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P. Stanisław Bochenek SVD

Photo Credit: Misjonarze Werbiści - Polska Prowincja (POL)


P. Kazimierz Tomaszewicz SVD

Photo Credit: Misjonarze Werbiści - Polska Prowincja (POL)


P. Marjan Pawlowski SVD

Photo Credit:
Congregação do Verbo Divino - Província Brasil Sul

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Comunicamos falecimento do Pe. Marjan Pawlowski


P. José Scaratti SVD

Photo SVD: Rome, Italy, 25.X.1968


P. Guillermo Villegas SVD

Photo Credit: Divine Word School of Theology - Tagaytay


P. Jesus del Rosario SVD

Photo Credit: Divine Word College Of Urdaneta


P. Yohanes Bele Jawa SVD

Photo SVD - Nemi 1988
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P. Herbert Oeynck SVD

Photo SVD - Rome 16.II.2010

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RIP Padre Herbert Oeynck SVD

Decesso di Padre Herbert Oeynck


P. Andreas Matutina SVD

Photo SVD - Nemi, Italy, 27.X.1970


P. Joannes Umans SVD

Photo SVD - Rome 03.VIII.2005
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P. Anthony Poruthur SVD

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Photo SVD
Rome, 15.VII.2004

From: Secretaryinc INC Province
Date: Sat, Oct 03, 2015 @ 05:11

Fr. Anthony Poruthur SVD, 63, died of massive heart attack in Delhi this morning (03/10/2015). When the end came, he was on a holiday visiting his friends in Gurgaon.

The funeral mass will be at 3pm on 05/10/2015 at the Holy Spirit Church, Palda, Indore.

May he rest in peace.

Fr. Xavier Thirukudumbam, SVD
Provincial Superior, INC


P. Anil Kumar Mennekanti SVD

From: Secretaryinc INC Province
Date: Sun, Sep 27, 2015 @ 09:05

Death Notice

Dear Confreres,

Fr. Anil Kumar Mennekanti, who had been serving as Vocation Promoter in INH province, residing in Jyoti Niketan, Minor Seminary, Narasaraopet, died instantly by bike accident. He was returning back to the Seminary after his visit to one of our mission stations.

Kindly keep him in your prayers.

Fr. Xavier T SVD

From: Secretaryinc INC Province
Date: Mon, Sep 28, 2015 @ 9:37 AM

Funeral rite of Fr. Anil Kumar, SVD

Dear Confreres,

We are saddened to hear the sudden demise of Fr. Mennekanti Anil Kumar, SVD from INH Province.

Our sincere heartfelt condolences to all the confreres in INH and the bereaved family.

The funeral rite will be at R.C. Puram at 5.00 p.m. today (28.IX.2015).

May God grant him eternal rest.

In the Divine Word

Fr. Libnus, SVD


P. Jozef Pieniazek SVD

Photo SVD Rome 20.XI.2008

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Fra. Salomon <Paschalis> Koke SVD

Photo SVD Ruteng 1999


P. Wladyslaw Kowalak SVD

Photo SVD 27.V.2008

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P. Pedro Medina SVD


P. Ernani da Costa Valeriano SVD

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Fr. Ernani Valeriano da Costa

Faleceu o verbita Pe. Ernani Valeriano
Nota de falecimento - padre Ernani da Costa Valeriano, SVD


P. Francis Lai King Leong Kom SVD

Photo SVD - Nemi 22.XI.2007

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Pe. Francis Lai King Leong Kom (Chico Kom)
Death Notice Of Revd. Fr. Francis Lai King Leong Kom SVD


P. Claudio Sommadossi SVD

From: "provinciale.svd.ita"
Date:10/08/2015 00:57 (GMT+01:00)

Morte di P. Claudio Sommadossi - ITA

Questa notte alle ore 0.30 è tornato nella Casa del Padre il nostro confratello P. Claudio Sommadossi. Affidiamo la sua anima al Signore. La data del funerale sarà comunicata al più presto. Probabilmente mercoledì 13 c.m. alle ore 10.00

P. Giancarlo Girardi svd
Superiore Provinciale

Photo SVD - Rome 23.XI.2003


P. Liam Horsfall SVD

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From Provincial Admin AUS
Date Sunday, August 09, 2015 @ 18:03

Details of Fr Liam Horsfall's Funeral

Photo Courtesy of
The Catholic Leader

Reverend Father
Liam John SVD

8th August, 2015

Died peacefully at Emmaus after a prolonged battle with health issues.

