanley Plutz, 1926-2018

From USC Provincial SVD
Date 2018-09-24 @ 07:20

It is with much sadness that we inform you that Fr. Stanley Plutz died on Sunday, September 23, at 8:25 p.m at Divine Word Residence in Techny. His health condition had been deteriorating during the past weeks. Fr. Stan had been eager to "go home to heaven"

Please keep Fr. Stan and his family in your prayers.

Funeral Arrangements will be forthcoming.


RIP - P. Antonio Enacmal, SVD †23.IX.2018 – Manila (PHC) 35 62 64 68 68RIP
P. Antonio Enacmal SVD

Photo SVD - Undated

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RIP - P. Wim de Jong, SVD †20.IX.2018 – Oosterhout (NEB) 30 49 51 56 57RIP
P. Wim de Jong SVD

Photo SVD - Undated

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P. Manfred Müller, SVD +15.IX.2018 – St. Gabriel (ECP) 33 61 62 65 66RIP
P. Manfred Müller SVD

Photo SVD - Undated

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P. Antoon Krol, SVD †15.IX.2018 – Teteringen (NEB) 28 47 49 54 54RIP
P. Antoon Krol SVD

Photo SVD - Undated

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P. Maximo Esteban, SVD †12.IX.2018 – Ende (IDE) 36 57 59 64 65RIP
P. Máximo Esteban SVD

Photo Credit: Misioneros Verbo Divino

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▪ Máximo Esteban en CdM19, Indonesia y Cielo
2018 09 16 Comunicación breve – Máximo


RIP - P. Josef Königsmann, SVD †04.IX.2018 – Neunkirchen/Saar (GER) 34 59 61 65 65RIP
P. Josef Königsmann SVD

Photo SVD - Undated

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RIP - P. Jósef Glinka, SVD †30.VIII.2018 – Surabaya (IDJ) 32 49 51 57 57RIP
P. Jósef Glinka SVD

Photo SVD - Undated

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P. Konrad Keler, SVD †27.VIII.2018 – Sulejówek (POL) 48 66 68 72 73RIP
P. Konrad Keler SVD

Photo SVD - Undated

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o. Konrad Keler
Śp. o. Konrad Keler SVD


RIP - P. Antoon van Steen, SVD †20.VIII.2018 – Teteringen (NEB) 17 40 42 46 46RIP
P. Antoon van Steen SVD

Photo SVD - Undated

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RIP - P. José Antonio Martín SVD †18.VIII.2018RIP
P. José Antonio Martín SVD

Photo Credit: Misioneros del Verbo Divino - España

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RIP - P. Paul Feldhaus, SVD †14.VIII.2018 – St. Wendel (GER) 29 55 57 61 61RIP
P. Paul Feldhaus SVD

Photo SVD - Undated

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F. Tadeusz Górka, SVD 06.VIII.2018 – Świecie (POL) 59 77 79 84 **RIP
F. Tadeusz Górka SVD

Photo SVD - Undated

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F. Roman Olkowski, SVD †31.VII.2018 – Pieniężno (POL)RIP
F. Roman Olkowski SVD

Photo SVD - Undated

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P. Lukas Lusi Betan SVD +18.VII.2018RIP
P. Lukas Lusi Betan SVD

Photo Credit: Komsos Keuskupan Agung Kupang (@komsos_kak)


P. Jaroslaw Suchomski, SVD +28.VII.2018 – Wilamowo (POL) 71 94 95 01 02RIP
P. Jarosław Suchomski SVD

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P. Michel Y. Allard, SVD †14.VII.2018 – Quebec, Canada (USC) 37 56 58 63 64RIP
P. Michel Y. Allard SVD

Photo SVD - Undated

See Also: Father Michael Yvon Allard, 1937-2018

Subject RIP Michael Yvon Allard SVD
From USC Provincial SVD
Date 2018-07-15 @ 09:51

Rest in Peace

MICHAEL YVON ALLARD, our much beloved confrere from Canada, died Saturday evening, July 14, 2018, at the age of 80.

He suffered a massive heart attack the previous morning and was removed from life support on Saturday afternoon. His sister, brothers and confreres from Granby were with him when he died.

Born in Cowansville, Quebec, Canada, in 1937, he professed vows in 1958 and was ordained at Granby in 1964.

He was a formator and teacher in Canada from 1964-82, missionary to Mexico from 1982-88 serving as Provincial the final three years. He was named to the General Council in 1988 and served as Vice Superior General from 1992-94. From 1994-2001, he was rector at Nemi. He returned to Canada in 2001 where he worked at the Biblical Centre at Granby until failing health forced him to curtail that ministry.

Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him.
May his soul and the souls of all the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace.

Funeral arrangements will be announced on Monday.


