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From: Jason Mangalath, SVD
Date: Friday, September 02, 2005 4:53PM
Subject: Memo from the Provincial

The Bay -- Situation Update

Dear Confreres and friends,

This is a quick update about the situation at the Bay now.

As I mentioned in my letter yesterdsay, I have been making trips to the Bay.

I went back on Thursday with more food and water. The good news yesterday was that Bernard and Francis finally made it to Baton Rouge and I took them to Opelousas. Jim Pawlicki and Sebastian Myladiyil came back after their heroic trip to Vicksburgh and Greenville, MS. They have some interesting stories to share, when everything setles down.

I think five of our confreres are housed in Greenville with Fr. Eric Groner. Please take time to call them and encourage Fr. Eric and lend him support and assistance.

Fr. George Artis returned from Mobile after his dialysis and is now housed in Opelousas.

Fr. Provincial is in Lafayette at IHM to begin his communication and coordination.

Several other confreres are in different èlaces in Lafayette area. Please call those places and inquire what accomodation needs are necessary and do what is needed.

I have Msgr. Gigi Lasco with me from New Orleans. Besides Sebastian will be with me today to tkae a much deserved break and shower and rest.

Those left at the Bay now are Jim Pawlicki, Sebastian, Deacon George Gormely and Fr. Tom Potts. They are very well coordinating the efforts there. There are other people living in the promises there.

I will go back today and try to give them a break. They need to get out and catch rest and shower.

As far as relief is concerned from the SVD side, they need immediate manpower to pull out carpets and clean up the flooded areas. Parishes can send groups of men to do this but consult Fr. Provincial before at IHM. Women can help in packing.

They can really use Dieseò fuel for the generator.

St. Rose Parish has most of its buildings standing in good shape. Most of them have some damage; but a preliminary estimation suggests that they are reparable. We need somebody to go down with materials and secure broken windows anf blown-off roof to protect it from further water damage from rain. The car shed is blown off but the house is still standing and no water went in. That is good news.

I have sent a group of women today to the Bay to begin the packing and cleaning. I am trying to see if I can arrange some Diesel fuel to bring to the Bay. I will also try to get somebody to go and try to repair the damage to the church. That will be my concern this morning before I head out to the Bay again.

Please get in touch with the Provincial to see what you can do.

We haven't heard from Fr. Jerome Ledoux yet. Please continue to pray for his safety.

Love you all.