Beloved son of William and Mary
(both deceased).

Beloved brother of Pat Luton, Emmaus, and brother-in-law of Frank (deceased).

Beloved brother and brother-in-law of Loretta and Joseph Taylor (Canada).

Loved brother in
Religious life of the Divine
Word Missionaries


Mass of Christian Burial for Reverend Father Liam John Horsfall SVD
will be offered in St Vincent’s Chapel,
131 Queens Street, Nudgee, within the complex of Emmaus Aged Care
on Thursday, 13th August, 2015
commencing at 1.00pm

The funeral cortege will then leave the
Chapel for Nudgee Cemetery
493 St Vincents Road, Nudgee.

In lieu of flowers the Divine Word Missionaries
would be grateful to accept a donation to their mission work in India.

Pia Hawes
AUS Provincial Secretary
Locked Bag 3, Epping NSW 1710
Ph: 02 9868 2666 Fax: 02 9869 1132


P. Józef Sudolski SVD

Photo Credit:
Zgromadzenie Słowa Bożego - Dom Misyjny Księży Werbistów w Górnej Grupie

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Fr. Paul Klein SVD

Photo SVD - 2000

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Fr. John Harpel SVD

From: Provincial USC
Subject: Death of Fr. JOHN HARPEL, SVD Aug/04/1917 – Jul/03/2015
Date: Jul 06, 2015 @ 07:26

With sadness I want to inform you that Fr. John Harpel, SVD passed away peacefully at Divine Word Residence at 3:40 am, Friday, July 3, 2015 on the feast of St. Thomas Apostle. He was the oldest member of Techny community.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

  • 3:00 pm Viewing
  • 4:45 pm Office of the Dead
  • 5:00 pm Social and Dinner
  • 7:00 pm Wake Service

Thursday, July 9, 2015

  • 10:30 am Mass of the Resurrection
  • Burial at St. Mary’s Cemetery, Techny

Also, please remember in your prayers our confreres who are sick. In particular: Eric Vargas, who is hospitalized at Glenbrook Hospital. Pat Hagerty, who had a fall and was briefly at the hospital - now back home at the residence.

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P. Walter Künzle SVD

Photo Credit: Steyler Missionare

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P. George Schubbe SVD

Photo SVD: Nemi 07.III.2008


P. Waldemar Wesoły SVD

Photo: Uniwersytet Warmińsko-Mazurski w Olsztynie

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Zmarł o. Waldemar Wesoły SVD

Zmarł śp. Ojciec prof. Waldemar Wesoły SVD


Fr. Laurence Finnegan SVD

See Also: IBP - R.I.P. Fr Larry Finnegan SVD

Dear Confreres,

As you may have heard, Fr. Larry Finnegan, a long-time member of the Chicago Province who served in the Caribbean, passed away yesterday (Trinity Sunday). Fr. George Agger went to visit him at the beginning of May and he shares the following information.

Photo SVD - Nemi 2011

“Fr. Larry died at 4.15 p.m. (Irish Time Sunday). He was brought to Roscommon Hospital on Monday May 25th after a fall in his room. No great damage, he was able to walk to the ambulance. His energy was draining away very quickly, he was very weak. On Wednesday he asked Fr. Pat Hogan (Rector, Donamon), “why is God taking so long – I am ready.” By Friday he was in and out of deep sleep, but alert on the occasions he was awake. He was in no pain, he was comfortable. He was at peace with his God, and with Himself – what greater blessing could one pray for! The doctors told him he would fall asleep and die in his sleep, without pain. That is how it happened.

