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"Photobank" with mission pictures


uring the last meeting of the European Zone we discussed the necessity of having "photobank" with mission pictures which can be used for our mission animation and various publications. I volunteered to undertake this challenging task. First of all I tried to found a professional service able to meet our expectations. Next I started collecting photographs from our missionaries. So far result of it you can find on the following website: svdphotos.org/

All the pictures are divided according to continents and then they belong to various categories. The navigation is quite easy and simple. You can search for certain pictures by a keyword as well. Every photograph has its unique number, for example AF 026. Each picture can be downloaded in full resolution. All images are provided with the necessary information on the author, subject andlocation. Information about terms of use and copyrights is placed on the home page.

At the moment there are only few hundreds photographs on this website. To have this project useful I would need much more. That is why I respectfully ask our missionaries (SVD and SSpS) to send me mission pictures of good quality and proper resolution (more than 2 MB) to be presented on svdphotos.org. By sending this photographs I would understand that the authors express their agreement to the use of their work. Before publishing every image goes through a special graphic program. The pictures can be send via Internet to: svdphotos.org@gmail.com or on CD/DVD to:

    Andrzej Danilewicz SVD,
    ul. Partyzantow 4, 05-816
    Michalowice, Poland.

I can not guarantee that all sent pictures will be displayed. I hope my request will meet with good response for the benefit of all of us.

I hope the idea is good and the way of carrying it out as well. I count on your support and God's blessing.


Andrzej Danilewicz SVD
Area Coordinator for Mission Secretaries

See Also: SVD Communications - FotoBank©*