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SVD Formation

Formation Method Based On Collaboration

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Theme (s) Inspiring News / Current Events / Any Interesting Article SVD History and Spirituality Philosophy Pick a Book (book summary) Philosophy Catechesis on Church’s Teachings, Morals, and Bible Gospel Reflection For Sunday

What is Thematic Byte? It is a byte of knowledge that is sharable and worth imparting. It is a byte (a unit) of ideas that can easily be grasped by the listeners/audience. Thematic byte therefore is a bite of knowledge. There is a saying that goes: great things come from small beginnings. We can also say that great knowledge and wisdom come from a byte of knowledge.

Objectives: To foster and enhance the self-confidence of the students through public speaking. To foster and develop learning environment in the community. To promote culture of reading and research.


  1. Each student is assigned to present a particular theme every evening after supper time. The presentation is minimum of 3 mins and maximum of 5 mins.
  2. The presenter should focus on his main points (summarized form, concise and coherency of ideas).
  3. The presenter is highly encouraged to consult and read reliable sources, literatures, websites, and authors.
  4. The presenter is encouraged to write the outline of his presentation on a piece of paper to guide him in his presentation.

Three year(s) Program: Expectations

  1. Every student is expected to have a solid foundation, vast and sufficient knowledge about the Society, bible, church’s teachings, and philosophy.
  2. Every student has developed the culture of reading and research in the initial stage of formation.
  3. After three years, every student possesses high level of competence in public speaking and self-confidence.

Prepared by: Fr. Eric Lacandula, SVD (Kenya-Tanzania Province)