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From: SVD Generalate
Sent: Dec 15, 2009 @09:12

E-mail fraud - Fraude per correo electronico

To all SVD provincial and regional superiors:

In recent days, several provinces have informed us that they have received an e-mail which purportedly comes from Fr. Timothy Lehane, SVD, now working for the Pontifical Mission Works in Rome. The e-mail, obviously, is a scam, a fraud. The format and content are typical of such scams.

If an e-mail presents a request for money, please be extremely cautious, even if it seems to contain specific SVD information such as the name of the provincial or vice-provincial, telephone numebers, etc.

In your province newsletter, please warn the confreres of your province against responding to such pleas for financial help. For your information, the text of the false e-mail can be found below.

Please report such messages to the generalate: svd.generalate@verbodivino.it

A todos los superiores provinciales y regionales de la SVD:

En los últimos días, varias provincias nos han informado de que han recibido un correo electrónico que supuestamente proviene del Padre Timoteo Lehane, SVD (ex provincial de Ecuador), que ahora trabaja para las Obras Misionales Pontificias en Roma. El e-mail es, obviamente, una estafa, un fraude. El formato y contenido son típicas de estas estafas.

Si un e-mail presenta una solicitud de dinero, por favor, ser muy prudente, incluso si parece contener información SVD específica, tales como el nombre del provincial o del vice-provincial, numeros de telefono, etc.

Por favor, recordar a los hermanos de la provincia que se mantenga alerta y prudente. Para su información, el texto del mensaje de correo electrónico falsa se puede encontrar a continuación.

Por favor, informe al generalato, si usted recibe un mensaje similar:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: P. Timoteo Lehane <svd.tlehane@hotmail.fr>
Date: Mon, Dec 14, 2009 at 9:57 PM
Subject: Fraternity
To: provsin@ms37.hinet.net

Dear provincial

We are Fr. Timoteo Lehane, svd former provincial of the Province of Ecuador and Fr. Joseph Artienda current provincial Ecuador. We try to have you on the phone number below (0062) (0381) 21715) but in vain.

He must immediately inform you of our presence in the region of Central Africa. (Rwanda) we accompany His Excellency Archbishop Raúl Eduardo Vela Chiriboga President and Archbishop of Quito, which is currently on a visit to Rwanda

In this fraternal message, We would like first to greet you all and wish you good "Adventus with Christ. We also inform you of the tragedy we're living.
This is the death of the secretary of Chancellor 'Archbishop. Adao The father was sent by Bishop in the Diocese of Butare just in the border between the DRC and Rwanda. The vehicle in which he was dropped in an ambush by rebel soldiers who opened fire killing all the occupants. We have succeeded with the help of the sister Church of Congo and fraternal assists authorities in the province of eastern Congo to keep the body of Father in a hospital morgue sisters east of congo.

Bishop has requested to see with our colleagues the opportunity to find a loan repayable on our return. We took advantage of first to introduce you our gratitude and tell you how to send us your help so far. We're from the Diocese of Uvira (DR Congo) to see how the body back to Rwanda and finally repatriated to Ecuador. According to information available, the only credible, reliable and quick to send your help is through Western Union.

  1. Western Union (East) of the Democratic Republic of Congo.
  2. Name and address of the person who is responsible for removing the aid sent: FR. Mpetshi Betshindo (Landu, No. 2)
  3. Loan amount requested: $ 12,000.
  4. Password when test question:
    • Question: Rome
    • Answer; SVD.
  5. After the transfer, which takes only 20 minutes, you can send by mail the following items:
    1. the MTCN number.
    2. The amount sent.
    3. The name and address of the person making the transfer.

Union of prayers.

P. Timoteo Lehane, and Artienda Joseph svd svd
Former and current province of Equateur province visits Rwanda