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From: "Gregory Pinto" <pintosvd@hotmail.com>
To: <svd.generalate@verbodivino.it>
Cc: <jpicinm@rediffmail.com>
Sent: Monday, January 03, 2005 8:00 AM
Subject: tsunami

Dear Fr. Superior General,

This is in response to the e-mail asking to make a spot study of the place where people are affected by the recent tragedy.

1. I was guiding the retreat for the SVD scholastics preparing themselves for the final vows. Hence the treasurer, Fr. Bernard responded to you as per my direction.

2. The major blow of the tragedy is in INH, very specially the south of Tamilnadu. The other affected areas are comparatively minor.

3. Fr. Felix J., the INM JPIC coordinator visited the place in Tamilnadu and has just come back with first hand information and plans.

4. The province has already dispatched Rs. one lakh to Tamilnadu. Fr. Felix who is also the National JPIC coordinator, has contacted all the SVD and SSpS provincials for donations with a concrete plan. All the houses in our province are also contacted.

5. Fr. Felix will send you more details about the plan. Since you have already received a first hand report from INH by now, he will cover up what has not been covered by them.

6. Please be assured the province is very much concerned and involved in the tragedy of people.

Thanking you,

Gregory Pinto, SVD

Copy to:
Fr. Felix J.
JPIC coordinator

Note: Rs. one lakh = one hundred thousand rupees.