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“A Celebration of Grace and Joy”

Dear Confreres,

Every year, the Church sets aside a special day called “World Mission Sunday” to help us reflect on our deepest identities as Christians in Mission. This year it will be celebrated on October 19th 2014.


Pope Francis, in his message for the World Mission Sunday 2014, once more emphasized the primary mission Ad Gentes that “the church is missionary by her very nature”. He urges us to “go forth” and immerse ourselves in the joy of the Gospel and nurture a love that can light up our vocation and our mission. He invites us to make the church a welcoming home for all peoples.

In the latest Society Matters, our provincial also reminds us that “As Divine Word Missionaries, we place a high priority on our relationships with our Mission Partners. We are all engaged in Mission together. Each of us has our role to play in helping to build God’s Kingdom. This call to Christian Mission begins at our baptism, when we are born again in Christ and it is strengthened and refined as we grow in our Christian life.”

It would be great if you, in your own mission placements, could be able to collaborate with the local church to animate and make the celebration joyful, fruitful and memorable to the people.

Attached are some materials that you might find helpful in your liturgical celebration of 2014 Mission Sunday.

Best wishes.

Yours in the Divine Word,

Truc Quoc Phan
AUS Mission Secretary