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From: sunil damor
Sent: Monday, May 17, 2010 7:38 PM

Journalism Course at St. Arnold Vikas Sanchar Report

Dear Friend,

Find a Report/Write-up on one of the courses we organized recently. This is on journalism. We have organized four similar courses during these summer months and the participation is really encouraging. In Journalism course 27 members participated and in 1st batch of computer course 12 participants. Now for summer music course we have 50 participants. Soon after this we have advanced course in computer. We are very happy that we, as the regional communication centre, are able to help many in vairous ways.

Kindly see in the website given below a report on the journalism course we conducted.


with love

Fr. Sunil Damor,SVD

St. Arnold Vikas Sanchar
(Regional Communication Centre)
Post Box.4, Jharsuguda.
Orissa, India. 768 201