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A New Secular Institute in INE

Fr. Joseph Amalan, SVD, having taken voluntary exclaustration from May 2012, has ventured into starting a Secular Institute called "LAMBS" to empower the laity and make them into active collaborators in the mission of the Odisha Church by using mass media.

"LAMBS" is an abbreviated form of "Lay Active Media Brothers & Sisters". This institute was blessed by Most Rev. Lucas Kerketta, SVD, Bishop of Sambalpur and opened by Rev. Fr. Telesphore Bilung, SVD, Provincial of India Eastern Province on 4th February 2013. Six full time members offered themselves through a prayer of self surrender at the time of offertory during the Holy Mass of the Inaugural ceremony. Fr. Amalan says that more full time members will be joining by June 2013, after completing their present academic year; And the Institute is blessed also with some associate members to help them in the Print and Electronic Media: for example, some retired college professors, active lecturers in the college and other specialists in the field of education and media.

Vision of the LAMBS

We shall promote the unconditional love of God and the Truth among the people of all caste and creed in Odisha.

Mission of the LAMBS

To fulfill our Vision, we shall make use of the powerful tools of today’s Digital World, namely:

  • Electronic Media: We shall telecast the Good news daily through one of the existing television channels, hoping to open a channel of our own when the day comes.
  • Print Media: We shall publish a News Tabloid and Biblical, Liturgical, Moral, Ethical literature, Prayer books, Hymn books, and others ...
  • Group Media: We shall proclaim the Good News through Dance Drama, Orchestra, Stage Play and Street-play, etc.
  • Divine Media: Some of the LAMBS will be engaged in Perpetual Adoration round the clock in order to obtain God’s blessing and guidance to fulfill our mission. We shall also organize Inter-religious prayer gatherings in towns and villages.

Implementation by LAMBS:

The Lay Active Media Brothers & Sisters (LAMBS) of the Secular Institute will travel from Diocese to Diocese, parish to parish and house to house with the Good News through the medium of Catholic News Tabloid, religious/biblical books, media tools like CDs, DVDs, Street Plays and Dance-Dramas to be performed in the villages (not in the enclosed parish premises). They will animate leaders/correspondents/reporters from different areas of the Odisha Region and keep regular contact with them by mobile phone and email.