“I am so happy I got to spend the first week of May with him. That was probably his last good week. Still able to take a short walk; go for a drive, have chats. The night before I left, we had a prayer service with him – at his request. Together with the three priests at Donamon, and Fr. Frank Power who was on home leave, we sang the hymns he liked, read scripture, shared prayers and gave him the Sacrament of the Sick. We ended up sharing pizza (his favorite) in the community room – which he was able to eat.

“Today, the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity, Larry was called home, his work done. Today’s Gospel reminds us that (Jesus) would be with us always – that’s all he promised, simply “I’ll be with you always to the end of time – Just trust in me. Today Larry is in the presence of his ABBA”. While we are sad, we rejoice with Larry for having lived such a blessed life, for the many lives he touched, for the great gift that was Fr. Larry to us all.”

Thomas J. Ascheman SVD
USC Provincial - June 01, 2015 @ 08:22


From: Dong Ngoi Loi (SVD)
Date: May 24, 2015 @ 07:41 AM

Lm Phaolô Ngô Hành SVD

Đính kèm: Cáo Phó

Nha Trang, Ngày 24 tháng 5 năm 2015

Quý Cha và Quý Thầy thân mến,

Trong niềm thương tiếc, Văn Phòng Tỉnh Dòng kính gửi đến Quý Cha và Quý Thầy Bản Cáo Phó và Lịch Trình các Nghi Thức và Thánh Lễ An Táng cho Lm. Phaolô Ngô Hành, SVD. Quý Cha và Quý Thầy vui lòng mở tập tin đính kèm để đọc thêm chi tiết.

Hiệp Nhất Trong Ngôi Lời,

Lm. Vinh Sơn Trần Trung Bảo, SVD

From: Joseph Vu
Date: May 24, 2015 @ 3:02 AM

Xin thông báo cho những anh em Ngôi Lời quen biết cha Phaolô Ngô Hành, đã làm giám đốc Phòng Y Học Cổ Truyền của Tỉnh Dòng Ngôi Lời Việt Nam biết: Cha đã được Chúa gọi về với Ngài sáng nay (Chúa nhật lễ CTT Hiện Xuống) tại phòng riêng trong khu vực Nhà Châm Cứu, bên cạnh nhà thờ giáo xứ Thánh Gia, Nha Trang.

Thánh Lễ An táng sẽ được cử hành vào lúc 3:00pm ngày thứ Ba, 26/5 tại Tỉnh Dòng và tại nhà thờ giáo xứ Thánh Gia.

Xin anh em cầu nguyện cho linh hồn Phaolô chóng được hưởng dung nhan Chúa.

Hiệp nhất trong Ngôi Lời,

Joseph Trí, SVD
Nha Trang


P. José Eguizábal Garcia SVD

Photo Credit: Verbo Divino Angola

See Also: Exequias Pe. Pepe


P. Jacques Nyssen SVD

Photo SVD: Rome, Italy, 27.X.1970
See Also: In memoriam pater Jacques Nijssen svd


P. Robert Plews Laka SVD

Fr Robert Laka Plews SVD was born on 2nd February 1977 in Sangurap, Wabag, Enga Province. Originally of Sari Parish in Enga Province.

Fr Robert died, at the age of 43, of a massive heart attack in the SVD residence in Mount Hagen.

He was a priest for 13 years, witnessing to the Lord Jesus Christ in Bogia, Madang, and in Divine Word University. He was a thoroughly pastoral priest, as well as an academic accomplished in his field of Development Communication, and dedicated to the formation of students in their lives and professions. He had studied in PNG and in The Philippines.

