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From: Ivan DSilva
Date: June 08, 2012 @ 01:09
Subject: Breaking news, ING

SVD Recued Two Minor Girls From Trafficking

On 6/6/12, I could rescue two minor girls from trafficking, aged 13 & 14 from Ladrymbai, Jaintia Hills Dt. Meghalaya ,close to Guwahati Airport. As soon as I received the news from Ladrymbai of kidnapping and taking the girls through flight I reached the airport and inquired through the help of CSF police and later found out that, they were kept in one of the houses close to Airport. With the help of local police officer I went to the house and rescued and produced them to the Child line care in Guwahati. After the medical test and initial CID interrogation they were handed over to the Meghalaya Police and the parents on the following day at 5.pm. CID department is already into action to find the real culprits.

New development in the Northeast is that, girls are taken through by air by the rich pimps. Trafficking through railways and roadways is still prevalent in the Northeast.When they are out from their tribal territory they are new to the language(Hindi). They cannot communicate to anybody, they become dumb.

Ivan D' Silva, SVD, Guwahati.