RIP - P. Hans Runkel, SVD †13.VII.2018 – Ruteng (IDR) 37 61 63 69 69RIP
P. Hans Runkel SVD

Photo SVD - Rome 26.07.2005

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RIP - Thomas Sudarmoko +14.VI.2018RIP
Thomas Sudarmoko

Photo Credit: Santa Maria Ratu Damai Nehas Liah Bing - 22 September 2011


egr 28.X.2014


RIP - P. Herman Suico, SVD †08.VI.2018 – Cebu City (PHS) 54 77 79 83 83 (Jun 09)RIP
P. Herman Suico SVD

Photo Credit: Societas Verbi Divini (SVD) - Philippines - May 27, 2017


P. Benedictus Bria, SVD [IDT] †07.VI.2018 – Surabaya (IDJ) 50 69 72 79 79RIP
P. Benedictus Bria SVD

Photo SVD - Nemi 26.II.2003


P. Hugo Pöpping, SVD †06.VI.2018 – St. Wendel (GER) 35 59 60 63 63RIP
P. Hugo Pöpping SVD

Photo SVD - Nemi 2000

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P. Jose San Juan, SVD †01.VI.2018 – Quezon City (PHC) 43 67 69 74 74RIP
P. Jose San Juan SVD

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F. Patrick <Columba> Hegarty, SVD +28.V.2018 – Techny (USC) 21 45 47 53 **RIP
F. Patrick <Columba> Hegarty SVD

Photo SVD - Undated

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RIP - P. Modestus Lando, SVD †14.V.2018 – Kőszeg (HUN) 74 93 95 01 02RIP
P. Modestus Lando SVD

Photo Credit: Archidiocesis Agriensis Online

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P. Jean-Pierre Adote Akueson, SVD †10.V.2018 – Teteringen (NEB) 80 06 07 11 12RIP
P. Jean-Pierre Adote Akueson SVD

Photo SVD - Undated

Akueson Adotê Jean Pierre vient de la Paroisse Bienheureuse Anuarite d’Agoè-Assiyéyé - Lomé. Il est né le 22 Février 1980 à Lomé. Le 26 Septembre 2003, il fut admis au postulat de la SVD province TOG. Après avoir professé les vœux perpétuels en le 15 Aout 2011 à N’Kwatia-Kwahu (Ghana), Jean-Pierre poursuit les études théologiques à Tamalé et fut ordonné diacre le le 11 Novembre 2011 par son Excellence Philip Naameh, archevêque de Tamalé.

Source: Entre Nous N° 101, Juin 2012


P. Fernando Villanueva, SVD †27.IV.2018 – Quito (ECU) 40 59 61 66 67RIP
P. Fernando Villanueva SVD

Photo Credit: Editorial Verbo Divino

See Also: Fernando Villanueva, “Un maestro mensajero del Maestro”, con palabras de nuestro Provincial Macario Villalón


P. Rodrigo Advincula, SVD †04.IV.2018 – Manila (PHC) 42 72 74 79 79RIP
P. Rodrigo Advincula SVD

Photo Credit: Societas Verbi Divini (SVD) - Philippines


F. Yakobus Labu, SVD †03.IV.2018 – Ledalero (IDE) 46 79 81 87 **RIP
F. Yakobus Labu SVD

Photo SVD - Rome 10.X.2003

See Also: Bruder Yakobus Labu, SVD Tutup Usia


P. Joseph Peringalloor, SVD †23.III.2018 – Indore (INC) 36 56 58 63 64RIP
P. Joseph Peringalloor SVD

Photo SVD - Nemi 1988


P. Dino Ariola, SVD †21.III.2018 –Tagbilaran City (PHS) 46 74 76 80 80RIP
P. Dino Ariola SVD

Photo Credit: SVD Philippines - South


P. Hsi-Hsuin Paul Ch’en SVD - †21.III.2018RIP
P. Hsi-Hsuin Paul Ch’en SVD

Photo SVD - Nemi, Italy, 21.IX.1971


P. Ambroise Kitoko Nawenayandi, SVD †19.III.2018 – Sendi, Lubango (ANG) 64 87 89 97 98RIP
P. Ambroise Kitoko Nawenayandi SVD

Photo Credit: SVD Angola


P. Jozef Michalov SVD †15.III.2018RIP
P. Jozef Michalov SVD

Photo Credit: Kľakovská rodina – Thank You!

See Also: Zomrel misionár verbista P. Jozef Michalov


P. Imre Szabó SVD † 12.III.2018RIP
P. Imre Béla Szabó SVD

Photo Credit: Szombathelyi Egyházmegye

See Also: Véget ért az új-guineai misszionárius nagy küldetése


P. Ruben Mamuad, SVD †26.II.2018 – Quezon City (PHN) 42 63 65 71 71RIP
P. Ruben Mamuad SVD

Photo Credit: Societas Verbi Divini (SVD) - Philippines - December 27, 2017

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P. Franco Daltin SVD †26.II.2018RIP
P. Franco Daltin SVD

Photo SVD - Rome 22.XI.2007

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From: Collegio Rector
Date: 26.II.2018 @ 3:08 PM


Cari confratelli e sorelle,
si comunica che in data odierna, 26 Febbraio 2018, alle ore 14.45 presso l’ospedale San Giovanni Addolorata di Roma, è deceduto, a causa di un arresto cardiaco, PADRE FRANCO DALTIN. Al momento del decesso il Rettore si trovava al suo fianco.

