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PANAM Formation

PANAM Formators Gathering

he triennial gathering of the PANAM formators took place in Curitiba (BRS) from 1 to 13 July. Formators from almost all provinces and regions with formation programmes—some 34 of them—participated in it. The main feature of the first week was a 4-day Workshop on Affectivity conducted by our confrere Llyod Thomas (Sam) CUNNINGHAM (USC). At the beginning of the gathering participants shared briefly about the different stages of formation activities taking place in their respective province/region. In the second week the group of formators took up for detailed discussion a number of common issues concerning formation in the Zone.

Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of this meeting was the presence of two representatives of formators from the ASPAC Zone: Alphonsus MANA (IDE) and Godwin VIEGAS (INC). Their participation was in view of enhancing the understanding of mission and formation realities in the respective Zones leading to a mutual enrichment to be eventually reflected in the preparation of new missionaries. Present also were the Generalate Secretary for Formation and Education, Thomas MALIPURATHU, and the PANAM Zonal Coordinator Gary RIEBE-ESTRELLA (USC). The three Provincial Superiors of the Brazilian provinces: Paulo BUBNIAK (BRS), José Ademar KAEFER (BRC) and Djalma Antonio Da SILVA (BRN) took part in some of the sessions.

The proceedings of the meeting were very ably guided by a team headed by the Area Coordinator for Formation José Nicolàs ESPINOSA (COL). The physical aspects of the gathering were left to the BRS Mission Secretary, Joachim ANDRADE and the Formation Coordinator of the Brazilian Sub-zone, Moacir RUDNICK (BRC), local hosts. They did an excellent job looking after the welfare of each participant.