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From: sunil damor
Sent: Sunday, August 31, 2008 8:44 PM

Orissa Updates


Kandhamal District:

On the whole the district has been tensed. In the main town areas curfew continues. Police is on high alert. In the interior areas still small incidents of violence have been reported. At least 8 persons belonging to minority community have been reported to be injured in Baliguda, Barkhama. People seem to be taking revenge for all the old disputes etc. and there are people who are creating a rift between tribals and dalits to achieve their evil motive and inciting the dalits and tribals to fight among themselves. Most of the people of minority community are still out of villages as there is nothing left in the village except the mud walls of their houses projecting. Govt. is assuring the relief and security but nothing much has happened in concrete for the security of the minority group.

Kalahandi District

Day care centre and church attacked:

Today a day care centre and a church of punda village under Golamunda block was attacked by a mob of 300 people. They set the entire compound on fire. It was run by the New Life Society.

Bargarh District

5 Christian families attacked in Padampur Block:

After few days of barbaric attack of Fr. Edward and his orphan children, once again 5 christian families were attacked some 18 km away from Padampur. Though no one was injured the hooligans destroyed everything in the houses. The Christian families were involved in running a hospital, it is reported.


Koraput District

4 Churches and prayer houses damaged/burnt:

As uneasy calmed prevailed, it was the turn in the Jeypore town of Koraput district. The violence spread due to a disputes between students of two communities on inflammatory writing on the college wall. Violence spread to such an extent that curfew was clamped. Before the College principle could settle the matter the VHP (fanatic group) people came and began their usual way.

Overall situation Today:

Most of the people belonging to minority community who have lost everything are brought to few relief camps set up by govt. The chief minister visited some places. People are in such frustration that they have nowhere to go. “Either you kill us or send us somewhere outside the district if you can not protect us” told a woman to the chief minister.

Even police is not able to reach since the roads are blocked by the hooligans by cutting big trees in several points. Even police is under attack in most places hence they remain only the viewers of destruction.