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From: 愛‧福傳-聖福若瑟舞台劇St. Joseph Freinademetz the Musical
To: Fr. Modeste Munimi Osung, SVD The Generalate Coordinator for Communications SVD Curia
Date: 2019-07-10 19:05

Musical Production on St. Joseph Freinademetz

Dear Fr. Modeste,

My name is Danny, the executive producer of the musical film "St. Joseph Freinademetz The First Saint to Ever Serve in Hong Kong." I've been helping Fr. Joseph Tan SVD in adding subtitles of various languages to the musical film. I was just told by him that the SVD Curia agreed to post these videos to the Curia's website, so that the SVD priests around the world can easily access these versions. He asked me to contact you. Thank you very much for your help in advance.

There are two types of videos that are available for SVD priests to use: LD (on YouTube; good on computers/tabs/cells) and HD (good on TV and in cinemas; big in size).

<LD/YouTube versions>

Versions already posted to YouTube (8):

  1. Traditional Chinese & English Subtitles
  2. Simplified Chinese & English Subtitles
  3. English & Indonesian Subtitles
  4. English & Tagalog Subtitles
  5. Italian Subtitles
  6. Portuguese Subtitles
  7. Spanish Subtitles
  8. Hong Kong Sign Language (w/ Traditional Chinese & English Subtitles)

Versions will be posted to YouTube by Sep 30, 2019 (5):

  1. Japanese Subtitles
  2. Korean Subtitles
  3. German Subtitles
  4. Cantonese Audio Description (w/ Traditional Chinese & English Subtitles)
  5. China Sign Language (w/ Simplified Chinese & English Subtitles)

Versions will be posted to YouTube by Dec 31, 2019 (5):

  1. Urdu Subtitles
  2. Hindi Subtitles
  3. Malayalam Subtitles
  4. Vietnamese Subtitles
  5. French Subtitles

<HD versions>

You can find all the versions in high definition in the above Google Drive. I'll post new versions whenever they're ready and email you.

Please let me know if you need other information and feel free to pass my contact to anyone on your team. Thank you again for your help in bringing this musical film to the world.

God bless,

Danny Anthony Shiu (Hong Kong)