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GC XVI Resolution 2.5.2

Language Learning Programmes
in Our Provinces/Regions

Details at a glance

Province Level(s)
Details of
1 OES Theology English Summer course in Ireland for those students whose habitual language is not English. Theology students come from different provinces.
2 POL Novitiate, Post-novitiate English For the first three years in major seminary, 30 hours per semester, 70 hours during summer vacation (intensive course) with an exam from next year.
For the IV Years 30 hours of Spanish per semester.
No mention of arrangements in the Novitiate.
3 SLO Novitiate, Post-novitiate English One month intensive course during summer for Theology students, private tuitions during the year. No mention of any exam to test proficiency, no mention of arrangements in the Novitiate
4 HUN Novitiate, Post-novitiate English No classes in the house itself, students not having mastery of English take classes at the theological school they attend and at language centres in Budapest. No mention of arrangements for Novitiate.
5 POR Theology English At the time of writing the letter (November 29, 2007) the details were still being worked out. Theology students from different provinces.
6 ESP Theology


No arrangements as of now, but the Prov. Council has decided that for those in formation not proficient in English, learning it would be obligatory. Theology students from different provinces.
7 SWI Does not apply -- -- --
8 MEX Novitiate, Post-novitiate


Sending students after completing II Theology for two semesters to Epworth. No mention about Novitiate.
9 ARE Does not apply -- -- --
10 ARS Novitiate, Post-novitiate --

In Novitiate one morning (every week?) set apart for the study of English. In Post-novitiate stage of formation, students are asked to attend a language course in one of the Academia de Idiomas outside. Plans to discuss with USC for the possibility of an intensive course after I Year Theology.

11 PAR Post-novitiate


Began a programme of English language in the current academic year.
Plans are afoot to get a regular teacher in the coming year.


12 ECU Novitiate


A very elementary course in English for students in Pre-novitiate stage and for Novices. Post-novitiate formation is common for Sub-zona Andina and is in COL.
13 CAM Doest not apply


-- --
14 IDJ Novitiate, Post-novitiate English In Novitiate two hours of class per week.
In Post-novitiate stage, classes every Wednesday afternoon.
No mention about exam.
15 INE Theology Habitual language is English


No teachers available for Spanish classes!
16 INM Theology Habitual language is English Common policy for the whole of the country to be decided in the National Formation Board meeting in September 2008.  
17 AUS Novitiate, Post-novitiate -- -- The provincial thinks that the Chapter Resolution does not apply to Initial Formation Programme in AUS!!
18 VIE Novitiate, Post-novitiate English No formal lessons during Novitiate, but care is taken to keep up the proficiency gained during Postulancy through organized classes.
In Post-novitiate, students are prepared in view of IELTS (International English Language Testing System) and TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language).
Very professional approach!
19 KEN Theology Habitual language is English Spanish lessons (for those from English background) once a week, intensive course during long vacation. Weekly classes have been launched on an ad-experimentum basis.  
20 BOT Postulancy, Philosophy Habitual language is English Twice a week classes in Spanish during postulancy; one month intensive course during vacation in philosophy, two hours per week classes planned.