Quanto prima sarete informati sull’evolversi degli eventi; per il momento rimaniamo uniti nel dolore per questa perdita, attraverso una costante preghiera per il nostro padre Franco.

P. Stanislaus Lazar
Vice Rectore

From: Collegio Rector
Date: 27.II.2018 @ 11:35 AM

Cari Confratelli,

Vi aggiorno sulla preparazione delle esequie del nostro caro Padre Franco.

Abbiamo preso contatti con l’Impresa di onoranze funebri che si occuperà della parte burocratica e dell’organizzazione pratica del trasporto dall’ospedale al nostro collegio.

Qui di seguito vi scrivo gli orari dei prossimi tre giorni.

  • Mercoledì, 28 febbraio
    • Ore 6.45 - lodi (Santa Messa la sera)
    • Ore 8.00 - esposizione del corpo presso la camera mortuaria dell’ospedale San Giovanni in Via di Santo Stefano Rotondo n. 5. Chi lo desidera, potrà andare in ospedale per pregare e dare un ultimo saluto a Padre Franco prima che la bara sia chiusa.
    • Ore 9.30 - chiusura della bara e partenza per il Collegio
    • Ore 10.30 - Camera ardente nella nostra chiesa principale
    • Ore 18.00 - Santa Messa di suffragio
    • Ore 19.00 - Cena
  • Giovedì, 1 marzo
    • Ore 7.00 - momento di preghiera comunitaria
    • Ore 7.15 - partenza per Varone
  • Venerdì, 2 marzo
    • Ore 14.00 - Funerali a Varone.

Il Padre Rettore parteciperà al funerale. Chi vuole aggiungersi lo può fare partendo con il treno giovedì mattina e tornando sabato primo pomeriggio. Vi prego di informarmi al più presto per comprare i biglietti.

Accompagniamo ancora Padre Franco con le nostre preghiere e preghiamo anche per le sue sorelle in questo momento di dolore.

Se ci fossero novità o cambiamenti vi informerò prontamente. Grazie mille per la vostra attenzione

Nico Espinosa, SVD
Rettore - Collegio del Verbo Divino

From: Giancarlo Girardi
Date: Thu 3/1/2018 @ 7:20 AM

come già annunciato la salma di P. Franco Daltin arriverà oggi giovedì 1 marzo qui nella nostra casa di Varone nel tardo pomeriggio.

Alle ore 20.00 ci sarà la recita del rosario con la bara presente.

Domani venerdì 2 marzo alle ore 14.30 ci sarà la celebrazione di congedo nella Parrocchia di Varone, poi la bara sarà tumulata nella tomba di famiglia SVD nel cimitero di Varone. Alle ore 14.00 in chiesa di Varone ci sarà come è ormai tradizione la recita del rosario.

Chiedo a chi ha deciso di essere presente al funerale di avvisare prima se desiderate pranzare a Varone. Non ci sono difficoltà l'importante è saperlo prima per avvisare la cucina del numero di persone che desiderano pranzare con noi.

Ci è stato comunicato che oggi arriveranno le 3 sorelle ed il fratello di P. Daltin e anche 6 confratelli della comunità del Generalato di Roma che desiderano partecipare al funerale di P. Franco.

Sicuro della vostra partecipazione a questo momento di addio al nostro confratello P. Franco Daltin vi saluto e auguro ogni bene.

P. Giancarlo Girardi SVD


P. Abílio Pereira Pinto SVD † 25.II.2018RIP
P. Abílio Pereira Pinto SVD

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F. Peter van Uffelen SVD † 14.II.2018RIP
F. Piet van Uffelen SVD

See Also: In Memoriam - Broeder Piet van Uffelen SVD


P. Andrzej Jakubiak SVD †09.II.2018RIP
P. Andrzej Jakubiak SVD

Photo Credit: Ordynariat Polowy

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P. John Bergin SVD †08.II.2018RIP
P. John Bergin SVD

Photo Credit: SVD USC - February 21, 2016

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F. Luiz Augusto <Gerardus> Salgado SVDRIP
F. Luiz Augusto <Gerardus> Salgado SVD

See Also: Ir. Geraldo Salgado: verbita mais idoso da Província conta sua experiência de vida (SVD - ESDEVA)


P. Jan Cebulski, SVD †15.I.2018 – Nysa (POL) 32 52 54 59 60RIP
P. Jan Cebulski SVD

Photo SVD - Undated

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Śp. o. Jan Cebulski SVD