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From: Stan Roz
To: Niels Johansen
Sent: Friday, February 02, 2007 6:29 PM

Update from Langas

Dear Fr Neils,

Greetings! Just a few lines of update about the situation in Eldoret, Kenya. Last night passed relatively peaceful with only one alert of the attack in the parish. After long negotiations with the help of our Polish and Slovakia Embassies and the Papal Nuntio who contacted other EU diplomatic missions in Kenya, we had two police officers in the compound that gave us a little peace of mind. They came around midnight but left early in the morning. They promised to be back tonight but so far we haven’t seen them.

Tonight we have almost the same number of people; however there are fewer men that makes are more scared. Women and children are not able to defend themselves in case of any attack. People are scared and any rumor or news almost cause panic. Last night we had information that the warriors were planning to burn down our church. Thanks God it didn’t happen.

This morning we were able to go to town to make some shopping, people emptied all shelves of basic food stuffs. We were lucky to get some fuel with a normal price. The crisis however deepens as the main roads are still blocked and no supplies arrive.

In Langas Parish the situation worsens day by day. There is no food and sanitary facilities are in pathetic state. There is a danger of outbreak of some dangerous diseases. We can do nothing apart of being here with them and make frantic efforts to get any assistance that never came so far. The Red Cross is unable to come to any help as roads are closed. We think that the government is not very serious about this situation. The police are just trying to contain riots that erupt in different places around Eldoret.

In Langas Estate where our parish is we estimate that about 30 people have been killed so far.

We also have some information that the group that attack places is a paid one, however we still do not know who is behind it. It is shocking to us that the country that was picking up has been on its knees in just few days.

That is all information so far.

Keep us in your prayers.

SVD Community in Langas

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