Source: Word PNG June 2015


Padre Jesús Daniel López SVD

Escrito por Edil Paez - Publicado el 01 Mayo 2015

El apreciado y querido P. Jesús Daniel López, en horas de la mañana de hoy, ha partido a la Casa del Señor. Fue un sacerdote íntegro, carismático y por sobre todo, con espíritu de servicio, entregado a la misión de Dios, con amor entregó a Él toda su vocación y fidelidad como pastor por 55 años, tras sus huellas dejó importantes obras pastorales y materiales. Muchas Gracias Padre Jesús Daniel, Dios se lo pague por todo lo que hiciste por nuestra Iglesia Católica. Disfrutes de la gloria eterna.

El Monseñor Francisco Javier Pistilli Scorzara, Obispo de la Diócesis de Encarnación, solicita a los fieles acompañar con sus oraciones por el descanso eterno del P. Jesús Daniel en su morada celestial, al mismo tiempo, invita a acompañar al rezo de cuerpo presente y posterior sepelio que se realizará mañana sábado 2 de mayo a las 14:00 hs., en el Cementerio de la Congregación Verbita de la ciudad de Obligado.

El Padre Jesús Daniel López el 8 de diciembre del 2014 cumplió 55 años de ordenación sacerdotal y 52 años de estadía en Paraguay. Durante 26 años fue Vicario General de la Diócesis de Encarnación. Hasta enero de este año fue párroco de la Parroquia San Isidro, tiempo en que fue intervenido quirúrgicamente por una grave enfermedad.

Ingresó a los 12 años al Seminario, un 3 de setiembre de 1945, en la Primera Casa que los Misioneros del Verbo Divino lo tenía en Estella, España, lugar donde se encuentra la Editorial que realiza la Biblia Latinoamericana y tantos otros libros que difunden la palabra de Dios. Perteneció al primer grupo de Misioneros del Verbo Divino de España, es por ello que a los 17 años y no teniendo un noviciado en España, fue a Roma a realizar su noviciado, luego pasó a Alemania donde realizó cursos de Teología y Filosofía, país donde fue ordenado sacerdote por un Obispo de origen chino Monseñor Vitus Chan, de la Congregación del Verbo Divino, hecho acaecido el 8 de diciembre de 1959. Fue en Alemania donde realizó sus primeras experiencias. Estando en Alemania, un 10 de marzo durante la fiesta de San José, recibió el destino a Paraguay. Legó al país el 4 de mayo de 1961.

Source: Diócesis de Encarnación

Padre Jesús Daniel López falleció el primer de Mayo en nuestra casa central en Encarnación. Él tenía 82 años. 55 años de vida misionera en el Paraguay.

P. Jesús Daniel López nació en el año 1933 en Dicastillo - Pamplona, España. Ingresó al seminario Verbo Divino en 1945. Hizo su noviciado y primeros votos en Roma en el año 1952. Votos perpetuos, diaconado y ordenación sacerdotal en Sankt Agustín, Alemania en el año 1959.

Llegó al Paraguay el 7 de Mayo 1961. En los siguientes lugares el ofreció su misión pastoral como sacerdote misionero Verbo Divino.

Día | Mes | Año | Lugar | Oficio
20 11 2014 Casa central de enc. Residente

En el mes de noviembre del al año 2014 se enfermó y le descubrieron un tumor en su cabeza y el tumor resultó maligno, agresivo y mortal. Le operaron pero el grado de tumor era tan avanzado que el resultado fue irreversible.

Desde hace un mes él venía apagándose. El tumor maligno aun con la operación no tuvo un efecto favorable. El día 11 de Marzo tuvo su última visita a la parroquia donde fue párroco - Parroquia San Isidro Labrador, en el día de la toma de posesión de nuevo párroco P. Polla Daniel. La feligresía le homenajeo con aplausos y con agradecimientos.

