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From: Stan Roz
Sent: Sunday, February 04, 2007 1:51 PM (??)

Update from Eldoret


Dear Fr. General,

Greetings from Langas Parish, Eldoret!

I am writing these few lines about the latest situation in our place.

Last night we had less people in the compound. We estimated about 1500 of them, mainly women and children. It doesn't mean that the situation stabilizes, rather a number of men left in search for food. Today many went to work but in the evening they will be back.

With the help of our embassies we were able to get two police officers to guard the place last night however it is still very hard to get them despite all promises they make. We called the BBC correspondent to come to our help and make more pressure through the media to solve the problem. They promised but never came.

Last night, the Red Cross brought 36 bags of maize, each bag approximately 90kg. It is a great relief for some families who had no food for two days. We have few families from that place called Kiambaa who survived the raid where the church was burnt with people inside. Yesterday two other protestant churches in Nairobi we set ablaze. There was a bit of anxiety last night around 11.30pm as we saw a fire nearby. We haven't got any details about it so far.

We expect to get some medical assistance, maybe even today as it was announced on the TV that the plane is carrying some of those items to the town. There is still no link by road between Eldoret and Nairobi.

Life here must go on; people finally try to organize themselves when it comes to keeping the compound clean. It is a mess at the moment and we are afraid of an outbreak of some diseases. We hope, the crisis will end soon.

People are very scared even now. Every day some new stories are circulating that cause anxiety. This afternoon it was said that the water has been poisoned. We do not know yet if it was true. Another news roaming around is that a large group of gangsters from Luo tribe are planning the big and a final operation to wipe out all Kikuyu tribe from the area. Very possible. The police are very tired and the longer the conflict goes on the bigger possibilities of strike are. None of the politician has come to the area so far, they even can't face each other, and we are waiting till they sit down together and announce the end of the conflict.

Protests in other parts of Kenya are still going on. There is destruction and death.

We were used to live in a different Kenya, the country was slowly progressing. In just a few days we see a very different picture. I wonder, how long and how much more destruction and death is needed to see again the other Kenya?

Fr. Stanislaw Roz,
Fr. Martin Cingel,
Fr. Teodor Grzyska and
Fr. Joseph Ola Sabhe

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