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Caucus (Planning Sessions) Going On

Collegio del Verbo Divino, Rome

From the 10th to the 16th January 2019, the General Council, headed by Superior General Paulus Budi Kleden, the Zonal Coordinators and the officials of the Generalate (outgoing and incoming) are currently meeting in the Generalate Headquarters in Rome for the first caucus of the new administration. The different secretaries and coordinators are presenting their sexennium plans including programs, courses, and animation activities.

Time will also be devoted to review and evaluate the 18th General Chapter with an individual foresight on the reception of the Chapter Statement and its implementation. The sexennium planning for the General Administration take into mind the Chapter Statement’s challenging questions: To what else we shall commit? How will we carry out these commitments?

Participating in this first Caucus of the new administration are:

  • Budi Kleden, Paulus – Sup. Generalis
  • da Silva, José Antunes – Vic. Sup. Gen.
  • Thirukudumbam, Xavier – Admonitor
  • Mazola Mido, Guy – Consultor
  • Festin, Jude Raymund – Consultor
  • Koppa, Eryk – Consultor
  • Ribeiro, Anselmo Ricardo – Consultor
  • Espinosa, José Nicolás – Secretarius Gen. (incoming)
  • Nguyễn, Peter Sâm – Secretarius Gen. (outgoing)
  • Dikoš, Peter – Procurator Gen.
  • Gerdes, Stephan – Oeconomus Gen.
  • Garbaciak, Dariusz Paweł – Asst Oeconomus Gen.
  • Lazar, Thanuzraj Stanislaus – Sec. Missionum
  • Vaňuš, Marek – SLO – Ap. Bib. Coord.
  • Narui Daisuke, Paulo – JPIC Coord.
  • Munimi Osung, Modeste – ESP – Comm. Coord.
  • Augustine, Pushpa Anbu – INC – Sec. Studiorum (incoming)
  • Weber, Mark – USC – Sec. Studiorum (outgoing)
  • Ferrada Montero, Carlos José – PHS – Asst Sec. Studiorum Brothers (incoming)
  • Duarte, Roberto – ECU – Asst Sec. Studiorum Brothers (outgoing)
  • Dušička, Peter – ECP – EUROPA Zonal Coordinator – Spiritual Animation Coord. (incoming)
  • Kallanchira, Joseph Babu – TOG – AFRAM Zonal Coordinator
  • Suban Koten, Gabriel – TLS – ASPAC Zonal Coordinator
  • Cattanéo, Marcelo – ARS – PANAM Zonal Coordinator