Ayer, Primer día del mes de mayo, a las 10 de la mañana partió a la casa de Dios el Padre. A las 5 de la tarde celebramos la misa con el cuerpo presente en la casa central de Encarnación donde residía en sus últimos meses. Luego llevamos su cuerpo a la parroquia San Isidro (su última parroquia como párroco) donde celebramos la misa con varios cohermanos y con la multitud de feligreses. Toda la noche y hasta las 8 de la mañana la feligresía hizo velorio con cantos y oraciones juntos con algunos de nosotros. El día 2 de nuevo celebramos la misa con el cuerpo presente con varios cohermanos y feligresía en general. Luego de la misa llevamos su cuerpo a la parroquia Santa María (su penúltima parroquia) donde fue párroco por mucho tiempo. Ahí concelebramos la misa con mucha gente. Y de ahí trasladamos su cuerpo a la capilla del colegio san Blas, de la parroquia Nuestra señora de Asunción y a las 14hs celebramos la misa presidida por el obispo de Encarnación y concelebrada por muchos cohermanos y feligresía. Y a las 15.15hs lo sepultamos en nuestro cementerio de Obligado.

Agradezco en nombre de la provincia del Paraguay a los familiares de nuestro querido cohermano y toda la feligresía de varias parroquias y amigos por su apoyo, afecto y cercanía en estos tiempos. Así también estamos muy agradecidos a los médicos y enfermeros que le atendieron en estos últimos meses.

55 años de vida misionera en el Paraguay. Fue un padre, maestro, guía, pastor, compañero para muchos. Fue una persona de gran conocedor de la historia de la Iglesia en Paraguay, persona sabia, inteligente, Tenía gran alma de pastor, siempre se preocupó de la vida pastoral. Fue vicario general de la diócesis por más de 24 años. Trabajó con tres obispos. Aun en sus 82 años de vida quiso seguir trabajando como pastor desde la parroquia-.Agradecemos a Dios por su vocación a la vida religiosa misionera en nuestra congregación del Verbo Divino. Y nosotros desde la provincia del Paraguay estamos muy agradecidos a sus familiares.

Vivat Deus Unus et Trinus in Cordibus Nostris
Pie in Domino defunctus est
Requiescat in Pace


P. Lajos Halász SVD

Photo Credit: Isteni Ige Társasága


Br. Ludwig Krummel SVD

Photo Credit: Steyler Missionare
See Also: Bruder Ludwig Krummel SVD (1940 – 2015)


Fr. Paul Ethakatt SVD

Date: April 12, 2015 @ 08:57

Photo SVD - Nemi 07.III.2008

Dear Confreres

The Funeral Mass of Fr. Paul Ethakatt, SVD from INE will be on 15-04-2015 (Wednesday) at 10:00 a.m. at St. Arnold's Parish, Jharsuguda.

After the Mass, we proceed to the Cemetry at Shanti Bhavan for the final rite.

May God grant Fr. Paul Ethakatt eternal rest.

Condolence to all.

Fr. Ronald Pereira, SVD
Provincial Superior, INE

Date: April 11, 2015 @ 09:29

Dear Confreres

Fr. Paul Ethakatt, SVD from INE passed away this evening at 8.30p.m. The date and time of the funeral will be intimated later after consulting their family members.

Our heartfelt condolence to all the members of the Society of the Divine Word. May he rest in Peace.

"Eternal rest grant unto him O Lord, May the perpetual Light shine upon him and may his soul rest in Peace." Amen

Fr. Provincial, INE


Fr. George Heffner SVD

Photo Credit: Divine Word Seminary

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Br. Peter van de Wiel SVD

Photo Credit: Missionary Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit

See Also: Broeder Peter van de Wiel SVD


Br. Felino <Stephanus> Nuguid SVD

Photo Credit: Societas Verbi Divini (SVD) - Philippines


P. Victor Butler SVD

Photo Credit: Divine Word College Seminary

See Also: Father Victor Butler, 1933-2015 - Priest who encouraged youth and fostered racial equality dies at Techny


From: Provincial Office AUS
Date: Tue, March 03, 2015 @ 20:19

P. Henryk Nikel SVD

See Also: Śp. ojciec Henryk Nikiel SVD

Photo SVD-Nemi Oct 10.2010

Dear Confreres and friends,

It is with great sadness that I inform you that Fr. Henry Nikel passed away in the early hours of today after having health problems for quite a few years.

