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Anthropos Institute

Present Situation

The Institute went through a process of restructuring to adapt itself to the present global situation and it culminated in the approval of new Statutes in 2003, revised Statutes in 2007, and slightly-amended Statutes in 2015. From an institute understood as primarily a center in Europe, where the director resided and where the council met, it changed to a network of individual members and institutes worldwide coordinated by a person whose office is not tied to any center or country and by a coordinating council which meets using modern Internet technologies.

Dr. Roger Schroeder was been reappointed as coordinator for another term (2016-2018) and his office is in Chicago, USA. Elected as councilors for this term are Dr. Philip Gibbs, who resides in Madang, Papua New Guinea, and Dr. S.M. Michael, who resides in Mumbai, India. For any business related to the international network of Anthropos Institute, contact Schroeder at <>

At the beginning of 2017, there are 47 members of the Institute working in and/or associated with various institutions including some of the following:

Curia Generalizia SVD — Via dei Verbiti, 1 — 00154 Roma — ITALIA