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ASPAMIR - Constitution


The Name of the Association is SVD Asian-Pacific Association of Mission Researchers (ASPAMIR). It is an inter-disciplinary Association of professional SVD members involved in mission studies through education and research.


The primary Objective of ASPAMIR is to serve as a resource and support group for missiological education and research in order to: a) promote professionalism in inter-disciplinary mission studies, b) respond to practical mission needs and concerns as expressed by SVD/SSpS and other active missionaries, so that the Incarnate Word and Life-enhancing Spirit be accepted as a transforming presence in Godís world amidst the structural poverty, the ecological imbalance, and the multi-cultural and multi-religious contexts of Asia and the Pacific.


The Membership of ASPAMIR is open to all SVD and SSpS members assigned to the Asian-Pacific Zone normally holding at least a Post-Graduate degree in a relevant science, committed to the cause of mission studies and who are making a scholarly contribution to missiological education and/or research. Membership is also open to corporate bodies such as Cultural and Missiological Research Institutes and Centres run by the SVD/SSpS in Asia and the Pacific, or Centres/Institutes where either Congregation is formally involved.

Applications for membership are submitted to the provincial or interprovincial coordinator and new members are admitted by the Executive Body at their regular meeting.

After consulting the Executive Body, the President ordinarily discontinues membership of those unable to undertake any active role in the Association.

Usually, two SVD and two SSpS Asian-Pacific (ASPAC) Provincials are invited to attend the symposia of the Association.


The work of ASPAMIR is carried out by the General Body and the Executive Body.

The General Body is composed of all members and normally meets every four years during the symposium

The Executive Body is composed of the members of the SVD ASPAC Area Team for Missiological Education and Research and the President.

The Executive Secretary is the SVD ASPAC Area Secretary for Missiological Education and Research.

The SVD ASPAC Area Secretary for Missiological Education and Research is chairman of the MER Area Team in accordance with the Statutes of the Asian-Pacific Zone of the SVD.