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Michael Heinz svd
Via dei Verbiti 1
Cas. post. 5080
00154 Roma-Italia

phone: 0039-0657115459
e-mail svd.jpic@verbodivino.it

Rome, 26.2.2007

in re: Implementation of the XVI General Chapter Resolution on Human Trafficking (2.2.) and Recommendation on Migrant and Refugee Apostolate (3.2.)

Dear confreres!

Greetings from Rome.

In their meeting on 13 February 2007 Fr General and his council decided to entrust to the JPIC coordinators of the Society the implementation of a resolution and recommendation in the area of JPIC of the last general chapter. These are:

Chapter Resolution 2.2. on Human Trafficking: “That the XVI General Chapter empower the Generalate coordinator for Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation (JPIC), along with VIVAT International, to devise a means to collect information and educate the members about Human trafficking and seek ways to collaborate with others to rid the world of this terrible scourge.”

Chapter Recommendation 3.2. on Migrant and Refugee Apostolate: “That the Generalate, in consultation with the provinces and regions, prepare guidelines for the migrant and refugee apostolate and encourage the provinces and regions to appoint more confreres for this apostolate.”

As a first step in the implementation of this resolution and recommendation, we would like to gather up to date information about the reality of these two issues in our provinces/regions. So I would like to ask your help in gathering this information by answering the following questions:

  • 1. Human Trafficking:
    • 1.1. What is the situation in your province-country regarding Human Trafficking?
    • 1.2. What is being done in your province/region in regard to this issue?
    • 1.3. Who are involved (names of confreres and/or groups)?
  • 2. Migrant and Refugee Apostolate:
    • 2.1. What is the situation in your province-country regarding:
      • 2.1.1. immigrants?
      • 2.1.2. refugees (external and internal)?
    • 2.2. What is being done in your province/region in regard to this issue?
    • 2.3. Who are involved in this apostolate?
    • 2.4. Are there rules, guidelines or statutes on this apostolate (from the SVD, diocese, others) which you could share with us? (Please attach a copy).

Please send me your response by E-Mail by May 01, 2007 so that I can summarize the information for the General Council for their July planning sessions. Thanks in advance for your help and for your quick reply.

Michael Heinz, SVD Generalate JPIC Coordinator

cc: provincials/regionals svd