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SAKSI Aceh - Nias Team

Information on SAKSI Aceh – Nias Team

From left to right: Felix Mamudi, Paul Payong SVD, Charles Lanang SVD, Venantz OFMCap, Yosef Due, SVD, Norbert Betan, SVD, Servulus Isaak, SVD

A. Name: SAKSI Aceh – Nias Team

SAKSI stands for SolidAritas untuk Korban tSunamI Aceh dan Nias (Solidarity for the victims of Aceh and Nias Tsunami). This team is formed together by JPIC SVD Java Province and PADMA Indonesia on 27 December 2004 in Jakarta. The main purpose of this team is to help the victims of tsunami in Aceh dan Nias.

B. Organization:

I. Core team:

Director: Fr. Norbert Betan, SVD (Commision of JPIC SVD Java)

  1. Fr. Aurelius Pati, SVD
  2. Fr. Willi Riedel, SVD
  3. Fr. Agus Sumarwan, SVD
  4. Fr. Paul Payong, SVD
  5. Felix Mamudi
  6. Gabriel Sola
  7. Yovianus Toni
  8. Andreas Koban
  9. Octavianus Johan

Tasks of the Core Team:

  1. Plan short-term programs:
    1. Determine ministry priorities
    2. Form ministry alliance (SAKSI Team)
    3. Collect data of refugees and their problems
    4. Chart the organizations/groups which have already given help (what has been done/given)
    5. Formulate whatever can be done by SAKSI Team in collaboration with other organizations which have already moved.
  2. Plan long-term programs:
    1. Returning of the refugees to their former places
    2. Reconstruction of refugees’ former places (house and cleaned water)
    3. Restoring the affected places to their former condition (agriculture, fishery and other productive efforts) appropriate with the local situation and condition.
    4. Children’s education

The structure and function of Core Team:

  1. Secretariat (Fr. Aurelius Pati, SVD and Octavianus Johan)
    1. Process the data received from the Investigation Team and inform it to the ones who need it.
    2. Report the progress of the ministry from time to time.
  2. Logistics Team/Treasurer (Fr. Paul Payong, SVD and Andreas Koban)
    1. Supplying logistics: food, clothing, medicine, etc.
    2. Submit bi-monthly financial report to the Director, then pass on the same to the donors.
    3. Make an annual report to the Director.
  3. Investigation Team (Yovianus Toni and Gabriel Sola)
    1. Collect data of the dead and handle efforts which have been made by many organizations including the government
    2. Make mapping of refuge site
    3. Make a data of the refugees in each location: number, gender, age and problems which are faced by refugees (starting from the most urgent) as well as their hopes
    4. Analyze data and process information

II. SAKSI Aceh - Nias Team

General Coordinator: Felix Mamudi (PADMA Indonesia)
Coordinator in Aceh: Fr. Yosep Due, SVD (Diocese of Medan)
Coordinator in Nias: Fr. Venantz, OFM Cap (Diocese of Sibolga)

Food and Medicine Distribution Team:

Aceh: Br. Alex Obe, SVD (Diocese of Medan)
Nias: Fr. Mikhael To, Pr (Diocese of Sibolga)

Sanitation and Education Team:

Aceh: Fr. Charles Lanang, SVD (JPIC SVD)
Nias: Fr. Kris Kia, SVD (JPIC SVD)

Functions of SAKSI Team:

  1. Determine the ministry focus for refugees:
    1. food
    2. clothing
    3. medicine
    4. clean water in refugee sites
    5. toilets
    6. temporary houses
    7. children’s education
  2. Plan and make the strategy
  3. Form team-work and job descriptions