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Sent: Wednesday, August 31, 2005 9:06 PM
Subject: Memo from the Provincial - Katrina Update - 8/31/05

August 31, 2005

We have had sporadic contact with confreres from the Bay. Jim Pawlicki was able to drive a vehicle with Frank Theriault Joe & Ray Guidry out to Vicksburg yesterday. George Artis was airlifted to Mobile Alabama for dialysis. They are still trying to evacuate other residents of the Bay at this point. The rest of the community, along with some other refugees of the storm, are getting by with no power, a leaking roof, dwindling supplies, and cooking with charcoal outside.

The province headquarters is basically destroyed. The retreat center is in shambles. There is damage to all the other buildings, including the main chapel. All their vehicles were underwater and not usable now. Provincial Joe Simon spent several hours standing on a chair with water up to his chest. Bob Fisher swam from the retreat center to the residence, to seek refuge.

Communication lines are still down. They have been able to call out when they are away from the residence far enough to pick up a cell signal.

The Mission Center and Chicago Province is relaying messages for them, contacting relatives, and trying to help in whatever way is possible. We are trying to organize a convoy of vehicles and supplies to bring to the Bay; if any able-bodied confreres can help out with the evacuation and immediate salvage efforts for a week, please call the province office here at Techny.

We keep our confreres, and all those suffering the aftermath of Katrina, in our thoughts and prayers.