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To: MANY, including VIVAT Sent: Thursday, January 03, 2008 6:58 AM


Dear Sisters,
Dear Conferes,

Greetings and Peace from Nairobi-Kenya.

The Current Political situation in Kenya is alarming and so far a number of people have been killed. 50 people belonging to the Kenya Assemblies of God Church were burnt to death when the church was torched at Kiambaa in Eldoret. They were attacked by more than 200 arsonists.

Our SVD Parish in Eldoret=Langas is hosting 3000 refugees whose houses were torched and its a big task to our three conferes. They need food, clothes and medicine. It's terrible.

The number of rape victims seeking help at the Nairobi Womens Hospital has risen to 35 and more are not reported. This is likely to increase HIV infections.

Fuel crisis is being experienced in many parts of the country but Police last night made it clear they will escort petrol tankers and those transporting big cash at no cost.

At the Kenya biggest slum nearby our Philosophy house the Kikuyus and Luos are having a running battle. Shops burnt, looted, properties destroyed and some people killed whose number I can not predict. Some parts of the country have witnessed massive violence and they are Kisumu, Eldoret, Kitale, Mombasa, Nairobi, Baringo, TransNzoia-Marakwet, Nakuru and Kericho.

However all is not lost as all 24 Catholic Bishops have offered to reconcile Kibaki and Raila. Desmond Tutu, Ugandan President Museveni, EU among others have agreed to step in and calm the situation.

The Electoral Commission of Kenya Chairman has himself called for probe into tallying of presidential votes which had a lot of flows and which it is alleged the President did not win fairly.

Today Mr. Raila Odinga is defying the Government ban on holding public rally at Uhuru Park. We dont know what will happen as dreaded General Service Unit is merciless in dealing with crowd. They will be assisted by the Police to prevent people from attending that meeting. 2,000,000 are scheduled to attend. Citizens are waiting to see what will happen and if Railas die-hard followers will attend. We pray no bloodshed shall be shed my brothers and sisters.

I shall keep you all updated as im getting ready to attend a meeting. Please pray for Kenya not to turn like Rwanda, Somali, Sudan or any country where they have no Peace.

God bless you and Happy New Year.

Br. Lawrence Kithinji SVD

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