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To: "SVD webmaster SVD" <webmaster@svdcuria.org>
Date: 19 May 2005, 06:57:48 AM
Subject: news

AFRICA/TOGO - "Let us not be discouraged! Let us continue to pray and pray and pray for our country": Christian leaders in Togo address the people

Lome (Fides Service)- Let us not be discouraged. We must pray and pray and pray for our country Togo, day and night, always and everywhere!. Let us build a chain of prayer until the country is out of the crisis". With these words the Christian leaders of Togo strive to instil hope in the hearts of the people of Togo in the grip of a dramatic crisis since elections were held on 24 April and the results were rejected by the Opposition.

In the message signed by Archbishop Philippe Fanoko Kpodzro of Lomé representing the Catholic community and by representatives of the Presbyterian and Methodist communities, the Christian leaders call on the people to pray that the country may find a way out of the crisis. "Since the social-political crisis afflicting our country first started individually and collectively we have urged you to pray for Togo and to be ready to make sacrifices for the good of the nation".

"With prayers and supplication and thanksgiving you have presented to God our country's concerning situation and our longing for peace" the clerics say. "We wish to thank you, the men and women of Togo, for the faith and hope with which you have prayed to God rich in mercy. We know God always listens to our prayer and answers them according to his will for the good of those who believe in him. In the present situation we must intensify our prayers, our acts of mortification and our thanksgiving because the Lord will always be God with us, God who triumphs with his people".

"To those who have suffered physically, morally or spiritually, those who have lost a loved one or a friend in the recent sad events we express our closeness and our sympathy" the message concludes.

(Agenzia Fides 18/5/2005 righe 28 parole 323)