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Information from Indonesia
about the Tsunami

To: Niels Johansen
Sent: Tuesday, December 28, 2004 3:23 PM
Subject: Urgent need for information


Dear Niels,

Thank you for your e-mail. As you may have watched in the news, it is really dissastrous. The information we got so far, our confreres in Nias are escaped uninjured. However, we have no adequate information yet as it is very difficult to contact them. All phone connections do not work. Our confreres in Medan also face the same dificculty. I will come back to you soon with more information.


Dear Niels,

Further to my previous e-mail, there is some more added information I have collected late this evening.

  • Our mission stations in Sumatera suffer minor damages. However, still very little information about Nias Island.
  • Our confreres in Medan (North Sumatera), especially Fr. Due, Joseph, work with the Archdiocese to form the archdiocese crisis centre, as Aceh is a part of this archdiocese. Fr. Due has not given me detailed plan yet. He promised to let me know soon.
  • Our confreres in Surabaya have started fund raising in their parishes to help. They plan to send donation to the Medan Archdiocese crisis centre.
  • Along with several other religious congregation, I have started fund raising, both from religious communities in Surabaya and from our lay people. We also will send our donation to the crisis centre.

So far I am not able to give you the address or phone number of that crisis centre and who is in charge. The communication to that area is very much distrupted.

The official statement encourage us to brace ourselves as the victim seem to be more than we could imagine now. The west coast of Aceh is totally isolated now, no communication at all. Phone lines have been cut down. Roads were also unacessible, while along that coast probably more than one million people living. We have not known yet how many of them are still alive.

Dear Niels,
That is for now. I will come back with more information afterwards.

Fraternally in the Divine Word.