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Asian Disaster / Information - Relief

From: "Idjcc" <idjcc@telkom.net>
To: "Superior General SVD" <svd.supgen@verbodivino.it>
Cc: "Niels B. Johansen" <svd.communications@verbodivino.it>
Sent: Tuesday, January 04, 2005 10:34 AM
Subject: Asian Disaster / Information - Relief

Dear Fr. Pernia,

Aurelius again with some more development regarding our effort to help victims of Aceh tsunami. This morning I talked to Fr. Norbert BETAN who is now in Medan to assist our confreres there.

Basically what they are doing is to coordinate the way to help people properly. There is a team consists of some OFM Cap fathers, diocesan priests, JPIC SVD Jawa commission, PADMA Indonesia (an NGO) and Justice and Peace commission of Indonesian Bishops Conference. This team will be divided in to two groups, one located in Medan (in Archdiocese of Medan) and one in Singkil (in the Diocese of Sibolga). The focus is to make sure that all donations and aid will reach to people in need.

So far, the effort in Singkil makes progress. Fr. Charles LANANG ONA, SVD, will go there tomorrow morning with his team to assist sanitary. Fr. Christian KIA ANEN, SVD, is already on the field with data related to the urgent need of sanitary. They will dig a well to provide water, install purification tools and build toilets and bathrooms for more than 8,000 people (more are expected to come). They are from south part of west coast of Aceh. A Fransiscan father takes care of food and medicine distribution.

A team of lay people from PADMA Indonesia has been in Banda Aceh to observe the situation closely. I am expecting information from them. It is quite hard to contact them now.

Things are easier in Nias and Singkil as there are many Christians. However, our confreres in Medan and their team are working hard now to help people.

Please pray for us.