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From: Ronnie Pereira
Sent: Saturday, September 13, 2008 6:12 PM

Orissa Agony

Dear Friends,

reetings to you from Ronnie.
I am writing this mail from Orissa.
Yesterday evening I reached my Provincial house,
and today had the opportunity to meet some conferes
who had been attacked during recent violence in Orissa.

It was very inspiring to listen to their witnesses and there is no
doubt that the Lord has saved them.
The situation is still tensed all over Orissa, most of the priests and religious working
in this area are under threat and live in fear and anxiety.

I am forwarding some of the pictures of recent violence.

I thank all those who have written to me personally at this time of pain
and sufferings of the Church in Orissa and appreciate your prayerful support.
When possible I shall write individual letters to you.

We count on your prayerful support for peace and harmony in our area.

with love,

Orissa: On the Trail of Violence

Attached are few pictures of violence against Christians in Orissa.

Reports received that thousands of Christian homes were burned down, many were brutally murdered and many are living away in remote unknown hide outs, without food and clothes to change. Many are living in the shelters.

Please pray for our country and those who are suffering.