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ASPAC BROTHERS' ASSEMBLY: From 18th till 23rd August,2008, a meeting will be held of ASPAC Brothers Area Coordinators in Taipei, China (SIN). Chairman of this meeting with be Brother Romualdo Abulad (PHS).

ASPAC MISSION SECRETARIES will meet at Ledalero, Flores (IDE), from 1st till 6th September, 2008. The meeting will be chaired by Fr. Hubertus Tenga (IDE).

SVD UNIVERSITIES: The Heads of SVD Universities (from Japan, China, Philippines, Indonesia, PNG and Brazil) will meet in Ledug, Java, Indonesia (IDJ), on 24th September, 2008. This meeting will be chaired by Fr. Jan Czuba (PNG).

ASPAC ZONAL ASSEMBLY will take place at Ledug, Indonesia (IDJ), from 25th till 29th September. The meeting will be chaired by Fr. Sebas Hobahana (IDR). Superior General Fr. Tony Pernia will participate, along with ASPAC Zonal Coordinator, Fr. Bill Burt, the 18 ASPAC Provincial/Regional Superiors and the 8 ASPAC Area Coordinators.

Thanking you,

Bill Burt, SVD
ASPAC Zonal Coordinator.