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Letter to AFRAM Communications Coordinators

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Letter to AFRAM Communications Coordinators

re: Contact with Communications Coordinators
received: Sat, May 15, 2010 2:14 am
from: AFRAM Zonal Coordinator

Dear AFRAM Provincial, Regional and Mission Coordinators,

Peace and Greettings fro the AFRAM Zone.
I have a letter for you! Please see attached file.

God bless!

Xene Sanchez

Dear Communications Coordinators,

Peace and greetings from the AFRAM Zone!

Thank you! First, some words of thanks for your lively participation in the AFRAM Zonal Assembly that took place in Lomé, Togo last February 7-13, 2010. Even if most of you were not there you have contributed in many ways for its success. We thank you for your rapport on the Communications activities in your provinces, region and missions. If you want to get an image of what is happening in the Zone I encourage you to visit our AFRAM Website www.svdafram.org in the rubrics of the Zonal Assembly. We thank you too for participating in the nomination of the candidates for the Area Coordinator for Communications. Most of all, thank you for your prayers and your interest for our AFRAM Zone.

Congratulations! On the same day of the elections you must have been informed (informally) about the reelection of Fr. Miroslaw Wolodko as our AFRAM Area Coordinator for Communications. CONGRATULATIONS MIREK! We could not publish the elections results until the official appointment of the provincials. The Provincial of Togo was very prompt; unfortunately the other provincials were rather slow and we had to wait for them. Fr. Mirek made wonders during the AFRAM Zonal Assembly and kept us documented and informed throughout all the sessions. The exposition of your produced materials coming from different parts of AFRAM was impressive. Many things are going on in the area of Communications.
We also congratulate Fr. Serge Tshunda, the new Provincial Coordinator for Communications of Congo. Fr. Michel Bandowa is sent for studies this year in Rome. We thank him for his contributions for the CNG province and for the Zone. If there are changes in other provinces, please let me know.

Generalate document for you and for us all. Very fresh from the Generalate, the long-time awaited document for Communications is published entitled: “Communication Policy in the Society of the Divine Word (SVD) May 2010”. According to Fr. General several unfinished drafts were passed from one Communications Coordinator to the other until Fr. Thomas Kallanchira, the incumbent GCC, has worked on it until the final touch. The final document has passed through several Generalate meetings. I am sending you a copy of it for your appraisal. You find inside an enumeration of the role of the Coordinator (no. 5). No. 5.8 says: “Zonal and subzonal collaboration and coordination among the coordinators should be promoted and enhanced”. Please take note of that.

New AFRAM Vision-Mission Statement. The Zonal Assembly has come up with the revised Vision-Mission Statement for the whole Zone. Please help us to disseminate this to your provinces, region and mission.

We, the Divine Word Missionaries of Africa and Madagascar Zone (AFRAM), envision ourselves to be witnesses of God’s Reign through the living and proclamation of the Word of God.

Guided by the Fourfold Prophetic Dialogue and our Characteristic Dimensions, we commit:

  • To live a more simple lifestyle that would reflect the life of the people we are working with
  • To integrate the values of JPIC in our own life and communities
  • To create viable missionary Christian communities, especially through their formation
  • To accompany the poor and the sick, faith-seekers, refugees, HIV/AIDS victims
  • To educate and impart Christian values to our youth
  • To provide our Formandi contextualized formation for inter-cultural mission.

We implore God’s blessings through the intercession of Saints Arnold Janssen and Joseph Freinademetz so that through the Light of the Word and the Spirit of Grace, the heart of Jesus may live in the hearts of all.

AFRAM Recommendations. The Zonal Assembly has come up with 7 recommendations. I would underline the first which states: “That JPIC be strongly promoted in our Formation Programs, in Biblical Pastoral Ministry, in Communication and in Mission Animation”. During this triennium the Zone would like to enhance JPIC in answer to our present situation in Africa and Madagascar beset by conflicts, injustice and environmental threats. The Area of Communication and other Areas are asked to help promote Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation. All our areas are intertwined and concern all confreres; thus we should support one another.

Communications Workshop. The Zonal Assembly has planned to hold simultaneous (at times together at times separate) Workshops for Biblical Pastoral Ministry and Communications in Madagascar, during Easter 2011. The Generalate is open to the possibility of helping us in the budget if the situation is favorable. I hope that you will be ready for that Rendezvous. That means that you collaborate with the Area Coordinator through email in preparing the Workshop. You may also suggest which topic would interest both the BPM and the Communications Coordinators for the joint sessions.

Our lineup. So that you may start with your correspondence, here is the list of CCs and their email addresses (please correct me if there are changes):

  1. Fr. Wolodko, Miroslaw (TOG) mirekwo@yahoo.fr or mirekwolom@gmail.com
  2. Fr. Nellas, Dionisio (GHA) dionisionellas@yahoo.com
  3. Fr. Serge Tshunda (CNG) stshunda@hotmail.com
  4. Fr. Eguizábal Garcia, José (ANG) angsvd@hotmail.com
  5. Fr. Marciniak, Marek (BOT) mareko.svd@info.bw
  6. Fr. Cellan, Narciso (KEN) narcell@yahoo.com
  7. Fr. Grad, Zdzislaw (MAD) svdmana@googlemail.com or grad@grad.svd-mad.org
  8. Fr. Libangan, Juan C. Jr. (MOZ) enetakon@yahoo.com
  9. Fr. Maciej Malicki (ZIM) i@svdzimbabwe.com

Please don’t forget to send copies

Thank you very much! Let’s keep in TOUCH. God bless,