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Breaking news on Tsunami in South India


From: Lazar svd
To: svd.supgen@verbodivino.it
Sent: Thursday, December 30, 2004 1:23 PM
Subject: Breaking news on Tsunami in South India


Dear Fr.General,

1. Thanks for the letter sent through Fr. Streit. At this time we need to pray more. According to the Television and on the spot reports: There could be another fatal tsunami within 12 hours. Hence the people are taken 20 kilimeters away from the sea. We do not know for how long.

2. I have already sent eight confreres on the spot relief work. I too have sent our communications co-ordinator with instruction. Fr. Selvam and Fr. Kingston are on the sport with the team doing the work as well as reporting to you and to the province. They will regulary send the upto date information.

3. In five villages the bodies are not yet recovered, our confreres are with the parish priest helping him to unearth the bodies.

4. As I am getting steady flow of information and requests from various agencies and volunteers I am in Hyderabad, however, by phone and email I keep in touch with the local Fathers who are busy with the evacuation work.

5. Thus far no casualty from our confreres or their relatives.

6. The government is asking us to go only to certain villages due to epidemic.

7. We have asked for prayers in our Charismatic centres and other parishes.

We will send you the latest photo shortly.

My humble request is for your prayers. I strongly believe only God can save the situation.

G. Lazar. svd