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From: Idjcc
To: Superior General SVD
Sent: Wednesday, January 05, 2005 4:07 PM
Subject: Nias Report

Dear Fr. Pernia,

Herewith some more information regarding the situation in Nias. Our confreres in Nias and Pinangsori are now working with people in Singkil, South of Aceh.

Attached is short report from Fr. Norbert Betan, who is now in Medan, coordinating our aid.

Fraternally in the Divine Word.



Victims of Tsunami in Nias Island

December 30, 2004

1. Death toll:

a. Mandrehe District:

Tumerifaga village: 48
Sisarahili II village: 53 (43 dead, 10 missing)
Hiliwaeto village: 7

b. Sirombu District:

Sirombu village: 5
Kampung Baru village: 5
Onozalukhu village: 2

2. Damaged houses:

a. Mandrehe District:

Tumeripaga village: 17 houses
Sisarahili II village: 32 houses (totally destructed)
Di desa Hiliwaeto: 8 houses

b. Sirombu District:

Sirombu village: 158 houses
Kampung Baru village: 38 houses
Onozalukhu village: 7 houses

3. Damaged common facilities:

a. Catholic Church of Hiliwaeto: 1
b. GBI Church (Mandrehe): 1
c. ONKP Churches (Manrdrehe): 2
d. BNKP Church (Mandrehe): 1
e. Sirombu mosque: 1
f. Sirombu primary school 1
g. Madrasah - Islamic school 1

4. Food, medicines is only for one week, supported by appropriate medical team.

  1. Food can be bought in Gunungsitoli, using fund donated from out of Nias.
  2. Medicines and medical team are from the Archdiocese of Medan.

Mandrehe parish priest, his curates and parish council take care of the aid. There are four Holy Cross fathers with four seminarians, two FCJM sisters and 7 lay people, serving 60 mission stations.

5. Emergency posts:

There are four emergency posts. Three in Mandrehe are run by local government and one in Sirombu by Catholic Church.

6. Working progress:

  • Recovering death corpses and burying them.
  • Providing shelter for survivors
  • Building common kitchen for meals.
  • Emergency health services.

7. Aid Network:

  1. Nias District Government.
  2. The Diocese of Sibolga.
  3. The Archdiocese of Medan.
  4. The JPIC Team of SVD Jawa
  5. PADMA Indonesia (SVD)

Updated (Jan 5, 2005)

  1. There are still three inaccessible villages in Alasa Distritc. So far neither the government nor the church send team of investigation. We gain this information from a chatechist, working with Fr. Cosmas Sianturi, OSC. According to them, there seem to be no body alive.
  2. Last Sunday, we run out of food. Food and clothes are very much needed, however, it is better to donate money since all of these things needed can be bought in Gunungsitoli, Nias Island.
  3. Providing purified water is our next program.

Report by Fr. Norbert Betan, SVD
Translated by Fr. Aurelius Patisoge, SVD