As his health started to decline, Fr. Henry Nikel decided to retire in Poland after spending approximately 40 years here in Australia, most of the time he spent ministering in the Diocese of Ballarat. Fr. Henry left Australia in mid-2014 and hence his retirement in Poland was quite short.

Details of his funeral will be sent to us in the next few days, in the meantime I ask you all to remember our brother Henry in our prayers and also to pray for his family at this very sad time.

In the Word –

Henry Adler, SVD

RIP Fr Henryk Nikel – missionary to Australia and PNG

Fr Henryk (Henry) Nikel, a missionary to Papua New Guinea and Australia for many years, died in his home country of Poland on March 4, 2015 at the age of 78.

Fr Henry had returned home to take up his retirement at St Joseph Mission House in Górna Grupa, in 2014.

He was born on December 21, 1937 in Rybnik, Poland, to Leonard Nikel and Elisabeth, nee Macura. After his matura exam in 1956, he entered the Society of the Divine Word in Pieniezno, where he started his spiritual and intellectual formation. He entered the novitiate on September 8 of the same year, also in Pieniezno, and on September 8, 1959, he pronounced his first vows. Fr Henry took his final vows on September 8, 1963, and was ordained a deacon on December 22 of the same year. He was ordained a priest on May 10, 1964, by Bishop Józef Drzazga of Warmia in Pieniezno. After his ordination, he was sent for a pastoral year to Rybnik. From 1965-1967, he was appointed assistant of the parish priest of Saints Peter and Paul in Pieniezno.

Fr Henry received his mission assignment for Australia on September 13, 1967, and worked here until 1971. Later on, he was sent to the mission frontiers of Papua New Guinea, where he worked for about 10 years. He returned to Australia in 1980 and took up pastoral work, among other things working on behalf of the bishop of the Diocese of Ballarat. For many years, he was served the Polish community in Australia and also celebrated Masses in Latin.

In January 2014, after many years of missionary service, Fr Henry returned to the Polish Province for his merited retirement. He took up residence at the Mission House in Górna Grupa and, on May 10 of that year, along with his classmate, Fr Joseph Sudolski, he celebrated the 50th anniversary of priesthood. Fr Henry will be remembered as a cheerful and friendly person, always open to other people. His funeral was held at St Joseph Mission House in Górna Grupa and he was buried at the Mission House cemetery.

Source: Society Matters - Divine Word Missionaries


P. John Roelofs SVD

Photo SVD - Rome, Italy, 04.XI.1966

See Also: Pater Johan Roelofs SVD


P. Joaquin Kluczka SVD

Photo Credit: Diócesis de Encarnación - Paraguay


P. Vince Dinya SVD

Photo: Isteni Ige Társasága

See Also: Az Úrhoz költözött P. Dinya Vince SVD


P. Aloisius Mitan SVD

Photo - Indonesia, Ruteng, 1989


Fra. Antonius <Clemens> Bayo Keban SVD

Photo SVD - Undated


P. Róbert Borik SVD

Photo Credit: Spoločnosť Božieho Slova
See Also: Zomrel páter Róbert Borik SVD


Oggi 5 gennaio 2015 alle ore 19.30
è tornato alla Casa del Padre il nostro confratello

P. Valerio Pertoldi SVD
30 45 47 53 54

I funerali si celebreranno
Giovedì 8 gennaio 2015 alle ore 15.00
Nella Chiesa parrocchiale Annunciazione di Maria di Varone

Ricordiamolo nelle nostre preghiere !

In memoria di

P. Valerio Pertoldi nacque il giorno 11.I.1930, in un paese del Friuli di vita e tradizioni cattoliche, Lestizza in provincia di Udine, da una famiglia numerosa; dei sei figli due divennero sacerdoti.

