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December 21, 2007
SVD 1f-072976

Fr. Xene Sanchez, SVD
AFRAM Zonal Coordinator
12e rue n° 14, Q.I. Limete
B.P. 7463 Kinshasa I
Rép. Dém. du CONGO

in re: An AFRAM Zone Website.

Dear Fr. Sanchez,

This morning in the general council we discussed your letter of 16th December, in which you ask permission for the launching of an AFRAM Zone Website. Websites are part of a territory not exactly covered by the Founder in the Constitutions.

Starting a website wouldn’t seem to require the permission of the general council. There are already quite a few websites and blogs started by confreres, provinces, and SVD groups.

Following your indication for <www.svdafram.org> and looking at the internet, it seems that the baby has already arrived, so we might as well baptize it and wish it a long and happy life.

As Advent draws to a close I would like to take this opportunity to send you Christmas Greetings in the name of the whole generalate. May your celebration of the birth of the Word made Flesh be one of joy.

Fraternally in the Divine Word,

Antonio M. Pernia, SVD
Superior General

cc: Fr. Provincial Amanor - Chair AFRAM Executive Committee

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