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News on Tsunami Aceh

sent by Joseph Due svd,
on the 29th of December 2004,
in Indonesian language,
via sms to Guido Tisera.

It is very difficult to send news by fax to Rome. The same news has been sent to Germany (not specified where) and it went through. SVD Jawa and Ende Province has started to move to help. I am fully involved as Coordinator for aid on behalf of Archdiocese of Medan.

Tsunami victims in Nias island and Aceh has mounted to 50.000. But it affects millions of people in the area.

The most affected area is western coast of Aceh, 80 % of the town and villages are devastated.

Fr Servulus Isaak SVD (currently visiting professor of Scriptures at Major Seminary Pematang Siantar) who helped in a parish in Banda Aceh during Christmas, escaped from the catastrophy and he is at present the one that could furnish information firsthand about the disaster because he has cellular phone.

Our (SVD) two parishes in Aceh and Nias are safe and spared from the disaster but have become a place of shelter for refugees. Likewise svd parish at Martubung, Belawan Aceh is ready to serve as temporary shelter for refugees.

Various aids, medicines, foods, have been coming in but we are still short of volunteers for distribution of aid. Moreover most areas affected are still isolated.

SVD is expected to participate in the effort of rehabilitation after the emergency situation now.

I ask for SVD support worldwide because I was appointed directly by Archbishop of Medan to coordinate relief effort on the diocesan level.

Greetings to Fr General and his council.