La fanciullezza la trascorse nel suo paese ma già a 10 anni è stato alunno dai Missionari Verbiti di Varone. Tempi molto duri in quell’ottobre del 1940, quando assieme ad un folto gruppo di ragazzini frequentò le scuole medie e superiori interne dei Missionari Verbiti, dove oltre allo studio intenso, ricevette una educazione profonda, base per tutta la sua vita, pur nelle difficoltà economiche e sociali della seconda guerra mondiale.

150105vpDopo il noviziato vissuto a Roma negli anni 1945-47, ebbe la fortuna di frequentare la filosofia e teologia a St. Gabriel Mödling, vicino a Vienna, Austria, dove oltre all’apprendimento della lingua tedesca esisteva una scuola teologica rinomata nel mondo, con tante iniziative e illuminata dalla scuola antropologica e etnologica: un prezioso tesoro della congregazione dei Missionari Verbiti. Sono stati anni che P. Valerio ricordava spesso con tanta nostalgia e riconoscenza, che hanno preparato la sua mentalità di fine studioso e futuro insegnante. Difatti, dopo l’ordinazione sacerdotale, avvenuta nel 1954 a St. Gabriel, venne subito richiesto come insegnante a Varone dove rimase attivo fino al 1960. Quindi, avendo la congregazione bisogno di confratelli culturalmente e linguisticamente preparati, venne trasferito alla Nunziatura di Bonn per assumere il ruolo di segretario e quindi, quattro anni dopo fu chiamato a Roma come segretario nella direzione generale dei Verbiti.

Dal 1966 al 1989, riprese la sua vocazione principale, cioè l’insegnamento prima a Varone poi nel liceo Calvi di Padova. Sono stati gli anni nei quali si è dedicato alla formazione di molti giovani mettendo a disposizione la sua molteplice cultura e capacità, riconosciute a apprezzate da molti colleghi e ricordate poi nel tempo da molti suoi studenti. Nel frattempo non ha mai abbandonato anche un servizio pastorale nelle parrocchie, un servizio che svolgeva con regolarità e impegno. Soleva affermare che per un sacerdote non è sufficiente coltivare la cultura, è sempre necessaria anche una attività pastorale e un rapporto umano formativo cristiano.

Giunti gli anni della pensione si trasferì a Varone dove dal 1990 assunse come parroco la comunità cristiana di Ville del Monte. Anche qui profuse molto impegno e riuscì a entrare in sintonia con tutti, allacciando relazioni fraterne e umane, promovendo le tradizioni locali, divenendo punto di riferimento di quella comunità. Sono stati anni vissuti in pienezza e che hanno riempito la sua esistenza sacerdotale e missionaria.

Al sopraggiungere della età della rinuncia, i fatidici 75 anni, un passo non sempre facile, P. Valerio condusse una vita più ritirata nella comunità verbita di Varone, pur rimanendo vivo il suo interesse culturale, di fervido lettore e di interessato ricercatore di diversi argomenti, dei quali offriva anche i frutti agli amici e conoscenti.

Negli ultimi due anni si è notato un veloce peggioramento della salute, con diversi acciacchi che gli impedivano di svolgere le sue occupazioni come nel passato. Una settimana prima della morte una ischemia cerebrale l’ha colpito e da quel momento ha lottato pur non potendo più comunicare con nessuno, finché nella serata del 05 gennaio 2015, pochi giorni prima del suo 85mo anno Dio l’ha chiamato a se. A tutti rimane un ricordo riconoscente per quanto ha fatto nella congregazione e per il bene di tanti giovani e delle comunità cristiane dove ha profuso il suo impegno.

P. Gianfranco Maronese SVD
Rettore comunità SVD di Varone


P. Arnold Sprenger SVD

Photo Credit: Stella Matutina 海上之星

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Pater Arnold Sprenger SVD
Pater Arnold Heinrich Sprenger SVD verstorben
In Memoriam Arnold Heinrich Sprenger S.V.D. (Sun Zhiwen 孫志文, 1929–2015)