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ASPAMIR Colloquium

IVth ASPAMIR Conference

The IVth ASPAMIR Conference will be in Bali, Indonesia, on September 28 – October 2, 2009. The theme will be “Cross-cultural Mission: Problems and Prospects.” The papers presented will have also responses. Participants will be expected to present papers relative to the theme of the Colloquium. The purpose is to help the members of the Society of the Divine Word to help to do research. An Indonesian confrere will do the keynote address. The four speakers will be identified from the following countries: Indonesia, India, Philippines and PNG. Philip Muncada, who is based in Nanzan University, has prepared a questionnaire to study on SVD early-returnees from foreign missions. Hence, his help could be sought to do the reserch. Another set of study will be open to cross-cultural mission, even those doing transcultural work in the same country. All participants must have a paper which could be on the theme but the papers on other themes which are relevant to their contemporary research also could be presented. The approach is interdisciplinary, just as being transcultural is interdisciplinary by nature