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(VietCatholicNews 08/08/2007)

Úc Châu: Linh Mục Antôn Trần Bạch Hổ, SVD,
bị cướp đâm trọng thương ở Sydney

Sáng ngày 8/8/2007, báo chí Úc Châu loan tin một Linh Mục Việt Nam tên là Anthony Trần Bạch Hổ SVD Dòng Ngôi Lời đang phục vụ tại nhà hưu dưỡng và giáo xứ Marsfield Sydney, Úc Châu, đã bị một tên cướp đột nhập vào nhà Cha Hổ đang ngủ, qua ngã cửa sổ của phòng bếp lúc 4.30 sáng nay, thứ Năm ngày 9/8/07.

Cha Hổ nghe thấy có tiếng động gạy cửa, tức thời Cha thức giấc và đi đến chỗ có tiếng động, thì bất thình lình thấy tên cướp nhảy vào. Tên cướp đã đâm cha Hổ nhiều nhát dao, gây trọng thương. Cha Hổ tri hô kêu cứu cấp. Tên cướp đã nhanh chân tẩu thoát. Cha Hổ được chuyển đi cấp cứu, trong tình trạng nguy kịch, Cha phải qua một cuộc phẫu thuật tại bệnh viện Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney, Úc Châu.

Cảnh sát đang truy lùng gắt gao tên cướp, nhưng chưa tóm cổ được hắn. Xin thêm lời cầu nguyện cho Cha A. Trần Bạch Hổ SVD qua khỏi cơn nguy biến.

Email của linh mục Trần Bạch Hổ: hotransvd@yahoo.com.au -Telephone: (02) 9868 2666 -or (02) 9868 1010

Stabbed Catholic priest 'a gentle man'

A Catholic priest stabbed by an intruder in a Sydney church residence and retirement home early on Thursday is a gentle man who had defended himself as best he could, friends said.

Father Ho Tran, 55, was stabbed several times when he confronted the intruder in the communal kitchen of the Divine Word Missionaries residence at Marsfield at about 4.30am (AEST).

Bloody sheets and a single sandal lay at the entrance of the kitchen on Thursday morning as police continued their investigation into the unexplained break-in and attack.

Fr Tran was in a critical condition at Royal North Shore Hospital, where he was undergoing surgery.

A close friend, Father Tim Norton, said he was both shocked and upset over the attack at the residence for retired and active priests.

"He's a very gentle man - the last person you would expect to be involved in this sort of confrontation and I imagine he defended himself the best he could," Fr Norton told reporters.

"We'll be praying for Ho and the person who injured him."

Fr Tran later regained consciousness after surgery and was in a stable condition, said a spokeswoman for Royal North Shore Hospital.

"He's awake and talking and breathing on his own," the spokeswoman said.

Fr Tran is the director and manager of the residence, which currently houses 18 active and retired brothers and priests.

The priest has held the role for about 12 months.

He awoke early on Thursday morning to a noise coming from the communal kitchen and was confronted by a male intruder, who stabbed him several times before fleeing, police said.

Fr Tran then woke a resident who raised the alarm.

A police dog squad surveyed the crime scene.

A number of witnesses were interviewed and forensic investigators surveyed the scene, where there were multiple blood trails.

"Those witnesses are currently being interviewed as we speak," NSW Police Inspector Jim Szabo told reporters.

Local state Liberal MP Greg Smith visited the premises and made a plea to the NSW government to increase the police presence in the area, which includes a number of retirement homes and Macquarie University.

"It just indicates that although this is a nice, peaceful, scenic area, you just never know when some weirdo or somebody else wants to break into your home and destroy the peace," Mr Smith told reporters.

"The police in this area are very good but, like in other areas, they need reinforcements, they need more facilities and perhaps for the future and in the near future there needs to be more patrols in this area."

Jos. Vĩnh

Source: VietCatholic Network - Thông Tấn Xã Công Giáo Việt Nam

Priest conscious after stabbing

Dylan Welch
August 9, 2007 - 12:42PM

Apriest who had his throat slashed during an overnight break and enter in Sydney's north-west has regained consciousness, a hospital spokeswoman says.

Father Ho Tran, 55, from the Divine Word Mission in Marsfield, was allegedly stabbed when he disturbed an intruder near the mission's communal dining area about 4.30am.

He was treated by ambulance officers for a cut throat and stab wounds to the head, before being taken to the Royal North Shore Hospital.

He underwent surgery and is now awake and talking, a hospital spokeswoman said.

Gruesome scene

Police were confronted with a gruesome scene when they arrived at the mission, on Epping Road near the corner of Vimiera Road. A trail of blood ran between Father Ho's small flat and a wheelchair ramp entrance to the mission's kitchen.

Blood coated one of the two rails running up the ramp and the lower part of the door, and a blood-spattered thong and a bloodied white blanket lay near the top of the ramp, where forensic officers were working.

A window to the left of the ramp, that led into the kitchen, was open and marked with another forensic sign. The windows's fly screen lay discarded on the ground nearby.

It is understood that the initial attack occurred in a small anteroom between Father Ho's flat and the dining room, where police found large amounts of blood.

Father Ho then stumbled through an exit, along a concrete walkway for about 20 metres, and then up the wheelchair ramp where he raised a chef who slept nearby. It is believed the chef then called police.

Father Ho is the rector of the mission. According to its website, the Divine Word Mission does charity work in 58 countries.


Father Richard Gamanski, one of the priests who worked under Father Ho, said this was the first serious crime he had heard of at the mission.

"A couple of windows have been broken two years ago but nothing like this had ever occurred."

Father Gamanski said Father Ho was a very quiet and gentle man who had been very happy during his time at the Sydney mission. He worked there as the rector for a year, before which he spent about three years at the church's seminary in Melbourne.

A close friend, Father Tim Norton, said he was "very, very shocked" at the attack at the residence for retired and active priests.

Father Norton said he informed the congregation at this morning's mass about the attack on Father Ho, who regularly delivered communion at the mission.

"He's a very gentle man - the last person you would expect to be involved in this sort of confrontation," Father Norton said.

"We'll be praying for Ho and the person who injured him."

He said there had been a number of minor incidents at the mission over the years, mainly involving the theft of cash from rooms.

"He's a delightful person, a very caring person," a resident of the mission said.

"We all have to keep our doors locked now."

NSW shadow attorney-general Greg Smith, who is the local member, was at the mission this morning, calling for more police patrols in the local area.

Anybody with information about the stabbing can call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

with Edmund Tadros

Source: The Sydney Morning Herald