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The “Year of St. Paul” the Missioner Challenges us to Sacrifice, Liberation and Universality

By Dr. Mike Gable, Mission Office Director


Fr. Roger Schroeder, SVD, who served in Papua New Guinea, points to St. Paul’s challenge of universality. In his new Orbis Book, What is the Mission of the Church? A Guide for Catholics, Fr. Schroeder emphasizes St. Paul’s first mission efforts in Antioch. These efforts demonstrated that the Holy Spirit invites all people to the community of Jesus. St. Paul also journeyed to Europe and Asia promoting this universality of God’s reign of love. The book of Acts concludes, “For two full years Paul stayed (in Rome) in his rented lodgings, welcoming all who came to him.”

Would St. Paul challenge us to welcome people of various cultures to our local churches? To be collaborating with dioceses world wide in their growth? Please see page five about the October arrival of Fr. Pat Byrne, SVD, coming from the Holy Childhood Association in Rome to encourage the universal attitude of our church with the World Mission Rosary.


Source: Transmission - A newsletter of the Mission Office of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati Fall 2008