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Kandhamal on boil again

  • 3 blasts even in the relief camps
  • More and more decomposed bodies found

The situation in the district is once again out of control. Blast in the high security covered relief camps have taken place where mainly the minority community victims are given shelter. Violence has been on rise and official death toll has gone up to 30, though the unofficial number is more. Everyday decomposed bodies are found in different places of the district. The blast took place in the relief camps at Nuagoan, Baliguda and Mahasinghi between 7 p.m to 8 p.m. The blast took place at a regular interval and shows that it was well planned. The Chief Minister visited the area for the second time but did not condemn strongly the attacks on minority instead appeased the demands of the majority community. The mobs have been blocking even the Police Force who go in rescue and control the violence.

It shows very clearly that the attacks are fully supported by the politicians who do not want even the central government to take action.

Mob Violence again in Kandhamal

  • One woman dies
  • 100 minority houses damaged
  • 4 prayer halls damaged

It is seen that Kandhamal district has once again turned into killing field. Complere lawlessness has been prevailing. Last night a woman was hacked to death and around 20 others got injured in clashes between two groups. The Indian Express daily says that the attack have been continuing despite deploying 35 companies of para military forces, rapid action units along with State Armed Police. The mobs have been going on rampage and attacking the minority houses and prayer halls (churches).

The attack took place at Rudangia, Telingia and Gadaguda villages where 100 houses of the minority group were destroyed and 4 prayer halls (churches) were damaged. The attackers had blocked the roads by huge logs of trees and boulders to prevent the police.

Though the state government has stationed para military forces there is no let up in violence since the last one month.